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ASN Chapter 8

Naruto: Advent of the Spiraling Ninja 8

Author Notes:

Apparently I’ve made Naruto too weak and nearly turned Hisako into a Mary Sue…Looking back I can see they may have had a point. This is a shorter chapter than usual…The next arc will be a bit more…violent…

Fanfic Recommendations: Sand and Swirls by DarkSwordMage & Hakumei by Pryotra

Chapter 8: To Kiri

With Isaribi

“…That should do it…” The voice of a woman entered the sleeping maiden of the sea’s ears, and Isaribi opened her eyes slowly. Hovering over her were two women, one a red-haired Uzumaki, and the other a blonde Senju.

When the Uzumaki noticed her awakening, she smiled. “How are you feeling Isaribi-chan?”

Her dry throat croaked as she struggled to speak. “…You are…”

“Kushina, remember? I’m Naruto’s mom.” Kushina pointed to the woman next to her. “This is Tsunade Senju, one of the Sannin of Konoha. How are you feeling since the procedure was done?”

“P-procedure?” She ran her fingers across her face and noticed the absence of scales. Her eyes widened as they moved down her neck and felt her own skin.

“I told you we’d turn you back…Although—” Kushina was cut off by the squealing of the sea maiden, as she shot up and hugged both of the women.

“Thank you so much!”

The older women nervously looked between themselves before Kushina sighed.

“It’s not gone Isaribi-chan.” Kushina showed her a seal on the back of her hands. “We simply compacted the transformation based on his research notes and what we know about the cursed seals, we essentially completed the transformation…Your DNA had simply been too altered to completely remove it from you.”

Isaribi swallowed. “What do you mean?”

“Put chakra into the seals,” Tsunade told her, and she did. Isaribi’s Kaima form emerged and had changed to a more slender build, with deep green scales similar to Amachi’s form, but she kept her human eyes. “The chakra will activate your recessive traits and bring them to the surface again…To be honest, it might activate automatically if your body instinctively determines it would be beneficial to your survival—say you were drowning.”

“S-so it’s not gone completely…” Her hands shook as she stemmed the flow of chakra to the seal. Her body reverted back to normal and she sighed in relief. “I might still be a monster, but I can hide it now…”

“Stop calling yourself a monster girly; it’s an insult to not just you, but those two who treated you, and those who died on the project as well.” Anko chimed in from by the equipment. “You aren’t a monster because of how you looked…The real monster is the one who authorized this project all those years ago.”

“You don’t understand…I killed people in order to get back to normal. They had families, friends, lives—I took away their lives in order to finally…To finally get back to normal…” The sound of teardrops hitting the stone floor carried a solid echo. “Now that I have it…I feel so hollow.”

“I’d expect so,” Anko sighed. “You got used by an arrogant prick who intended to throw you away like useless garbage after he was done with you. You killed innocent people, broke apart families, and caused numerous people to suffer both emotionally and financially because you kept sinking important ships—enough to the point where we were supposed to kill you for the good of the world. Join the club.”

“Uh, Anko-chan…” Jiraiya pointed to the girl who had curled up and was sobbing silently.

“Her bitching about it won’t do a thing. The dead are dead; that includes the people she killed and the prick who made her do it. Whining about feeling hollow won’t change a thing or fill the void she has. I speak from experience; it doesn’t make you a monster, just a stupid little girl.”

Isaribi scowled at the woman and snapped back. “I killed so many people on the words of a liar! I tried to kill the two people who showed me kindness in order to be turned back to normal. Yet, these very same people who I tried to kill had only been trying to help me the whole time, to the point they got injured badly!”

Anko grabbed the girl by the hair and held her head up so she could see the seal on her neck. “You got played, manipulated, and lied to. You have become so stained in blood the scent may never wash off, no matter how hard you try to cover it up. Welcome to the world of the shinobi kid. It doesn’t make you a monster as long as you still feel something for those you killed, but bitching about making a mistake and being empty inside won’t make things better. Find a reason that’s worth living with those corpses on your back.”

