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A Strange Thanksgiving 13-02

Hogwarts teachers should take lessons from Crossroads on student safety… though, so far they’ve had roughly the same amount of trouble when it comes to security breaches.

And that joke was horrible, Shiori.

And I see where Flick gets her investigative nature.

Heretical Edge and Summus Proelium

A Strange Thanksgiving 13-01

Obviously, I still hadn’t quite recovered from that little goodbye with Avalon by the time I made it down to the Pathmaker building (or rather, to the edge of the protective circle that surrounded it). Professor Dare, who had been standing there waiting by herself, immediately questioned me with, “Miss Chambers, you look flushed this morning. Did you happen to stay out in the sun too long?”

Well, that was a good way to make me flush even more. Coughing while shaking my head quickly, I managed a slightly weak, “N-no, Professor. I’m fine. Uh, how are you? Are you doing anything special for Thanksgiving?” Thinking about what little I knew about the woman from history class, I added with a side-eye, “I mean, I don’t know if you’ve got… you know, family you can go visit or anything.”

Smiling faintly at me, Professor Dare replied…

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