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~Lightning and Wind ~ Chapter Two

Chapter Two


Mikoto took a deep breath. Breathing out slowly, she called upon her personal reality and generated blue bolts of electricity from her body. The bolts dug into the sand below and around her, creating a wall of iron sand. She ignored the sound of the distance crowd’s clamoring at the sight.

She extended her arms outward and slowly bought them together like she was squeezing the air, at the same time using magnetism to compress the sand into platforms of various lengths and sizes. Exhaling, she floated them over the water, creating a scene that looked like a level from a platforming game.

Lessar and Misaka #10142 leaped onto the platforms, feeling the top layer of iron sand shift between their toes, while the bottom layer was solid as rock.

“As expected of Nee-san, Misaka replies while testing the durability of the platform.”

Lessar wasted no time or words, running along the platform towards KamijouTouma and the mano. As she ran, she allowed the Steel Glove to drag in the water, carving a path through it. #10142 took a position at the center of the collection of platforms, on an elevated column of iron sand, with her weapon at the ready.

As the first wave of manos cut through the waves towards Kamijou Touma, Lessar ran above and beyond the top of his head towards them. The four points of the Steel Glove curled like fingers, now gathering and balling the water up as it passed. The sphere of water grew to the size of a wheel, and then grew further as the water rolled over itself continuously, gathering more and more volume as it moved.

As the manos approached the sphere of water, it swallowed them and trapped them. Inside, the manos were constantly spiraling and helpless. With a small grunt, Lessar lifted the extremely heavy sphere of water and tossed it into the air with more force than possible for a girl her size. The sphere shattered into countless drops that rained down, leaving the manos airborne.

#10142 took aim at them and fired. The sound of the rapid firing, along with the shells hitting the iron sand, resonated on the beach. The manos exploded into the blue sand upon no longer being able to maintain their form. The sand mixed in with the falling water and made a shimmering rainbow.

“That’s two down,” Lessar commented, placing the Steel Glove on her shoulder while her attention was turned to the sky.

Kamijou Touma looked at the girls with gratitude, until he noticed that another two manos were cutting through the water towards Lessar, whose back was turned. He started to warn her, but they jumped out of the water and closed in her. Lessar noticed with her peripheral vision and turned, swinging the Steel Glove like a bat, knocking them into the iron sand platform.

Mikoto forced the portion of iron sand, where the manos landed, into the form of a closed box, trapping them inside. She then commanded each individual grain of iron sand inside the box to vibrate at high-speeds. This forced the iron sand to chew through the manos as if they were trapped in a shredder. A few seconds, she released the box and a pile of blue sand was mixed in with the black iron sand.

“Make that four down,” Lessar said, revising her previous statement.

The remaining manos split in different directions upon receiving a new command from the magician controlling them.


Index, who was unable to move without risking being dragged underwater by tentacle around her leg, looked at the three girls working in conjunction with each other. One of them was certainly a magician, using Norse principles after the Christianity influence had been instilled into it, adding elements that weren’t present in the original.

The other two were Espers, from the Science Side. While they looked alike to an extent, one was using control over electricity and magnetism at a very high level, while the other was using weaponry belonging to the Science Side with precision that shouldn’t possible without countless years of experience.

Two sides that normally opposed each other were now supporting each other in aiding Kamijou Touma, without any problems. Embracing their differences, they could become a faction consisting of both worlds, yet belonging to neither. A faction brought together by one with the ability to nullify miracles of science and magic alike.

“Huh,” Index muttered as the tentacle around her leg curled its way up her slender body. It wrapped around her hips and waist, embracing her in tight grip. She struggled hopelessly, only to find herself being raised out of the water and into the air, along with seven other tentacles and the head of a giant octopus.

Index heard the startled screams coming from the gathering crowd watching the battle from afar, which were silenced as she felt another flow of magical energy placing them in a dreamless sleep.