“Anko-chan is right; you are not a monster…” Kushina gently grabbed Anko’s hand and removed it from the girl’s head. “She has a point, but she could be a bit nicer in saying so.”

“Between her, the carrot-top from earlier, and my mini-Anko in training, I’ve realized that some truths need to be spelled out as honestly as possible before she does something stupid like ask you to kill in repentance—” she noticed Isaribi flinch “—see, I knew it!”

“Enough,” Kushina warned her before staring at the mark. “Also, if you want, I should be able to remove that seal from your neck later on since Jiraiya and Tsunade are here to help. But for now, I need you to leave her alone.”

“Sweet!” Anko walked off with Tsunade, who went to check on the other red-haired girl.

Isaribi kept her face down and refused to look at Kushina. “I tried to kill you and your son…Why are you defending me?”

“We all make mistakes in life, but if that’s the case you can always live and atone for everything. If you want to find a way to make it up to us, then come with us and live like Anko-chan said. As for the Kaima seal, that ability is yours Isaribi-chan. Even if it’s covered in blood it’s yours to wield. I’m not going to tell you to use it if you don’t want to, but it can be used to save lives as well as take them. Don’t just deny it.”

“OW, THAT HURT!” Hisako cried from across the room and got Kushina’s attention. “What the hell was that for Battle Tits!”

Tsunade decided to ignore the crack on her breasts since it wouldn’t do to kill the person she treated…Yet. “Who told you to fight after losing so much blood? You want me to turn you into my personal gopher like I did Hayate?”

“Screw you lady!” Hisako told the Sannin, apparently not fearing the fact that she could pound her into paste, literally. Anko immediately liked her.

“Now, now, Hisako-chan,” Jiraiya gave the younger girl a wink. “It wouldn’t do for a young lady like yourself to get harmed unnecessarily. Be nice to the medic-nin.”

Hisako blushed. “I-if you say so…”

Right, she said she liked older men. I’d better have a word with him about that…Kushina thought as she watched the girl go from hotheaded to cool suddenly. “Alright, so what do we do about the situation here?”

“What do you mean?” Sasame hovered over Menma’s unconscious body. Tsunade managed to reverse all the damage Kabuto had done, but Sasame couldn’t shake the man’s words…If only she hadn’t been so weak.

“She means since we can’t just ignore the fact that fox-boy is here. People have witnessed him moving around, and all it would take is one stray word and ANBU will be all over from here to Kiri looking for him.”

“…What if we don’t leave out that we were here?” Naruto asked, and everyone stared. “Mom, Hisako-ane, and I can use shadow clones and transformation. What if we got on a boat heading towards the Land of Hot Springs and under the cover of night slip off once we’re near home and leave transformed clones to get off at the Land of Hot Springs.”

“My god…” Hisako croaked. “The squirt actually put together a decent plan!”

“That’s not nice Hisako-chan.” Kushina told her. “That is a good plan, but at least one of us needs to go in case we need to replace the clones since even shadow clones won’t last that long. Naruto can stay with the others and lead them to the underground facility while I handle the clones.”

Jiraiya nodded. “We’ll send Anko back to tell them we found the base in use and stayed to oversee its destruction. Not that they won’t trust out word, but we’ll send this Kaima research back as proof and tell them the Kaima was destroyed…”

Isaribi flinched.

“Technically, we aren’t lying.” Anko pointed out. “Amachi was a Kaima at the time he was eaten…Girly over here was a pawn and was ordered to sink those ships…We were sent to exterminate the Kaima sinking ships to stop it and as long as she stops…”

“Yeah, but we need a boat ride today to make that plan work.”

“Not a problem,” a new voice chimed in and was revealed to be a shadow clone of Kushina. “I went to remove the genjutsu laid on them without knowing Tsunade had already done so. The boat captain was worried about the kids and held back until now in order to wait to see if we were safe. They’ll take everyone in an hour.”

