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~Lightning and Wind~ Chapter One

Chapter One

“This could be a problem,” Mikoto grumbled.

Misaka Mikoto was in a crisis she had never faced before. The hotel they booked was packed for various reasons and, as expected with his luck, Kamijou Touma’s room was now uninhabitable due an incident involving something unmentionable growing from the leftovers of the last guests. They sent maids and staff to deal with it, and when that failed Birdway sent some men in out of curiosity. In the end, Mark Space had to be dispatched to save them all and slay it.

“I don’t know if that was magical or not, but it nearly won the battle,” he told her.

So Kamijou Touma and Index, who were sharing the room, were now forced to move in with Mikoto for the duration of their stay. If it had just been the nun, it would have been fine. She probably would have been a better roommate than Kuroko and wouldn’t molest her while she slept. At least that was what Mikoto thought, seeing as she doesn’t know that Index tended to glomp on whoever was nearby while asleep, which was why Touma slept in the bathroom back in Academy City.

The issue was the fact that the person she secretly harbored emotions for was sleeping in the same room as her. What if she did something embarrassing while she slept?

Mikoto shook her head at the thought before speaking up. “So, what are we going to do about this?”

“Hm?” Kamijou blinked in confusion. “You mean about GREMLIN? Birdway said she’d meet with her contacts tomorrow, so we can take some time to look around the beach or—”

“I meant the room!”

“Oh, that.” Kamijou scratched his head. “There are two beds, so you and Index will have one. I’ll just sleep in the bathtub. It’s bigger than the one at home anyway.”

So they don’t share a bed, she thought. “Sleeping in a hard bathtub isn’t good for you back, you know.”

“Well, considering the alternative—”

“Touma! They have snacks inside a tiny fridge!” Index ended the conversation with childish delight. “And this bottle has a colorful symbol on it!”

“No, Index! That’s alcoholic!” Kamijou took the bottle from her hand and put it back, taking out another drink and giving it to her with a small smile on his face. Now that the war had ended, things between them were back to normal. Mikoto envied that close relationship.

How many times had he fought for her and then returned to her side like that? She had been next to him longer than Mikoto herself, walking next to him all of the way, through the numerous challenges he faced in the world of different laws than that of science.

Mikoto sighed. In this situation, she knew next to nothing about the Magic Side and wouldn’t be much help when it came to facing an unknown enemy. On the other hand, she would be invaluable from what it seemed. Mikoto feared that she would be just as useless to him as she was in the war.

It’s true she prevented nuclear missiles from being used, preventing a crisis that could have occurred. But in the end, she couldn’t pull him away from that battlefield. It was just a miracle that he survived the drop into the Arctic Sea.

Why did he go to that war in the first place, Mikoto wondered. The girl named Birdway was too busy to tell her, and she really didn’t want to ask Index out of pride as her rival. Asking him wouldn’t feel right and would probably be too personal.

The swirling emotions that stirred her personal reality were starting to take on a heavy form that weighed her down. The weight called ‘Doubt’. She was sure of how she felt for him, but against Index, did she really have a chance in this scenario?

If Mikoto failed to get come to terms with that weight, it would eventually crush the pillar that supported everything that made her the person she was.


 The morning came and the young dawn broke over the trees of the island. A young magician watched as birds scattered from the treetops and into the waking sky. Beyond her was the nature of her home at its finest, pure and untouched. And yet, the sound of early morning traffic came from the opposite side of her.

If in front of her was nature at its finest, then behind her was the absence of nature entirely. It was an asphalt world of man, crafted by the Science Side. A world filled with pollution and mockery, where the bounty of nature was defiled and trampled on for the amusement of those ignorant to the world’s desecration.

In a world where magic and nature were being encroached by science, it wouldn’t be long before the treasure in front of her was destroyed by the product of ignorant people, out of convenience. That was inevitable after the war to determine which side would prevail was lost.

She had participated in just one of the many unnamed and unknown battles that covered the world. She used her Sorcery Name many times and somehow survived, all in the name of defending the Magic Side and nature. But it was all for naught.

Everything was loss because of one high-schooler, with a right hand that spit upon the mystic forces of the world, made by man, nature, or gods. That monstrous being in the form of a human shattered the balance and placed the society of science at the top of the world. He was the champion of the Science Side, capable of bringing even the Roman Catholic Church to its knees in defeat.

Imagine Breaker.