“We’ve placed everyone under a sleeping spell,” Mark Space told Birdway, who was looking at the enemy they faced in the sea. “Should we go and handle the threat?”

“No,” she told him. “Start looking for the magician controlling it and make sure no civilians get hurt, otherwise it’ll be difficult to deal with. The idiot’s right hand will dispel it with a touch. In addition, he’s got three cute girls helping him.”


“Wow, that’s bigger than I expected,” Lessar said to herself.

“It’s hard to believe something of this size just wandered in without anyone noticing, Misaka reports while wishing she brought a bigger gun.” #10142 added.

“That’s magic, right?” Kamijou asked Lessar, who nodded. “Then I just need to get close enough to touch it,” he said, clenching his right hand.

“You say that,” Lessar began, taking the Steel Glove and landing on a single iron sand platform surrounded by water far ahead of Kamijou, “but you’ll have to get through the others first.”

The remaining manos were heading to Lessar, who was the immediate threat. She smiled and placed the end of the Steel Glove into the water again. She gently spun on her toes in a circle, the Steel Glove grabbing the water and twirling it around her. She spiraled again and again, faster and faster, like a elegant dancer with a ribbon. She trapped the manos in a ring of water and raised both it, and the Steel Glove, into the air around her, like an oversized Hula-Hoop that refused to spill a drop of water.

With a flick of her wrist, the ring was sent towards #10142, who released fifty-thousand volts of electricity into it, destroying the manos. That left only the octopus, which held Index in its grasps. It raised one of its tentacles and sent it smashing down towards Lessar, who leapt out towards another platform, narrowly avoiding being smashed along with the iron sand platform, which scattered into the sea.

#10142 fired several rounds into the creature, but any damage they did was quickly reversed and regenerated. “Misaka really wishes she brought a bigger gun, Misaka replies while thinking of another strategy.”

The creature raised seven of its tentacles with the intention of smashing everything in front of it. Lessar estimated that while she could avoid it, she wouldn’t be able to save the rest in the process. In addition, judging by how fast it regenerated from the bullet wounds, she estimated that Kamijou’s right hand would have to make contact with the main body for any real damage.

The towering pillars in the form of tentacles began their fall to earth and sea, leaving no time for Kamijou, and #10142, to escape. It seemed as though the two would be killed, when Mikoto finally spoke up.

“I’d feel bad if these were real animals. But I wonder, can you—” Mikoto stated, after reasoning that real creatures didn’t turn to sand. She turned the iron sand platforms that weren’t occupied into countless discs, which vibrated rapidly, above the group’s head. “Recover from this!”

The discs flew through the air and sawed their way through the tentacles. Black iron sand mixed with blue sand once again, as the raining bits of flesh broke apart before reaching the water. However, the remaining tentacle was held out in front of it, using Index like a shield. The other tentacles would be fully reformed in less than a minute, and the majority of the iron sand was gone.

“Lessar,” Kamijou called out, “can you get me over there?”

She looked at the Steel Glove. “If you raise your hand and avoid touching it, then I can do it.”

Lessar plunged the Steel Glove into the water next to Kamijou, who raised his hands above his head. She repeatedly twisted it, the water gathering and clumping together as if it was made of something with a higher viscosity level. She then made one last effort to pull it, launching Kamijou Touma towards the creature with a spout of water, gathered from the waist down.

The octopus creature raised Index to intercept his right hand, when something tore a hole clean through both the tentacle and its head. It was a coin, coated in iron sand to increase the firing distance, fired at three times the speed of sound, and accompanied by a fierce gale. It was the technique that earned Misaka Mikoto her nickname, The Railgun.

Index fell down into the grasp of #10142, who manipulated the top portion of the iron sand platform she was on to float over to grab her. The platform was shrinking, bits of it falling apart and into the water, while slowly losing altitude. Eventually it gave out once they were near the shore, and both Index and #10142 fell into the shallow water.