“Alright, let’s go!” Naruto created several clones to carry everyone, which led to Hisako arguing about carrying her in that position again. The original extended his hands towards Isaribi. “C’mon Isaribi-nee!”

“I…” Isaribi hesitatingly reached out for him, before he grabbed her and pulled her up to her feet.

In Suna

Under the desert sun and inside a wide arena, the Sand Siblings were lecturing the newest group of academy students now that the new program had gone underway. The trio were already chuunin level in all but on paper until they went to the next Chuunin Exams, and since the rest of the jounin or chuunin were undergoing the flux of missions granted by the new Wind Daimyo, their village was beginning a slow recovery to its former glory.

They current stood in front of three tables with weapons on them, with the groups split into two. Gaara was the odd man out, and stood there with his eyes closed, until a late-comer called his named.

“Gaara-sama!” Matsuri rushed over towards the table where the jinchuuriki stood, with her brown-haired friend, Sari, in tow.

Gaara slowly opened his eyes and gave her a blank stare. “You are late, Matsuri.”

He didn’t use honorifics. This did not go unnoticed by his siblings and Chiyo, who watched on from above through a puppeteer technique that connects sight and sound to a puppet using chakra strings.

“I’m sorry,” she bowed. Others looked at her in confusion at talking to the jinchuuriki without hesitance. “I was up late last night practicing, and I had to bring my roommate along since she woke up as late as I did.”

“Your excuse is acceptable…This time.” Gaara droned. “However, remember that being late is a sin for shinobi…Especially on missions. In the event that I am your superior, I will have to hold it against you.”

“Understood, Gaara-sama,” Matsuri nodded.

“I assume you already have your weapon selected?” The jinchuuriki referred to the Jouhyou that she had been practicing with since their moonlight encounter.

Matsuri pulled it out. “I have. However, Sari hasn’t been able to decide on a weapon yet, and I was hoping you could help her…”

Sari flinched when Matsuri bought attention to her. Gaara diverted his gaze to the girl and peered into her eyes. He saw the expected fear from his past actions and reputation, but it was toned down compared to the older crowd.

“Sari-san,” he addressed her. “What are your intentions with a weapon?”

“Umm…” The kunoichi in training fidgeted. “I don’t like hurting others personally, but I want to keep my comrades safe. Maybe something that restrains them or traps them…”

Gaara blinked slowly. “Once again, you girls may be in the wrong career field…” Then again, there aren’t many choices for orphans… “But I may have just the thing for you to try.”

“R-Really?” Sari tilted her head.

“While we striking an enemy and killing them is essential, many times we need to trap them or restrain them. Luckily, one of Suna’s native arts is using a cloth as a weapon.” He grabbed a large cloth roll and nodded to a section that had a few training posts set up. “Both of you follow me…”

At the training posts, Gaara unrolled the cloth and sent his chakra flowing through it. The end darted out and entwined the post. “The cloth can be strengthened and controlled through chakra alone…I am not very skilled in using it, so this much alone requires more effort than I would like, but it serves for a demonstration.

“Using it to bind an enemy, it can be combined with ninja wire to make traps. In addition, should you gain a level of mastery over chakra flow, you can use articles of clothing—take a scarf for instance—as a weapon as well. The cloth spear would be an example…”

He handed the roll over to Sari. “Between the two of you, I would also recommend learning some type of suppression seals. But for now, simply practice.”

Sari looked at the cloth roll and then gave him a small bow. “Thank you, Gaara-sama…All those things Matsuri says while sleep-talking are true.”

Matsuri blushed. “Sari!”

Gaara blinked at the comment. Inside his mindscape, Shukaku made several more lewd comments that made his mother blush, before she enclosed the seal even further to silence the raccoon dog.

A Few Days Later In Konoha

Anko Mitarashi had returned to Konoha alone and was currently giving a mission outline on the base. As she did so, Danzo tapped his chin as he eyed the kunoichi, who seemed slightly more at ease than normal given the topic of the Snake Sannin.