To defeat this monster of science, a new faction was born. It was a faction that found ways to combat the threat of the science, even if it had to use science to do so. It would swallow up the Science Side and itself, before returning to nature.


Now that the Imagine Breaker had arrived, she would lay the monster of science to rest. Her name was Poli, a young native of the island who had yet to see beyond black and white, science and magic. Without seeing the invisible strings behind the curtain of gray, the illusion of the true enemy was set in her mind.

Only time would tell if that illusion would be broken.


It was roughly noon when Kamijou Touma , Index, and Misaka Mikoto arrived on the beach near the hotel. Index was dressed in a modest, blue, one piece swimsuit befitting her nature as a nun. Kamijou wore black swim trunks, with stripes going vertically down the sides. Mikoto, however, wore a long T-shirt that went past her hips and down to her knees.

I finally got to wear that Gekota swimsuit I bought, she thought to herself. But Kuroko said it was childish. I’m kind of nervous about what he’d think about it.

While the trio was walking along the beach, Index stopped to get something to eat and had to wait half an hour before she could get in the water. Instead, she started burying Kamijou in the sand, wet sand to be exact. Mikoto watched from under a beach umbrella, still lost in thought. Once Index got bored, she found an inner tube and started swimming, ignoring Kamijou’s pleas to dig him out as a group crabs closed in on him while he was unable to move because of how heavy the wet sand.

Mikoto took pity on Kamijou, after the first few crabs started clamping down on his head, and came over to free him from the sand. She rested her knees just beyond the top of his head and started removing the crabs, gently digging him out. “You probably shouldn’t have let her bury you so close to the edge. If the tide started rising, you’d have to grow gills.”

“I’m just letting her have fun while we can,” he told Mikoto, as she was digging him out. “Between what happened in the war and what’s to come, she needs to enjoy herself. She deserves that much.”

“Oh,” Mikoto said unenthusiastically, the doubt in her heart growing heavier. Kamijou was the type that rushed in to help even if you didn’t ask, so meeting another girl he saved shouldn’t be a surprise anymore. The problem was that she couldn’t tell if he was interested in the girl that stayed with him out of friendship or romance because of his nature.

Kamijou noticed her low tone. “Misaka…are you okay? You’ve been different these last few days.” He looked her in the eyes, his voice becoming more sincere. “Is something wrong?”

“…That’s to be expected,” she told him. “I’m just on edge because I’m involved in something I don’t understand yet. It’ll pass.”

“Sorry,” Kamijou apologized. He didn’t like involving others if he could avoid it, and he once promised someone to protect the world around her. But he couldn’t stop her this time.

If he left her behind, she would have followed him through her own methods and found him, like how she somehow managed to get to Russia. Along the way, she could have been attacked in some place where his fist couldn’t reach. At least this way, he could look out for her.

Although that guy will probably try to come after me again for this, Kamijou thought. Etzali probably would hunt him down for this later.

Mikoto bent over, her shirt hanging down to just above his face, as she began to clear a good portion of the sand off his upper body using both hands. Her hands lightly brushed his chest, causing him to shiver slightly from the ticklish feeling. Mikoto blushed at the reaction and her hands stopped moving, resting on his chest.

Did the mood get romantic suddenly? Mikoto wondered.

“Misaka is surprised Nee-san has begun using more daring tactics, such as taking advantage of him while he is unable to move, Misaka reports in hope of ruining the sudden development.”A familiar voice and speech pattern interrupted.

Mikoto removed her hands and looked up to see another Misaka. One of her clones, the ‘Sisters’, to be exact. However, this sister stood out the most compared to the others she met.

She had tanned skin, making her look more exotic than the others. She wore a short pink T-shirt over a yellow one piece swimsuit, both bright colors that matched the Flower Lei* around her neck. On her back was a yellow sling backpack, with a flower motif, while on her head were the goggles given to each sister, and in her mouth was a sucker.

“Another Misaka?” Kamijou asked.

She nodded. “Misaka is serial number #10142, responds Misaka while pointing in the distance towards the readjustment facility.” Out of sight was an Academy City owned area that held a facility that was readjusting her to live a longer life. #10142 was staying there, but she heard through the network that Kamijou and her Nee-san were coming and wanted to meet them.

“Are you going for a partial Ganguro look?” Misaka asked, partly out of curiosity, and partly out of spite for killing the mood.