“Controlling iron sand was much harder than Misaka expected. This, along with her signature technique, once again shows the differences in strength with Nee-san. Misaka will have to converse with the network about coming up with a technique of her own, Misaka reports after carrying the rescued hostage.”

Kamijou Touma roared as his right fist smashed into the creature, which exploded in a cloud of blue sand, accompanied by the sound of shattering glass. This was the inevitable outcome of anything magical that confronted the Imagine Breaker.

The battle ended in victory.


The cleanup was left to the Dawn-colored Sunlight, who moved in after the creatures defeat. A cover story was drafted, saying that it was a demonstration on behalf of the Academy City branch nearby, with help from the Espers. People were skeptical, but there was no evidence to contradict this, and no one had been hurt.

Kamijou Touma thanked the girls, patting #10142 on the head, and headed back to the hotel with Index, who was being dragged while muttering about food, by Birdway to compare notes on the analysis of the magic used. Misaka #10142 left blushing, heading back to the readjustment facility, muttering about how got praised and would surpass Mikoto eventually in skill and affection.

That left Lessar and Mikoto alone, sitting at a café in the northern part of the city, miles away from the hotel. Mikoto said she had wanted to ask her some questions, but Lessar complained she was hungry from not eating before.

“I found this place yesterday,” Lessar told Mikoto, before taking a bite out of a portion of cake. “They’ve got really good cake.” She swung her legs in delight at the taste and ordered another two slices.

Mikoto had too much on her mind to eat, although she wasn’t above ordering a soda to drink. “Is that so?”

Lessar closed one of her eyes and smiled before skipping to the point. “So, you want to know more about our side, right? Ask away.”

Mikoto closed her eyes and thought. After a few seconds, she opened her eyes and asked. “Tell me where the laws of magic originated from.”

“There are various sources but, in short, the reason was because our ancestors wanted to accomplish something that gifted people could do, like naturally born Espers. Out of envy, the determined and desperate worked for the gift of magic instead of just wishing for it. The majority say that it was due to man devouring the fruit of wisdom from the Garden of Eden, but that’s because Christianity is the most common and powerful religion.

“The magic that I use is based off Norse legends, where Odin hung himself for nine days and nights from the World Tree, Yggdrasil, along with sacrificing one of his eyes to drink from Mímisbrunnr, Mímir’s well. He gained the knowledge of the Runes, which eventually became one of the staples of my homeland’s magic, along with Seid, through the use of hamingja, or life-force. This is similar to the concept of Mana in terms of processing.

“Incidentally, our group use the version corrupted by Christian influences, such as changing Baldr to a representation of the Son of God, or Loki to Satan. It makes it easier to use spells and adds things not normally found in the old system.” Lessar took a deep breath before adding, “That being said, I do know of a few of the old ways.”

“So basically, the laws come from myths and legends?”

“That’s the main theory. It’s easier to base spells off established legends, compared to starting from scratch. Also, you Espers are limited to one power per person, right?”

“Normally,” she answered. There were exceptions, such as the researcher who managed to accomplish what was thought to be impossible, Multi-Skill. “We can use derivatives of our abilities, such as magnetism, or items to compensate for any flaws, such as my coins, or silicon cards in that other person’s case.”

“Magicians can learn and use anything with enough time and effort, barring a few exceptions. We aren’t as limited, so in terms of versatility, we can outdo most Espers. In addition, the number of Espers is limited, and people have to undergo changes in their brains, while normal people can be taught magic with time under a Sorcerer.”

“If that’s the case, why do magicians stay in the shadows?” Mikoto asked.

“Because our world is one of darkness,” Lessar said, briefly pausing as the waiter delivered the cakes. Once he left, she took a bite and swallowed before continuing. “To walk the path of a magician is to walk alongside death.”

“What do you mean ‘alongside death’?”

