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Superior Spider-Man Series Finale Review

A bit late, but here it is: My review for the last issue of Superior Spider-Man.

The story starts with Osborn holding Anna Marconi hostage above Alchemax and declaring his kingdom the Goblin Nation, while the sky is filled with gliders and corrupted Spider-Slayers. Peter Parker emerges with his mind intact at his lab and learns some of what Otto has been up to, including that Carlie had been infected and somewhat cured by Otto’s genius. Given he’s dealing with foes hopped up on Goblin Formula it’s a good thing to have, and he gets to inform Carlie he’s back to normal and get the story of how Osborn came back strong.

As soon as he gets enough of the cure to use he heads out into the field and starts with calling to make sure his aunt is safe after all this. Given how he was before, it makes MJ’s new boyfriend wonder if he’s bipolar. At the same time Mayor Jameson is ruined while Ty Stone is auctioning off the goddamn robots that are fighting off the Avengers like a merchant of death.

Peter swings by the Empire University just as Miguel O’Hara gets done trashing all but one. You can understand he’s a little mad about what just happened when Otto ditched him, but Peter explains and he believes him. Because that’s exactly the sort crap you would expect to happen to him.

So they spiders go out and save the Avengers from the Hobgoblin. They are just as confused by the costume switch and behavior change as the rest of us, but put it on the back burner so they can kick more Goblin ass. And Peter starts by depowering Carlie’s sister in Alchemax, where we hear the most disturbing laughter coming from Normie…who seems like he’s about to go the way of the Osborn name and snap.

Liz Allen arrives and tells them they need to get out of the building before it blows when Ty Stone activates a Spider-Sense Jammer that cripples Peter until Miguel knocks him the Hell out, which he’s been dying to do and I don’t blame him. Ty still doesn’t seem to get that Miguel doesn’t have Peter’s power set since his powers come from a different source. Liz says that she’ll see him answer for that, but the Green Goblin was on the roof and forcing her to work for him.

On the roof Osborn tries to tease Otto about not being a hero, but as soon as he hears one quip he knows Peter is back and tries to flee and leaves him to save the girl. Peter doesn’t, instead he makes it so she can save herself while he beats down on him and unmasks the goblin. It reveals that he doesn’t look like Norman anymore since he did one of the smarter things a famous villain who wants to go in hiding can do, he got plastic surgery.

He reveals that he built up Alchemax as a legacy for the Osborn name, one for his grandson, and he left the bombs so that the collateral damage will leave it looking like it wasn’t spared by the goblins and thus suspicious. Peter reveals that he needed to keep him talking so he could use the mini-spider bots he smuggled on him to inject him with the cure. Then he saves Anna and Osborn from falling to death, because he’s Spider-Man and no one dies when he’s around.

Sadly his luck ends there as Liz “accidentally” trips the jammer that makes it possible for Osborn to get away. Osborn, now clean of the insanity of the formula, decides just like Otto that his vanity as a villain was getting in the way. Only he decides to be a better and smarter villain since he got what he wanted in Alchemax.

So, the comic’s first part (Goblin Nation: Conclusion) ends with Miguel swinging off and Anna Maria ignorant of the fact that the man she loved is gone. This….won’t end well at all, considering she thought he was Peter Parker. She’s lost the man she said she can’t imagine life without and doesn’t even realize it yet…ouch.

For the aftermath of this, Peter makes up with his Aunt May and tells her and her beau he’s “officially” quit working with Spider-Man and plans to make a press conference about it so they hopefully don’t get targeted again while MJ believes he’s telling the truth about Otto being in his body, because that’s what happens because he’s a hero, and decides she wants it to end. She knows that he’s made his decision to be a hero and respects it, but politely tells him to stay the fuck away so she doesn’t get wrapped up in it.

Peter accepts it for the most part, with lots of regrets, but swings off to go talk to Jameson because unlike most things so far he understands what the man is being harassed for because of Otto. Carlie, his other ex, says she’s doing the right thing considering she’s suffering from some after effects of the formula and she considers them lucky to be alive when Gwen didn’t get out of an encounter with the Green Goblin alive. She decides she’s getting the fuck out of New York for someplace safe and wishes MJ well.