He had nothing against her on a personal level; she was a fairly competent kunoichi. It was merely that her loyalty laid with Sarutobi rather than the village, since he was the one who bought her to Konoha in the first place after she had been abandoned. Not to mention that the effects of the cursed seal were still being investigated.

Although they made great advances recently through some information that made Danzo curious as to how his old comrade ascertained it.

So, he made a bold move. “Mitarashi-san…what happened to your Cursed Seal?”

Sarutobi glared at the man, knowing it was a sensitive topic. “Danzo, you can’t just bring up—”

“It’s been removed.” Anko nonchalantly cut off her superior. She had been intending to tell him anyway as part of the Sannin’s plans.

Everyone got quiet until Inoichi spoke up. “I-it was removed?”

“Yeah…” Anko raised an eyebrow to feign mild interest. Inside, she was savoring the reactions she was getting. It tasted as sweet as Dango. “That reminds me, we should deal with the Uchiha’s seal once Jiraiya-sama gets back. Although, both he and Tsunade-sama won’t be back since they wanted to chase after the blond brat and red-haired woman he was with.”

Once again, everyone was silent until Kakashi spoke up this time. “They found a lead?”

“Apparently those two were on the islands not too long before we got there,” she looked at the Hokage before he could say anything. “The boat they got on was heading back to the Land of Hot Springs the same day we got there. Priority had us focus on the mission we were assigned and we bought back the research on the Kaima transformation. They also gave me a set of instructions towards the Hokage-sama alone.”

Sarutobi nodded and would ask her about it later. Danzo, however, planned on sending some scouts ahead. He respected Sarutobi as an old friend, but he was known to be too lenient.

The jinchuuriki needed to be in Konoha’s grasp—like it or not, the boy was a shinobi and weapon that they couldn’t part with…At least without gaining something equal in return.

Still, that Kaima transformation would be useful for aquatic endeavors. He would have to get a copy of that as soon as possible. Having a Yamanaka infiltrate a paper pusher’s mind and get the copies made should suffice. No bodies and the victim would just think they nodded off.

With Anko – Minutes Later

“Mitarashi-san, why did you tell them?” Sarutobi asked while rubbing his forehead, after activating the privacy seal.

“The two Sannin told me to tell the council about it.” Anko shrugged. “Apparently they loaded a pair of Shadow Clones on the boats to let the witnesses see them while they all went somewhere else. Surprisingly, blondie thought of it.”

“I see,” Sarutobi tapped his chin. “Any idea where they went?”

“No clue,” Anko shrugged. “They talked about departing the boat halfway and then water-walking, so probably an island they call home.”

The Land of Whirlpools alright, Sarutobi guessed. “Good work.”

“Thanks,” Anko walked to his window. “Well, I’d better get home. The brat told me to give mini-Anko a letter.”

Hoping from rooftop to rooftop, she made her way back to the apartment she shared with Hinata—after making a quick stop to try and grab Iruka. His skills were definitely special jounin level at least.

Hinata had just finished visiting Miyako and Marumi at their stay in the detention center, getting ready to enter the shower, when Anko popped in. “Mini-me! I bought you something you might like!”

“Anko-sensei!” Hinata grabbed a towel and covered herself, despite the fact that by then they both had seen enough of each other nude to know every detail.

On a smaller note, Anko noticed a slight growth in her cup size. What the hell does she eat to get them so big at her age?

“Please, get out!” Hinata spoke with a blush on her face, reaching for a towel. “I’m not decent!”

“Well, if you don’t want a letter from your future boy toy—” and just like that the letter was out of her hands into Hinata’s, who put modesty at the back of her mind. “Okay, now that’s creepy.”

“You ran into Naruto-kun?” She asked, not bothering to look up from the letter.

“Yeah, blondie was on the island that I had to go on my last mission…” Anko peered over her shoulder to take a glimpse of what was on it. “Seems like he’s been busy.”

In Uzushio

The group as a whole had made it back to Uzushio.