“You didn’t realize it when we first met, because I felt it wouldn’t help, but those higher-ups that were planning on nuking your home were killed by decapitation, using magic. It was really graphic, with blood lining the walls and everything.”

Mikoto shivered at the thought. Lessar, on the other hand, was munching down one of the cakes. How could she eat while discussing such things?

“Just now, you were wondering how I could eat after bringing up the topic, right?” Lessar asked. “That’s what I mean by walking alongside death. Those in our world are used to it. There are some things that will disturb even a hardened magician, but as far as decapitation goes, it wasn’t the worst I’ve seen.

“Our world is one where we will do whatever it takes to accomplish a goal. We all have our own sets of morals and limits, but in the face of accomplishing a goal, you should expect for a magician to do whatever it takes. Sacrificing a city of tens of thousands, calling down an Archangel, or even destroying the world, if it will accomplish our goal, so be it.”

“How can magicians do such a thing?” Mikoto commented blankly, before realizing the implications. “Not that you’re bad or anything!”

Lessar shrugged her shoulders while chewing. “It’s fine, to be honest, I’ve done things you’re better off not knowing. The point is that magicians aren’t normal. We defy nature, or even God, if it will accomplish a goal. Magicians have a goal or a purpose that they want to achieve, one that couldn’t be done through normal methods. Like flying, for instance—”

“Magicians can fly!?” Mikoto interrupted. She heard of a few Espers who could accomplish it, but the numbers were few and far. “Under your own power?”

“Like I said, not as limited as Espers. Mankind has dreamed of flying since they first saw birds doing it. It was one of the oldest dreams of man; therefore it was one of the first things magicians sought to accomplish and did so. The only problem was that since the number of spells to fly increased, so did the number of ways to make them fall to earth. The very concept of the counter spell can equal ‘death by falling’ before you hit the ground, with the world then enforcing it to make it happen.

“In general, Christian spells for flying are the easiest to counter, being so widespread and all, that for every spell to accomplish flight, they have two to counter it.” Lessar picked up a cup of tea and drank it before continuing. “But back on topic now. Let’s say that, more than anything in the world, you want to fly under your own power. That is impossible normally, but a magician would engrave that goal on their souls within a name, Latin for most western magicians, and use magic to accomplish it.”

“Like our nicknames as Level 5’s?”

“Sort of, but you guys can go without your nicknames and still be who you are. A magician’s Sorcery Name is engraved upon their souls, and can’t be cast aside so easily. It’s a name we wear across countless battlefields, for a purpose that’s, sometimes literally, worth Hell. A magician who loses their purpose falls, and if they can’t find a new purpose or get back up, they become little more than masses of power.”

“So,” Mikoto closed her eyes in thought, “everything that they hope, dream, and are, is within that name?”

“Now you’re getting it. I have rules when fighting magicians, and one of them relates to the announcement of the name. But to all magicians in general, when someone announces their Sorcery Name, they are willing to use everything in their power, lives included, to utterly destroy you. Before that name, nothing else matters. Not friends, not families, not civilians, not organizations, not even God, will take precedence before that name.”

Mikoto heart skipped a beat. Even compared to the darkness of Academy City, their world was completely dark.  This was the world that Kamijou had been fighting in? How had he survived up until now?

Lessar was nearly finished with her second slice of cake, when she overheard a nearby table conversing about the ‘recent reappearance of the Gods on the islands’. It bought up a question she wanted to ask Mikoto, but she would save it for later, after ordering another slice of cake and answering Mikoto’s next few questions.

“I’ve heard a little about the war between our sides, but I don’t know the real details about it. Can you tell me more?” Mikoto asked.

“Well, it was building up and was going to happen one way or another. But it didn’t get really bad until the Imagine Breaker started working with Neccessarius. The Roman Catholic Church, or RCC, used numerous triumph cards against Neccessarius and Academy City, only for them to be destroyed by his right hand. They lost more and more power, despite having over two billion followers, and grew more desperate. There are rumors that the dark side of the RCC had launched two direct attacks against Academy City and planned more, with the intent of killing him.”