Peter’s conversation with Jameson doesn’t go so well either. Otto has made him look worse and Jameson is owning up to his mistakes, but Peter feels that he shouldn’t take the fall for something that the Green Goblin did with the robots. But it’s too late and he leaves, vowing to start kicking some ass of his own as the comic ends.

Okay, review time.

Overall…it was okay. Don’t get me wrong, it settled things somewhat, but the art didn’t have the same impact as the other issues for some reason I can’t lay my finger on. And then there’s the resolution. I figured what was going to happen to Carlie and MJ leaving his ass since the purpose of the series to burn some bridges and bring back some other loose cases, but they really left a lot of things hanging that I believe they’re going to address in the upcoming re-launch of the Amazing Spider-Man series.

I give it a cool 3 out of 5.

As for the series as a whole, it gets a solid 4 out of 5 because the artwork was lovely and the plot was excellent. There were times when I thought it was somewhat sporadic and the sheer stupidity at which the Avengers exhibited at times also annoyed me, but I could be biased in my opinions there. Still, I liked Otto’s approach and will honestly miss him until his inevitable return.

It was a fun read and one of the things that got me into comics, so I will miss this series.

Uncanny X-Men #20 Review

Okay, things escalated in the wake of the latest Sentinel attack and I’m giving you the highlights in this review of Uncanny X-Men #20.

We start again with David Bonds being interrogated by Maria Hill. She’s grilling him thoroughly, but he knows nothing. She only relents the moment she gets word about the fiasco in the last issue, where Cyclops had to deal with the fact that someone set them up. She ditches David like a bad date and ends up floating 1000 feet over Ohio to get to her real target.

Cyclops manages to get on board by using the triplets to have a little four-on-one chat inside her head, where she declares him under arrest and he blames SHIELD for the attack in Chicago. She claims SHIELD had nothing to do with that and tells him he can use the psychics he has to check her mind. He takes their offer and the Stepford Sisters spill that she doesn’t know who’s sending them, she’s afraid that if it is SHIELD then she can’t touch them, and that she has a crush on Cyclops. You can tell by that grin on his face he probably knew it already, but tells her than until they can prove that they aren’t at least partially responsible then they are at war.

In my opinion I believe that he just baited them into using their resources to fish out their mole. But more to the point, Maria Hill’s obsession with catching Cyclops makes so much sense now. She wants to take him and probably lock him in her bedroom. Well, we can’t blame her since that seems to be a thing going around now that he’s single.

Anyway, back in Madripoor we see that the Blob is still alive after Magneto dropped a building on him. He’s followed Mystique and Sabertooth to the source of the MGH but gets caught in the act. It’s made clear he’s addicted to the stuff and they task him with guarding Dazzler, which will probably bite them in the ass soon enough.

But Mystique has more pressing matters, like trying to get SHIELD and Cyclops to destroy each other. She does so by claiming Magneto was in Madripoor and that was where she was to follow his trail. Maria Hill ends up thinking that he may be trying to fan the flames, but either way you can’t hide giant robots forever.

Meanwhile David Bonds, after having the sanctity of his home violated, decides to go on the move while being unaware SHIELD is tailing him while Cyclops tries to work out how they’ve been led astray by someone hacking Cerebro. Since there are only a few mind intelligent enough to know it exists and how to hack it, all immediate signs point to Beast of the X-Men. The kids note that cutting off their search for new mutants means this is no longer a revolution, but a war.

At the JGSHL Magik and Cyclops immediately run into their old teammates. He makes it clear he wants to check Beast’s lab to absolve him of everything, but no sooner than he gets the words out Rachel Grey senses something psychically amiss just as Cyclops loses control of his power (yes, I laughed when he blasted Beast) and SHIELD issues order to go catch his ass since he lit up on satellite, ending the issue.

Okay, review time.

This issue moved the plot forward and had a few funny moments, but the art was lackluster once more which has sadly become the norm. Other than that I had little complaints other than the cliff-hanger. It gets a 4 out of 5.