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Red Robin strikes again

Arousing Grammar

Do you ever wonder how Batman has lived as long as he has?  The man has fought in huge battles, challenging foes far stronger and faster than he, and yet he comes out victorious every time.  He has a bunch of gadgets on his belt, but realistically, how could he survive all those fights?  Besides writers’ whims and incredible luck (also a fictional character), it comes down to Batman’s training.  We’re going to look at an example of that through the eyes of Tim Drake, the third Robin.

Batman educated a lot of Robins.  Dick Grayson grew up as an acrobat in the circus, possessing a natural athleticism and talent for combat.  Jason Todd spent most his life on the streets, learning to survive in an unwelcome and hostile environment.  Damian Wayne served his entire childhood training with the League of Assassins.  But what about Drake?  He grew up in…

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