Mikoto recalled when Kamijou had been so injured, yet determined to fight against an enemy he refused to allow her to help with, and it made her heart sink. He had an organization, with power that was the equivalent to over two billion people coming to kill him, yet he never once asked for help from her, even though she was one of the strongest Espers in Academy City.

“Because of his and Neccessarius’ position during the conflict, he was known as the representative of the Science Side. The person who pulled the trigger to the war by coaxing Russia into attacking was Fiamma of the Right, a man with a right hand that could do nearly anything. He aimed for the position of one superior to God and attained it briefly, even summoning down an Archangel. He was the representative of the Magic Side, unofficially anyway, since a great deal of magicians wanted him dead. He disappeared after clashing with the Imagine Breaker, everyone assumed he died.”

“So, because of that, the Science Side was seen as the winners?”

“Yes,” Lessar agreed. “And that boy became the enemy of just about everyone on the Magic Side who fought in the war. When they thought he was dead, they cursed him and praised him at the same time, for facing against an enemy with such power and stopping the Archangel, which was on a rampage. But now that the information that he’s alive has leaked, well…I’m guessing the number of attempts on his life will increase.”

GREMLIN, Mikoto thought. Considering his participation in the war, from the perspective of someone like Lessar, he was the enemy to defeat. Lessar noted the look on Mikoto’s face and figured she knew something, but put it in the back of her mind.

“That’s partially why I want him to serve the UK now. If he was under the protection of the Knights, the Royal Family, and Neccessarius, there wouldn’t be a force left that could touch him. In theory anyway.”

“He’s not the type to be helped,” Mikoto sighed. “He’s the type to help instead. His doctor has to be overworked.”

Lessar nodded, staring at the newly arrived cake. “To be honest, I fought alongside him in the war. I like him a lot.” Mikoto’s bangs gave off a spark of electricity at that. “Since he’s been around, it’s like our dark world has been growing brighter, just a little by little.”

The members of Neccessarius would agree with her on that. It used to be an organization where to gain one ally would mean losing another. But since he arrived, they only grew in power while weakening the RCC’s, minimizing the conflict overall.

All of his allies seem to deny the simpler solution to kill the enemy, which in turn moves them to join those who they once fought. It was more difficult, but yielded a greater result. He had the potential to be the Messiah of their side, if he ever broke away from Aleister’s grasp.

The Kamijou faction, with him at the head, could bring peace.

“Alone he’s a small light of hope, one that various forces keep trying to extinguish. They may, or rather will, succeed someday. After all, he only has his right hand. But if there’s a large group beside him, that bright light will become a glorious blaze that can rival the flames of Múspell. I would like to see the world that emerges from it, with the UK at the lead of course.”

“You might be right about that Muspelheim thing, but you’re wrong on one matter.”

“Oh,” Lessar blinked curiously. “And what would that be?”

“They won’t succeed in killing him,” Mikoto magnetically lifted the silverware on the tables around them, unintentionally, with her determination. “Because, I’ll there!”

“Oh, my,” Lessar smirked, licking her lips. “It looks like I’m not the only one interested in him for more than his right hand. But cool it on the floating, or you’re gonna get my new favorite cake place shut down.”

“Hm?”Mikoto only then noticed that she was making the café seem like it was the site of a ghost haunting, freaking people out, and lowered the floating silverware. From that day on, the café would be known as ‘the place where utensils float’. Business increased soon after because of the word of mouth, and a franchise was born.

“Alright, we have time for one more question,” Lessar told her, after finishing her cake. “But first I have one for you. I’m figured that attack was meant for him, and since that flat-chested girl, Birdway, was there, he’s probably got a faction after him with some influence and power. You probably don’t know too much, being new to this and all, but can you at least tell me their name?”