Upon arrival, Naruto and Kushina showed them how to enter the safe house through the whirlpool. Given that the entire thing was big enough to house them all easily, space wouldn’t be a problem.

Naruto had fallen back into his usual routine after getting over the wave of nostalgia. Clearing with rubble with the help of a Hisako clone, training on chakra control, and gathering food even though Kushina had restocked the supplies, he started on learning a technique his father was famous for. He spent the remainder of the time attempting to lure Isaribi out of her shell and working on developing some water jutsu skills with his mother.

The fox also had a hand in the basics of using his Tailed Beast Skills. So far he learned about the Sonic Roar, and Fox Fire Stream, although the fire one required two or more tails.

Isaribi had been quiet so far, deep in thought and contemplating her life and actions up to that point. She helped out whenever Kushina needed something done, but rarely spoke unless spoken to. Kushina wanted to take her time to ease her into things.

Jiraiya, for the first few days, refused to leave the treasure trove of information that was the Uzushio scroll archives. The thought of having access to the knowledge of the foremost experts in sealing, all at his fingertips made him cry tears of joy. It was only when Tsunade tempted him that he finally left the archives for the first time in three days—and even then, he honestly struggled between the two. He settled by leaving a shadow clone behind.

Hisako trained—with great glee—under the pervert in learning about fire and earth chakra. They’d also discuss matters involving the Icha Icha series. Kushina gave Jiraiya and Tsunade fair warning about her infatuation and they assured her nothing would come of it…After Tsunade stopped laughing.

Tsunade had taken to teaching Sasame and Menma more medical techniques. The chakra strengthening technique of hers wouldn’t be taught to them, as she was fairly certain in the amount of time they could remain here it wouldn’t be enough. Several clones of Kushina joined in as well in order to build up their experience on the subject.

All in all, they grew in skill.

In Orochimaru’s Base

Kabuto had finished giving his report to Orochimaru about what happened on the island. While the matter of experimenting with the jinchuuriki was fairly interesting, he could wait until he thought of a plan to get Sasuke for his body. However, the Uzumaki clan had some fairly interesting seals under their belt—not to mention that summoning the Fourth Hokage used—and he still owed the older woman, who he was sure was the one who sealed him during that fight…He would have to see just how resilient their clan was…

As Kabuto waltz through the base, he spotted just the red-head he wanted to see. “Oh, Karin-chan, you’re an Uzumaki, right?”

The red-head arched an eyebrow. “Yeah…?”

A smug smile crossed his face. “I thought you might want to know I ran into 3 members of your clan…”

She stayed silent and judged him. Mind’s Eye of the Kagura—her own sensory ability—told her he wasn’t lying. “What about them?”

“Walk with me…”

A Month Later in Uzushio

Kushina had left to see a certain dealer about a certain set of illegal merchandise, and Tsunade wanted to pick up some quality alcohol, so she entrusted Jiraiya with the kids for the day and would be back tomorrow. Jiraiya assured them that everything would be fine, not wanting to get back on Kushina’s bad side and just told them that he was going to show Naruto how to use a summoning.

“Alright, so make the hand seals and then place your hands on the ground,” he demonstrated. A frog the size of a man emerged, before he pulled out the physical contract. “The amount of chakra determines just who you summon, along with intent. Whatever you do—”

“Jiraiya!” Hisako called out from the distance. “Can you demonstrate that earth technique again?”

“Sure, Hisako-chan.”

While Jiraiya was distracted, Naruto wondered how much chakra he should put in. He figured he should just dump a large amount in and made the hand seals. When the Frog Sage turned around after noticing the spike in chakra…

“No, don’t add chakra without a—” It was too late as the blond vanished in a plume of smoke. “—contract…KUSHINA’S GOING TO KILL ME!”

“Where’d the squirt go?” Hisako scratched her head.

“Well, when you summon without establishing a contract you get called up to whatever summoning you have a natural affinity with.” Jiraiya groaned. “The problem is that we don’t know what his natural affinity is.”

Hisako nodded. “Meaning we have no idea where the hell he is?”

