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Lightning and Wind ~Omakes~


The Nun Hunt:

Really, it was only luck that one of the stray attacks cut through the various spiritual items binding Stiyl Magnus. He shook himself free and stood up slowly, lighting a new cigarette before a cruel smile grew on his face.

The fighting stopped almost immediately, once the air itself froze with the killing intent coming from the pissed off magician. Taking a deep breath and inhaling smoke until his lungs were filled, he breathed out a plume of smoke that covered the room. He would savor his impending revenge.

One of the five elements that build the Earth, o great creator of flames, The light of salvation that gives birth to life, the light of judgment that punishes evildoers…” Stiyl began chanting, while flames swirled at his feet and the wind howled. “While bringing peace and stability at the same time, it also destroys the cold and dark misfortune,” the spell was himself, boasting of his pride to protect the world of a girl he couldn’t save.

Fire is the name, sword is the title!” his voice echoed in the room, as the flames became a twister that illuminated the darkness and revealed the shadows. “Show yourself; Swallow Myself, turn me into power—” The flames collapsed onto the magician named Stiyl Magnus, swallowing him in living fire and taking his form before mutating and growing into a monstrous, black, humanoid form.

Plus it had a really cool flaming cross.

Innocentius!” he screamed, as the creature of flames howled and pulled itself away from him. He smiled sinisterly, at the look on the nuns’ and Amakusas’ faces.

“It’s nun hunting time!”


“One flight to Hawaii!!” Kuroko demanded, strapped in spikes and ready to go to war.

“Umm, we can’t just allow a student to leave overseas without the proper paperwork, not to mention the wea—!” Kuroko did not allow the poor guy to finish, instead grabbing him and pulling him in. Her eyes were filled with murderous rage, send shivers down the man’s body.

“Onee-sama’s chastity is in danger, I can feel it! So help me, if you do not get me on the next flight out of here, I will—!”

She was interrupted by several Anti-skill members jumping her, responding to the silent alarm the man had been pressing. Slowly being drowned in the swarm of officers, something dark awakened inside Kuroko, and the Anti-Skill were blown away by the eldritch energy that surrounded her.


The forces that were gathered that day were so great, the airport was closed due to the damage of one rampaging Level 4 Esper, who was carted out in a straight jacket like Hannibal Lecter, screaming about her ‘Onee-sama.’

Riot Shield:

“Ow,” Yomikawa moaned as she stood at her doorway entrance. She had been dispatched to deal with a Level 4 Esper who laid waste to an airport, and she had not gone down easily. A lot of Anti-Skill members would be taking a leave of absence for a while.

Opening the doorway, she only stared deadpanned at the state of utter destruction of her room. It looked as though a storm had rolled through there.  Walking from the bedroom into the disaster area was Misaka Worst, who stopped in her tracks the moment she saw Yomikawa reaching for a riot shield.

“Misaka can explain,” she muttered weakly, knowing what would come next…


“Mark,” Patricia called. “Can I see one of your cards?”

Well, she has no ability to use magic, so it’s probably fine, he thought. He handed her the Queen of Swords.

Patricia took the card and crushed it in her hand. “PERSONA!” she yelled, but nothing happened. “Aww, I wanted a Persona like I saw in that anime and game.”

“Miss Patricia, that doesn’t work in real life,” he told her. At least not with the minor arcana, he thought. Truthfully, her sister had already spent a huge sum of money and other resources to get a working system going after playing the first three games.

Now if only it didn’t require so much Telesma…

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