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~Lighting and Wind ~ To Aru Majutsu no Index Fanfiction

Lightning and Wind is a fanfiction of A Certain Magical Index, following the events of New Testament II. It brings Touma, Mikoto, Index, Lessar, and other characters together in the face of the new enemy that threatens the world, GREMLIN. That being said, it mostly centers around Mikoto(Lightning) growing accustomed to the Magic Side with the help of Lessar(Wind), meeting for the second time since the Railgun SS2.


Looking over the sea of clouds were three people who were unique individuals of the world. Though they existed on opposite sides of the world, they all had the same destination and rode on the dime of the Dawn-Colored Sunlight. Hawaii was the location of the enemies that occurred because of the end of the war between Science and Magic.

One of them was munching down several flight trays of food at an astonishing rate. She possessed a photographic memory and housed 103,000 grimoires. Bearing the sorcery name Dedicatus545—The lamb devoted to protecting the wisdom of the strongest, one of the greatest assets of the church of necessary evil, Necessarius, and subconsciously housing the power that could rival a Majin. Her name was Index Librorum Prohibitorum, or Index for short.

Sitting across from her with a small smile on his face was her guardian and protector. The former number one enemy of the Roman Catholic Church, the man who risked his life to save others, the hero of WWIII to the Magic Side, and enemy to GREMLIN.  Wielding a right hand that can nullify any supernatural phenomenon with a single touch, even an Archangel; he walked between the lines of science and magic.  The Imagine Breaker, Kamijou Touma.

Sitting next to him and tapping her finger on the armrest, with an impatient look on her face, was a terrifying figure that drove fear into the hearts of delinquents and anyone using electronics while in she was around. She went to great lengths to protect her sisters and to rescue the spiky-haired idiot from the battlefield of Russia, only to have met with low success, but never giving up. Known for her signature, The Railgun, was Misaka Mikoto.

I’m surprised I managed to get out of Academy City so easily, Mikoto thought to herself as she watched Kamijou with one eye closed. Ever since the war ended, it feels like something has changed in the city.

“Touma, Touma!” Index called out to him after finishing off the last tray. “We need more food!”

Kamijou sighed. “Index, if you keep burning through meals, Birdway’s going to go bankrupt.”

Not deterred by his words, Index called for the flight attendant to bring her more food. Kamijou muttered ‘Such misfortune’ under his breath and left her to be content with running up the Dawn-Colored Sunlight’s tab.

“Hey,” Mikoto finally spoke up, “so explain to me why we’re all going to Hawaii? You never did go into detail about what you’ve gotten yourself into again.”

“Touma, why is the short-hair coming too? She’s from the other side and shouldn’t get involved.”

“Well, even if you say that, she was insistent on coming.” Kamijou said with a nervous look on his face. Although I don’t know why either.

“Like it or not, I’m coming.” Mikoto told Index while her bangs gave off a spark of bluish-white electricity. “This idiot can’t be left on his own anymore. And quit dodging the question.”

“Mi-Misaka, you can’t use your power here while we’re flying! Are you trying to send us crashing!?” Kamijou panicked. Her power was dangerous, as she was the third Level 5 esper in Academy City. Crashing a plane was a possible outcome if her power was released in the air.

“Touma, you really shouldn’t get anymore girls involved.” Index told him with a small frown on her face. “The enemy this time is unknown, even to me. Short-hair can get hurt if she gets involved.”

“Stop calling me short-hair, glutton.”

“Touma, she called me a glutton!”

“Now, now,” he tried to calm the nun and the electric princess. “Misaka made it clear she wouldn’t be left behind this time. It’d be best if you told her about Magicians, since that’s your field.”

“No,” Index told him in defiance. “She insulted me! I’m a nun, accusing me of one of the deadly sins is blasphemous! Short-hair can hear it from someone else!”

Since when? Kamijou wondered to himself. He sighed and tried to explain what he could about the Magic Side, but he wasn’t really getting anywhere. He may have been fighting on both sides, but he was originally from the Science Side and needed someone from the other side to help explain.

“So basically, these people use a different set of laws similar to our ‘Personal Realities’ to create supernatural events?” Mikoto summed up his ten minute attempt in a few words. “I’ve got to say, that’s hard to believe.”