“This Misaka feels that adapting to her environment gives her a better chance at impressing that person, as she has received compliments from many other men when she walks on the beach, counters Misaka with confidence.”

This one has more confidence than even the other one, Misaka Mikoto mentally noted. She was referring to Misaka #10032, also known as Misaka Imouto. Of all the sisters, that one probably had the lead in terms of affection.

While the Misakas were starting a light argument, Kamijou Touma managed to finally get his hands free and started digging the rest of his body out. Once he was free, he stood up and sighed. He unfortunately failed to notice a speedy figure running towards him, until it rammed him into the sand once again.

“How could you side with a faction against the Royal family!?”

Kamijou recognized the voice of the person on top of him, but asked anyway to confirm since his eyes had sand in them. “Lessar?”

Lessar was dressed in a bikini, but she had a bag that sported the logo of New Light hanging over her shoulder. Her current position was being mounted on top of Kamijou’s chest. She moved his right hand onto her body and had it touch her backside. “Can’t you recognize this body by touch now?”

This, of course, caught the attention of the arguing Misakas. Mikoto was preparing to fry the seductress until she noticed the familiar hair from behind. It was during a exhibition in what could only be described as the biggest shopping mall in the world, the size of a city, where she met with a group called New Light.

“You’re Lessar from the Daruma shop, aren’t you?”

Lessar turned and looked at her. A smile grew on her face at meeting her once again. “Misaka Mikoto.  How’ve you been?”


Index was having fun in the water, inside of an inner tube, blissfully unaware of Kamijou Touma’s pleas of help as he was being attacked by crabs. She drifted further out in the sea, wishing Hyouka Kazakiri could have joined them on the trip. They had briefly met before Birdway’s subordinates interrupted them and sent her away with the rest of the girls that Kamijou had attracted, including one she never met before dressed like she was half-cat or something.

But that’s Touma being Touma, she thought and let it drop.

Swimming around Index was a school of fish that seemed different than the other ones around the shore. She ignored them at first, but with each passing minute the fish seemed to get bigger and bigger. It was then that she closed her eyes and searched for something that shouldn’t be there.

It was a vague feeling, something superimposed onto something else that shouldn’t be there. The fish swimming around her were coated in that feeling. They weren’t natural, but manmade somehow. And they were being directed by another source of power. In other words…

A magician, Index concluded and started swimming back to shore.

She noted the fishes’ physical features, markings, and the flow of the energy inside and surrounding them, while comparing them with the knowledge of the various the grimoires in her head. There was very little magical that she didn’t know about because of them. But even if she couldn’t find out what they were, as long as she could isolate the style of magic being used through analysis, she could counter it despite not being able to use magic on her own.

The fish began to change, or rather morph, into a more dangerous form that caught the attention of the other people in the water. They became sharks, a variety of them rather than a single species, but they all had a similar, distinctive pattern on their bodies that changed from when they were fish. That pattern was the key that allowed Index to finally figure out what they were.

That pattern represents those worn by a group of the Kupua*, the Ka-poe-kino-mano* and Ka-poe-kino-ia to be exact. Most likely a magician etched those patterns onto a medium and created creatures with false life to serve them. If so, I should be able to intercept the spell.

Index opened her mouth to begin the Spell Intercept and hijack control over the creatures that began circling her, when she was suddenly dragged down into the water by something wrapping around her leg. She looked to notice it appeared to be a large tentacle, possibly belonging to a large cephalopod. If it took her too deep, she would drown helplessly or be torn apart, as she couldn’t speak underwater.

Touma! Help! Index thought, but the words wouldn’t come out of her mouth. Maybe by sheer chance, the tentacle stopped dragging her below and slacked up its grip. She flailed her arms as hard as she could until she breached the surface and screamed.



As Lessar was still straddling Touma, before she and Mikoto could catch up, all of them heard people screaming about sharks and coming in from the water. Touma forced Lessar up and looked towards the waves for any sign of Index.

“Misaka reports that according to the security measures installed by a lesser branch of Academy City, an electrical field that causes spasms in shark snouts is active in the area to prevent them from venturing into the shore, Misaka comments while doubting the failure of the safety system.”

“No,” Misaka Mikoto added to her sister’s report. “I can sense the field as well, it’s operating fine.”

“Which means it’s probably an enemy,” Kamijou Touma yelled as he went through the crowd of people leaving the water to head towards Index’s inner tube, which was floating in the water without her. He screamed her name, hoping to hear any response, while mentally cursing himself for thinking she’d be safe from an attack with so many people around.