“Yep.” Jiraiya started pulling on his hair. He had finally gotten back some of the trust he lost, and this happens. “Alright, no one needs to know he’s gone just yet…I just need some way of tracking him.”

“I think his mom has some way, but she’ll probably kill you first.”

“I knowwwww…” The Sage wept.

With Naruto

Naruto landed with a thud, on a giant boulder. “Okay, that may have been a bad idea.”

“Come on, you overgrown worm!” Naruto heard a small voice and looked to see a small orange toad in a blue vest with a stick in its hand, defending a yellow one in a vest from a good sized snake. “You wanna piece of me?”

Nooo…” It flicked its tongue. “I want the whole thing!

Fangs lashed out and were blocked with the stick barely, before the tail came around. It smacked the orange toad away and into a tree, before glaring at the yellow one that shook in fear. “You look fillingggg…

“I like snacks, not being one…” The poor yellow one shivered even harder. “Help, Nii-sama! Daddy!”

“Gamatatsu!” The brother cried as the snake lunged for the puffy snack of a toad.

“For the love of…” Naruto had grabbed the snake by the tail. Swinging it in circles overhead, he tossed it over the side of a cliff and down the mountain, until it hit a stream below and started making its way downstream.

“Yay, I’m saved!” The yellow toad jumped up and down before settling on the blond shinobi’s head. “Thank you…And do you have any snacks?”

“Gamatatsu, you idiot!” The orange toad delivered a flying kick to his brother’s head and took his place on the sun-kissed hair. “That’s not what you ask from someone who saves your life.”

Naruto just blinked at the toad on top of his head. “Alright, I will admit this is the first time I’ve seen talking toads.”

“Is that right?” Gamakichi jumped off his head and landed in front of him. “If you’ve never seen a talking toad, then how did you get to Mount Myouboku?”

“I was training under Pervy Sage and he showed me the summoning technique. When I did it, I was bought here.” Naruto scratched his head.

“Hmm…” Gamakichi nodded. “Sounds like the story dad told me. He’ll probably know what to do.”

“Cool, can you take me to him, ummm….?” Naruto hadn’t learned his name yet.

“Name’s Gamakichi. Come on, I’ll take you to my dad.” Gamakichi hopped towards their village. “Keep up Gamatatsu!”

“Kay!” The bloated toad hopped on top of Naruto’s head instead of following on foot. “We’re going to see Daddy!”

A Day Later With Kushina

Kushina was back, and upon noticing the missing blond, she confronted the sage. “Jiraiya…Where’s my son?”

“Yeah, about that…” He was sweating bullets at this point. The toads he summoned to help him track the boy were all refusing to, saying that Gamabunta wanted to talk to him first after he finished dealing with a house guest. “I’m fairly certain he’s…Okay?”

“Where’s Naru—” There was a huge plume of smoke as the Toad Boss appeared. He smoked a large pipe and gained everyone’s attention with his mere presence. It was kinda hard to ignore a huge toad that appears out of nowhere.

Naruto looked down from the top of the toad to see his mom and the others. “Hi mom! Look what I bought home!”

“Kushina?” Gamabunta muttered. His previous summoner was the boy’s father and he had met the wife beforehand. “So you really are back…”

“Told you!” Naruto piped in.

“Gamabunta-sama?” Kushina looked up at the boss summoning. “It has been some time. I dare say you’ve gotten even bigger. Why is Naruto on top of you?”

“The trial for his contract,” Gamabunta puffed out a ring of smoke. “Apparently, he accidentally reverse summoned himself to our home because he had a natural affinity for our kind. Who knows where he would’ve ended up if he wasn’t? Since he did my son a favor, we hosted him over the night and got to talking…”

The giant toad glared at the sage. “Hello, Jiraiya….”

“Yo, Bunta…” The sage gulped. “You’re not still mad about the last time, are you…?”

