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The Super-Skrull saves the galaxy, Pt. 3

Arousing Grammar

Supervillains lose a lot.  It sort of goes with the profession.  How many times would the galaxy be wiped out without superheroes kickin’ butt every time a bad guy rears his or her head?  But sometimes, we get these special character moments where the baddie puts aside his or her loser nature, embraces redemption, and fights to protect and save all that is precious to him or her.  The Super-Skrull did that.  And he still lost.

In a heartbreaking plot twist, the young Skrull mechanic the Super-Skrull attempted to turn into a soldier (complete with discipline, ferocity, and an unrelenting brutality) backfired completely when our protagonist pushed too hard and caused his protege to betray him.  Now the Super-Skrull’s son — along with millions of innocent Skrulls — died when the Harvester of Sorrow exploded the planet Zargaz’na.  We pick up our story with the captured Super-Skrull and his allies facing the…

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