Mikoto answered honestly, returning the favor that Lessar had done for her questions. “GREMLIN. That’s what I’ve been told.”

“I see,” Lessar said, with her eyes deep in thought. “Given who won the war, that name is fitting. Alright, ask the last question for the day.”

Mikoto thought about her last question, but she already knew what she wanted to ask. It was lurking deep in her heart, and she was afraid, but she asked anyway. “Why did that idiot go to the front of the war anyway?”

“It’s obvious, isn’t it?” Lessar sighed. “For the same reason he jumped into the sea, despite the manos. For the sake of that girl who was next to him.”

Neither of them talked after that. They stayed silent, only breaking it once in the taxi, to tell the driver to take them back to the hotel.


A magician observed the cab passing under the twilight sky, which was getting ready to welcome the night. These two, who interfered in the attempt on Kamijou’s life, were placed on the top of the list to be subdued at all cost. The magician took pity on the younger girls, and the unfortunate driver, but showed no hesitation when she cast the spell to summon the Kapua.

She hoped that they wouldn’t force her to reveal her Sorcery Name. If she didn’t have to, their deaths would be clean. Otherwise, even their bones would be melted away.


The taxi driver kept his eyes on the road, never breaking his concentration from it. Despite the awkwardness of having two teenage girls, nearly his own daughter’s age, being in a silent daze of sorrow, he did what he was paid to do and kept focused on the road. Even when they were passing a rocky beach, and the setting sun was looming over the horizon like a picture painted by heaven, he kept his eyes forward. He was a professional of many years after all; he’d seen a lot of things.

But let’s face it, if a ten-foot giant made of seashells appeared in front of you, you’d blink twice in confusion too. The giant raised its large arms and smashed down on the hood of the car in motion, launching it into a forward flip. The shattered windshield flew inwards with force, cutting him severely, and the sudden motion forced his head into the steering wheel, despite wearing his seat belt.

He was out cold when Lessar, suffering from numerous small cuts and scrapes, pulled him out of his seat by force and leapt out of the broken taxi mid-flip with Mikoto, who was bleeding from a deep gash on her head. The magician moved them away from the burning vehicle before it exploded.

“Another attack?” Mikoto asked, wiping the blood from her right eye. Lessar had pulled some concoction out of her backpack and rubbed it over the gash on Mikoto’s head, closing it with a sizzling sound.

“Looks that way,” Lessar responded, while looking over the unconscious driver. “Judging from the twenty or so Ka-poe-kino-pupu, we were the targets this time. This civilian driver was an unfortunate collateral casualty. His vehicle was his source of income, so that’s his way of living gone, and his brain is probably starting to swell from the impact; he’ll die soon if he doesn’t get medical attention.”

Mikoto looked at the poor driver. He had nothing to do with this and was about to die for just doing his job. Was the world of magicians really this dark? “Can you do anything for him?”

“I need some time, and I can probably slow down or stop the swelling. If you’ve got the Dawn-colored Sunlight’s contact information in your cell phone, they can probably reach here in time to save his life.”

“Ah,” Mikoto closed her eyes and faced the Pupu Kapua, numbering twenty and growing. “Then, I’ll buy you some time and smoke the bastard out…”

Sparks flew from her bangs and she charged towards the shell army.


The ringing of a cell phone interrupted Birdway, who was in the middle of a gaming session while waiting for Index to finish a small fortune worth of snacks before continuing their debriefing. Mark Space answered the phone with haste.

“Mark Space,” he said into the phone.

“The guardian for the Lolita,” Lessar said in an unsurprised tone. “I’m the magician who helped earlier.”

“I’m assuming you have a reason for contacting us,” he skipped straight to the point.

“All business, huh?” Lessar responded. “To the point, the girl accompanying the Imagine Breaker and I are under attack by GREMLIN, and there was a civilian injured. I can take the girl and run, but the civilian would die, and I doubt that boy who’s on your side would like that. Healing him completely is out of my hands, but if you can send some people out here to treat him, I’m willing to make you a deal.”

