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Wind Monk Banishment #8

Naruto: Wind Monk Banishment 8

Chapter 8: Light in the Darkness

Alright, fight’s gone on long enough. I’m going to go a bit faster to wrap things up. This chapter sets up a lot of future plot points.

This time I’m recommending AMV’s on Youtube. [Naruto AMV] Loss of A Sensei by GhOsTxAMV and Naruto Shippuden AMV – Far From Over [Blood Prison] by Vegeto30294

On The Sea

Kabuto witnessed his master, the only person to acknowledge him, be sealed by the Uchiha. That day he swore vengeance on the Uchiha brothers. Orochimaru’s will would live on through him, and one day he would surpass his master…

With Gai

The Green Beast and Demon Shark clashed after the beast unleashed his Maximum Entry upon the man. Both were bleeding as fists and jutsu met under the rain, until the cawing of crows caused Kisame to leap back at the arrival of his partner.

“Kisame,” Itachi stood between the Green Beast and Demon Shark with his eyes deactivated, and the dried blood trails obviously marring his face. “Our objective is complete. We’re leaving.”

“But—” Kisame shut up when he saw his partner sweating, obviously exhausted from his endeavor. Despite his love of battle, he acknowledged Itachi more as a comrade, and their mission was complete. “Right, let’s go.”

Gai flexed his muscles. “Do you think I’ll let you escape?”

Itachi pointed to the pillar of darkness rising into the sky. “You have other issues to worry about, considering Naruto-kun has entered a second stage transformation. Have you forgotten your mission?”

Gai stared at the two for what seemed like hours, but only three seconds passed before—

(Music Recommendation: Rev. Theory – Far From Over)

“GATE OF JOY: OPEN!” A blue aura burst from his body, as six gates were unleashed. With a powerful leap that created a huge wave, he took to the sky and flew towards the battlefield. Kisame and Itachi looked on as the Green Beast ascended until Kisame scratched his head.

“He is really an Odd Beast.” Itachi closed his eyes and nodded. The pair then left the island.

Gai’s initial jump sent him nearly all the way back towards the battle beneath the single clear point in the thundering skies and rain, where he watched the three chuunin flee on hawk back. He bit his thumb and made a set of seals above his head, as he reached the summit of his climb. “Summoning!

A plume of smoke gave birth to a huge, red ninja-tortoise, which looked around randomly until he noticed Gai beneath him. “You haven’t summoned me for years and then you do it in mid-air!

Gai flipped upside down and chambered his legs on the bottom of the tortoise. “Ningame, I need to borrow your shell!”

“What? Wait you better not d—” Gai kicked off the bottom of the tortoise shell and dove towards the jinchuuriki gone mad, while sending the tortoise flying sky high until he was a gleam in the sky. As he descended like a comet, he flipped upright as the friction the air set him ablaze.

“TAKE FLIGHT, MY FLAMES OF YOUTH!” The flames transformed into the shape of a blazing bird of legend, and he slammed into the Six-Tails from an angle. The flames transferred onto the beast as Gai impacted, and the blood cloak was burning with the jinchuuriki that was sent flying. “NIGHT PHOENIX!

A sonic roar was unleashed and wiped away the flames, before a sweep of the claw was enough to stir the winds into a Nine-Tailed Fox Twister that swallow the Green Beast. Trapped inside the gale he shattered the rubble that was blown into him with powerful strikes, while the Six-Tails trailed its sight on the fleeing target.

It dashed towards the pair housing the Hyuuga on hawk-back in a feral manner, before it skidded to a stop ahead of them with a burst of speed, and threw its hands out to kill the unconscious girl. The length and hands of the arm boiled over and branched off, into dozens blood and orange colored arms that slithered towards the Uchiha and Aburame for their payload, in the clear portion of the thundering sky created by the initial transformation.

“Shit!” Sasuke swore as he steered his hawk backwards and further up. The arms climbed as well and began to overtake them, so the Uchiha used his bloodline to predict the attacks and narrowly dodge. But the trio were thrown for a loop when the fox’s upper body emerged from a grouping of arms above instead of the bottom, and threw its arms out to attack from above this time.

“Wood Style: Wood Spears!” A group of large wooden outcroppings were sent into the sky above the jinchuuriki…to reveal two Kakashis with lightning streaming through their hands, riding on the bottom using chakra to cling to the surface. They released their hold on the surface, and the lightning that ran through their hands connected.

“Lightning Transmission!” The chain of lightning cleaved through the arms, which fell to the ground and melted into a black mass. Armless, the beast reared its chest back and another body emerged from it. It stretched like it was made of rubber to cleave through the clone and original.

