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A Strange Thanksgiving 13-03

The weight of secrets is growing heavier it seems.

Heretical Edge and Summus Proelium

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I had already turned around and was halfway out of the room by the time Shiori hurriedly caught my arm. “F-Flick, wait. Where are you going?” Her eyes were wide as she clutched my arm tightly.

Admittedly more than a bit crazed, I blurted, “Where do you think I’m going? It’s my dad, I have to stop him! I have to tell him about all this, I have to make him stop!” I was already pulling free of her.

“But you can’t,” Shiori put herself in front of me, hands raised while she stammered. “R-remember? Even if you tell him, he won’t remember it and you’ll be back where you started. He’s a Bystander.”

“He’s my dad!” I insisted. “I—I can’t just do nothing! It’s Fosser, he’s investigating Fossor! You know what that psychopath will do? Dad doesn’t even have to be a threat, he doesn’t have to…

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