Gamabunta merely extended his tongue to grab Naruto and lowered the blond to the other Uzushio kids, before drawing his blade. Kushina was radiating eldritch energy at the fact that Jiraiya hadn’t told her he lost her son. Jiraiya wondered who would kill him first.

The angry mother or pissed off Toad Boss.

Then he ran, very fast.

A Few Hours Later

The group as a whole sat around a campfire, underneath the night sky. Stars loitered above and twinkled with no set pattern, as they watched the flames dance. Fish cooked over an open flame filled the air with the scent of a delicious meal.

“What are you going to next Kushina?” Tsunade asked as she healed the injured godfather. The Toad Boss had some words for him already, and what he didn’t finish, Kushina did.

“I plan on going to Kiri next…” Kushina patted her sleeping son on the head. Riding on top of a giant toad for a few hours was daunting. Not to mention the lecture Kushina gave him just for good measure.

“My spy network hasn’t been functioning in Kiri since the incident with Orochimaru and the Kaguya, so I can’t tell you what’s going on…” Jiraiya told her weakly. “Even the boats from the Land of Fire only run once a month.”

“Are you going by yourself?” Hisako grabbed one of the fish on a stick and chomped into it.

“I want Naruto and the others to stay here and train, so I plan on going by myself for the moment. I have enough of the seals filled with his chakra to last me a month with minimal fighting…”

No one noticed that Naruto’s ears twitched while he supposedly slept.

A Couple Of Days Later

Kushina disembarked from the boat into the dock at a small port in the Land of Water. Kiri was located further inside, roughly a few days travel, and she could get there with little problems. With the extra seals she bought, she would be able to last long enough to get business done.

“Hey! Where’s your tickets!” Kushina heard a boat hand on the other side of the boat.

“Uh…about that…” A familiar voice chuckled nervously as Kushina stepped around the boat…To see a soon to be punished blond boy and sea maiden.

“NARUTO!” Kushina roared as grabbed her son. “I left you with Jiraiya for a reason!”

“If you know these two, then can you pay their fees?” The man asked. “Things are tight around here, and to be honest I’d really hate to turn them over to proper authorities given that they’re kids, and with things going on…”

“I’m so sorry!” Kushina bowed her head and forced Naruto to do so as well before paying for them both…As well as a little extra to look the other way before she dragged the both of them off. “Explain!”

“I apologize Kushina-san,” Isaribi bowed her head. “I-it’s just that he can be very persuasive and he wouldn’t listen when I tried to stop him from following and—”

Naruto cut her off. “Mom, can you honestly blame me for wanting to spend more time with you or be worried about you going to an unknown place alone?”

“The Rasengan, until you…” She trailed off when he formed it in his hand.

“I created over two hundred clones each night before I went to bed to work on it for 4 hours, for the last month. That’s over a year’s worth of practice in a month to get it down to pat with even my low chakra control unlike Pervy Sage.”

“Makes sense…Minato had to work out the finer details over three years but Jiraiya got it faster…” She put her son back onto the ground. “What about training with your godfather?”

“Pervy sage is an earth and fire type, Granny is a lightning type and medic,” Naruto told her. “I’m a wind type, and neither one of them can show me anything I can use right now while the others will benefit more by their hands. I can get more practical experience with you until he can take us on that training trip later, but that’s months away and you can teach Isaribi-chan and me water jutsu.”

“Did you tell your godfather that you were going to come with me?”

Naruto rubbed the back of his head. “…I was going to…But I’m here now, so does it matter?”

“Fine…” Kushina sighed as she pulled out the Contact Scroll and informed the sage before he had another heart attack. Sometimes she worried she may have been spoiling her son. “Naruto, after everything that has happened…”

“I can understand you’re worried but how bad could it—” he failed to finish as the boat they were on not five minutes ago exploded along with every other one in the dock. The force threw them back and the Contact Scroll was lost among the rubble and falling embers before she could reseal it, and people screamed in terror.

The trio was unaware that they had arrived near the turning point of a revolution in Kiri.

Naruto sighed. “Okay in my defense, I didn’t see that coming.”
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