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Interlude 13A – Sariel

The moment he said he was Zeus, that was when I knew he was a dick.

Heretical Edge and Summus Proelium

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Please note that there was a special commissioned mini-interlude posted yesterday that focused on Vanessa and Tristan. If you haven’t read that yet, feel free to click the ‘previous chapter’ button above and take a look. Especially since this chapter focuses on their parents’ backstory. 

March 20th, 1986

The child’s name was Larissa. She was a rather small eleven-year-old girl, whose mess of brown hair never seemed to allow itself to be tamed for long. Not that she often put much effort into attempting to do so. No, Larissa was content to let her hair do whatever it wanted. It left her time to focus on the things she actually cared about, like reading comics and playing baseball with the neighborhood boys.

It was the former hobby she was engaging in then. Seated under a tree at the park, Larissa was intently reading the final issue of DC’s Crisis on…

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Mini-Interlude 8 – Vanessa and Tristan

Leaving aside the fact that I’m not sure where she found a Tsuchinoko, we’ve learned much about Gaia this time.

Heretical Edge and Summus Proelium

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Very shortly after Gaia introduced Tristan to the school at their dinner.

Vanessa Moon was a logical person, as far as she could be. She was also a rule-abiding one. Again, as far as she could follow rules while continuing to do such little things as search for her missing family and avoid letting the authorities in charge of this school or her classmates themselves know that she was directly related to one of the so-called ‘Strangers’ that they were all supposedly training to kill.

Good student or not, she was fairly certain that such a revelation would probably result in her losing any chance at a decent report card. Also, death.

But the fact remained that as much as she could be a logical, rule-abiding student, she was. She did what she was told to do, followed every rule that she didn’t absolutely have to break, and…

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