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Moon Knight’s opening scene

Interesting. Never really thought much about the guy to now.

Arousing Grammar

I have a soft spot for Moon Knight, much like the soft spots he leaves battered and bloodied in the criminals he fights.  If you don’t mind me stealing an earlier paragraph for a previous article I wrote, allow me retell his origin:

Marc Spector, soldier and master martial artist, stumbled upon the Egyptian moon god Khonshu who then gave him super powers.  Though you don’t have to remember all that jazz, because nowadays he’s a non-powered rich guy in a gadget-filled costume.  Maybe that’s why he gets unfairly labeled as Marvel’s Batman.  For one, Spector’s superhero career isn’t born out of an unquenchable quest of vengeance.  Plus, the guy’s a major schizophrenic, making Moon Knight the poster boy for positive (albeit fictitious) role models succeeding despite mental illness.

There you go, except we step into the full throes of Dark Reign, where Norman Osborn reigns over the superhero masses with…

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