“Touma was the same way when we first met,” Index sighed. “Since all of you grew up at the center of the Science Side, you deny any miracle outside of science. He didn’t believe me until he stripped me with his right hand.”

“Huh?” Mikoto let out a few more sparks involuntarily at the mention of him stripping her. “Are you a pervert?”

“It was an accident!” Kamijou Touma said, raising his hands in innocence. “Her clothing was made by magic and my right hand nullified it. I thought she was lying and she challenged me.”

“Oh, Touma!” Index said, interrupting the interrogation that was about to occur. “I just remembered that Necessarius contacted me before we left! They said they were sending someone over to help us.”

“Really?” Kamijou closed his eyes in thought. “Considering the threat, it’ll probably be Stiyl, huh?”


There was once a Magician who promised to protect a certain girl, who had to have her memories wiped to survive. He failed to accomplish this goal, and his role was taken by another, who succeeded. Instead of falling to grief, he redefined his Sorcery Name, Fortis931I Prove Why My Name is the Strongest Here, to protect the world around her.

That teenager who walked an ash-covered road of flames was Stiyl Magnus. To protect that girl, he would burn the living to death and the dead to ashes. It seemed natural that he would go to protect her.

However, he was a little tied up at the moment. Literally.

“Mmnghpf!” Stiyl tried to speak, but his mouth was bound and gagged. His arms and legs were bound by numerous spiritual items to prevent him from moving. He was lying on the floor of a large room, watching a battle unfold between two powerful factions of the church of necessary evil. The unconscious bodies of the Agnese Forces mixed in with a few of the Amakusa Catholics littered the ground, as the two sides clashed over who would go with the Imagine Breaker.

“For Itsuwa’s loveeeeee!” The Amakusa, minus Tatemiya who was recovering from a sword wound inflicted in his poor attempts to become the Protagonist, charged to give Itsuwa a chance to be next to Kamijou Touma, who everyone thought had vanished in the Arctic Ocean. She wasn’t fighting, but tending to Tatemiya at the moment.

“For Agnese to repay her debt for the Civil War, we must be victorious!” The Agnese Forces had noticed Agnese’s growing attraction to the boy, and under the guise of ‘repaying their debt’, had decided to send her.

The two forces clashed. The Amakusa were trained in combat and each one could take down numerous nuns, but they were still outnumbered four-to-one. It was a good thing that none of them were using lethal spells or weapons.

Even when he’s not here he causes problems, Stiyl thought to himself. As soon as I get out of here, Innocentius is going on a nun hunt.

At that moment, the fighting briefly stopped as the Archbishop, Laura Stuart, entered the room. With one glance she assessed the situation from looking at Stiyl and did what she did best.

“Hold on a second,” she told everyone in the room, as someone brought her a chair and popcorn. She sat next to Stiyl and started eating the popcorn. “Continue.”

The battle began again, as enchanted feather dusters threw flames and steel wires shimmered in the light. Stiyl looked at the carnage and then at her and thought he really shouldn’t have expected anything less.

“If only Kanzaki were here, it would have been her against the Amakusa supporting her apprentice, and the Agnese Forces. That would have been fun to watch.” The Archbishop smiled at the thought.

More like a one-sided slaughter, Stiyl thought.

As the battle entered the final stages, Laura Stuart received a message. “It looks like the magic cabal New Light was seen in the location that boy is heading to.”


Standing on the rooftop of a hotel, wearing highly inappropriate sleeping garments, was the Magician Lessar of New Light. With her dragon tail accessory wrapped around one leg, she stared at the ocean underneath the moonlight.

“Once that idiot gets here, I’ll show him the price of joining with Birdway’s faction.” Lessar spoke to the heavens. “I’ll tempt and torment him until he can’t take it anymore and then I’ll give him treats and train him until he’s a good boy.”


“Hm?” Kamijou Touma felt a chill run down his spine and awoke from his slumber. “Why does it feel as though something dangerous is waiting for me at the end of this flight?”

The Kamijou Faction, Necessarius, and New Light were gathering to face against off against a new force in the world that threatened the balance of Magic and Science alike. And the one who bound them all was the unluckiest man in the world. This could only end badly.

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  1. I love this! You have a fantastic style of prose and I’m wildly captivated! I have no idea what you’re talking about, but I’ve enjoyed every word I’ve read. Keep being amazing!

    April 8, 2014 at 2:36 am

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