“TOUMAAAAA,” Index cried as she reached the surface, gasping for air.

“INDEX!” Kamijou screamed and swam towards her, into deeper water.

Index made it back to the inner tube and floated in a ring of sharks that were circling her like a defensive line. She was beginning to try Spell Intercept again, when the tentacle grabbed her once again and pulled slightly, making her swallow water and cough. It was a warning that she would be dragged below if she interfered or tried to escape.

At this point, Index guessed that the reason she was released instead of being drowned outright was because she wasn’t the main target. She was a valuable asset to any magician, and wouldn’t be easily killed. She could think of dozens of ways for someone to retrieve her while she was helpless underwater using magic.

Instead, the assailant released her back to the surface after causing a commotion by creating sharks instead of something more subtle, driving away all parties except those involved. The shark circle was a net to catch the real objective, with her as the bait. The enemy was luring Kamijou Touma out to her. In the deep water, he would be ripped to shreds by the numerous sharks and pulled beneath the waves to a watery grave, where his right hand can’t save him.

“Touma, it’s a—” she tried to warn him, but was jerked below and allowed up again to breath.

It’s a trap for me then, Kamijou worked out on his own. He came to the same conclusion, having seen how magicians work in the past, using methods of clearing a crowded area and then striking at him.  Those bastards took her as bait for that reason!

He didn’t care that they were coming after him. He knew that they would seek him out. But to get her or the others involved was crossing the line.

On the beach shore, Misaka Mikoto and #10142 were about to chase after him in the water when Lessar stopped them.

“Why are you stopping us,” Mikoto asked, sparks coming from her bangs.

“Because, it’s a trap meant for him,” Lessar pointed out as someone else who had a magician’s viewpoint. “More people jumping in carelessly will become a burden. Besides, if you use your electric attacks here, you’ll fry him and the girl.”

Misaka growled in frustration. “A trap for him…is it a magician?”

Lessar was a bit shocked at her knowing about them. Compared to the last time they met and she didn’t know about the Magic Side, despite being caught up in it.

“Yes,” she told the anxious Misaka, who seemed thrown off by the admission. “From the looks of it, he’s got himself wrapped up in another incident. Letting him die would be bad if we could get him to serve the UK, so how about we work together again?”

Lessar pulled her Steel Glove out from the bag, despite it being three times the size of the bag itself, due to the properties of the bag as a spiritual item. “There are ten sharks and something else in the water. If you can make a platform for me to reach them, I’ll create an opportunity for you.”

#10142 took off her bag and pulled out a disassembled an Academy City FN P90C and quickly assembled it. “Misaka is not sure what is going on, but she’ll help, says Misaka with weapon in hand.”

The force consisting of Misaka Mikoto, Misaka #10142, and Lessar all banded together to strike down the oceanic threat against Kamijou Touma and Index.

This should be over quickly.



* Wreath

** Kapua: In Hawaiian Mythology they were trickster demigods or spirits, taking on whatever form they pleased. Each had a classification and there are several stories about individual Kapua acting as heroes or villains depending on the sources you go to.

*** Ka-poe-kino: Known as the People Who Had *** Bodies, whose bodies were made of different materials depending on the last words, mano being shark, ia being fish for examples. They are featured throughout Hawaiian Mythology, but in this fanfiction, they are similar to Sherry’s Golems.

Notes: Okay, as you should know while reading this, it takes place after NT2 and with Railgun SS2 as part of canon, at least up to part 7, as part 8 isn’t out at the time of this writing. Lessar and Mikoto will start to take the stage as the main protagonist, not Touma and Index, very soon as this is Lightning and Wind, not the Grimoires That Break Illusions.

* I should write that down for a future project*

Sorry if Mikoto seems angsty, girls are hard to write about as a guy and romance isn’t my strong suit, so I apologize about that. This story has some touching moments, but it will primarily be an action story, as I have confidence in my battle scenes as an author.

As for Lessar, she might act like a Class-A tease, but she’s very competent magician, when not up against monsters like Fiamma, and I intend to show that here in this story.

Lastly is Misaka #10142. Now with there being over 9000 of them left, it goes to say that many of them will not get the spotlight in the main series, and I wanted to showcase them as developing various personalities slowly since the end of the Level 6 Project, so this Misaka is hereby mine to corrupt however I choose.


Thanks for reading.

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