“Let’s hear it,” he told her in a business tone. “What sort of deal would you offer us, for the sake of that unrelated person?”

“Save him, and replace his damaged car. In exchange, I’ll turn over the magician from GREMLIN alive after we restrain her.”

“One moment please,” he covered the microphone of the cell phone and leaned over to whisper in Birdway’s ear. She nodded in agreement. “Understood, we’ll send a squad to you location, and I will personally accompany them.”

“Wonderful,” Lessar snickered. “I guess you guys aren’t so bad after all. It’s a shame that all of those resources and power aren’t being used to benefit the UK.”


The army of shell golems fell quickly to the enraged Level 5. Once the last had fallen, the magician controlling them had made their appearance. Wearing a red, sleeveless gown, and crown of flowers similar to one of Mikoto’s friends, the young woman of roughly nineteen stepped over the burned shells and introduced herself.

“So, a magician is siding with one of the other monsters of science,” she said looking at the ritual Lessar was performing on the driver. “I pity having to kill such young girls, and one who is unrelated to either side.”

“You,” Mikoto spoke softly, “have a lot of nerve attacking us like this. Who do you think you are?”

“A Descendant,” she told her. Lessar looked nervous upon hearing the statement. “My name, the name of the one who will lay you to rest, is Pel.”

Not good, Lessar thought. Pel is probably short for Pele from the mythology. This is one opponent she can’t face. Is this what that conversation about the gods returning was about?

The battle between the Level 5 and the goddess incarnate was about to begin…




* Steel Gloves: Carried by the members of New Light, they can grab things like fire or cement dust, or in Lessar’s Custom case, a freaking plane in mid-flight. Her manipulating the water with it is just taking it to the logical conclusion without overpowering her.

* Magicians: As Birdway, Stiyl, and other magicians have stated, as a whole, magicians are in it for their own reasons, and they do bad things to accomplish goals, morality and ethics be damned if they get in the way. They aren’t heroes or villains, no matter what good or bad, heroic or disgraceful thing they do, it’s all done selfishly. To quote Archer from Fate Stay Night: “You can wipe away disgrace with results.”

Let’s be frank, when Kanzaki and Stiyl first spied Index with Touma, they stated it would be okay for people to disappear, and Stiyl tried to cook Kamijou alive, not knowing of his right hand. Kanzaki didn’t kill him because crippling him was more efficient for keeping Index in one place. Stiyl made it clear what kind of place Neccessarius used to be before Kamijou got involved.

Morals are rare and few. Pitying someone for getting caught up in it wasn’t the same as not killing them. I’m going soft right now, because I feel that throwing Mikoto into a pitch black world of death in the first three chapters would only end up breaking her mind and spirit, and no reader wants that suddenly dropped on them.

But the death toll will probably skyrocket, considering how magicians like GREMLIN are. Just giving you fair warning.

*Ka-poe-kino-pupu : The People Who Had Shell Bodies.

*Descendant: I’m throwing in my own elements now. A Descendant is one who has inherited a High Spirit or god’s power through legacy. I’d say demigods, but considering the blood line has been thinned so much, the chances of them manifesting abilities or traits is next to none, completely skipping generations. Think a Saint, but instead of having a body similar to the Son of God, they have received a very small fraction of power from a powerful ancestor.

* Pele: Goddess of Wind, Lightning, Volcanoes, and Fire in Hawaiian religion. In other words, she Mikoto’s rival for the story.

* Norse Elements: I’m not an expert on Norse Mythology, but I do dabble in it because a lot of my writings center on it, like Arcane Advent, Valkyrie’s Godchild, etc. In fact, one of the reasons I decided to involve Lessar was because of her ties as part of a group that uses Norse history, along with a previous connection to Mikoto.

This will probably be the last release of September, but expect more in October. You can find updates on the main site:

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