The claws pierced the clone and the original through their chests and a spray of red mist spattered downwards…before turning into lightning and arching through the cloaked body. The mad jinchuuriki howled in pain as it fell to the ground. The real Kakashi popped out of the ground next to Yamato, exhausted and breathing heavily.

I’ve got it in me for one last move before I’m spent, Kakashi estimated as he slipped a military rations pill underneath his mask and chewed.

The Six-Tails howled as it noticed the hawk getting further away. Its tails curled near its mouth. It reared its head back, as positive and negative chakra gathered and took form.

“He isn’t…” Yamato looked on as the mass of chakra began to gather together and form a dark clump.

“He is! It’s a Tailed-Beast Bomb!” Kakashi’s eye took the form of Mangekyo. He centered his vision on the gathering Tailed-Beast Bomb, and the air started to distort. “KAMUI!”

The ball was sucked into another dimension as Kakashi fell to the ground useless, and a red and white blur sped towards the jinchuuriki with a hellish black ball of flames. “Sorry Naruto! Fire Style: Great Flame Rasengan!

The Six-Tails shot its tails out to impale the sage. They ran through his body and mud appeared, but not before the sphere of hellfire slammed into the beast, while the original Jiraiya had summoned the elders to prepare sage mode. Driven back and set aflame once again, the beast was forced out of old Uzushio and towards the barrier, before it stopped itself by burying its tails into the ground.

A demonic howl shook the earth as it grew in size by five times, and the skeleton expanded over the body. Muscles appeared and wrapped the bone to begin the partial transformation, as hollow holes in the muscle bound skeleton had yet to boast eyes. Its tails numbered…

“Seven Tails…” Shizune noted while healing Fuu. The interior bleed had stopped, and the shifted organs from shock wave of the explosive tag were back in place. Her eyes widened as positive and negative chakra quickly gathered with the enhanced form, and became a sphere that was swallowed.

“Naruto…don’t…” Fuu muttered as Choumei warned her about the radius of the attack, even if it weren’t a direct hit. The fox’s mass became denser, and it swelled, before it belched out a stream of light that flew above old Uzushio and towards the hawk.

The light grew brighter as it closed in and parted the sky. The shockwave dislodged stone, rubble, and rock, and pushed a wave of destruction outwards. It threatened to bury them all.

As Shizune looked at the incoming wave of death, she felt despair as she cradled Fuu in a vain attempt to protect her. “Naruto…do you intend to kill her as well!”

No…” Fuu weakly pulled out the last of the scrolls that Naruto had given her before the battle. “Barrier…Use…

Shizune unraveled it on the ground, before slamming her palm into it and flooding it with chakra, and chains emerged to produce a barrier. Neji watched from inside the safety of Tenten’s summoned shell with the injured and Sakura, while Iruka produced a barrier of his own to protect the Ino-Shika-Cho, and the wood-user created a wooden dome to house Kakashi and Asuma. Gai was nowhere to be found, while the trio above was batted out of the skies even though the hawk avoided a direct blow, and they fell from the sky to their deaths.

“If I die here, it was only because I failed to stop Hinata from crossing the line….” Shino managed to wrap his insects around the unconscious Hyuuga and Uchiha, in an effort to have them lighten their fall, but it would still leave them severely injured.

“Katsuya, grab them!” A voice cried from the skies, and larger-than-human-slugs jumped from below and swallowed the falling trio and hawk summoning into their soft, mushy bodies to cushion their landings. The shadow beneath the Seven-Tailed Fox grew until it looked up to see a massive, whitish blob descend and crushed it.

Jiraiya looked up in Sage Mode to see that the Slug Boss had arrived at the beckoning of its mistress, riding on top of her head. “Tsunade!”

“Katsuya, divide and scour the island to uncover everyone from the rubble using your acid! Transfer my chakra to heal them and get them out of here!”

“Milady, I fear we may have a problem!” Katsuya warned, as a portion of her split off and swallowed her mistress, before a sonic roar unleashed a shockwave that caused a Great Slug Division. The smaller slugs scattered to get to the rest of the injured and escape with their loads to a safer area.

The fox emerged even larger than before, with muscles fully formed and eyes that glared at the older woman with unbridled rage. It sported eight tails.

“Eight…Tails…” Jiraiya said somberly. “Any further and the seal will completely break…”

“Jiraiya-boy, is that your godson?” Ma asked.

“Yeah Ma, but if he goes any further…”

“We have no choice then,” Pa sighed. “Use force, while Ma and I ready a song.”

Jiraiya steeled himself and began his assault. He slammed his foot onto the ground, and the earth parted to give birth to a fissure, which ran beneath the giant fox. Fire flowed from his lips into the earth, and it boiled and bubbled into magma. With a clap of his hands, it erupted into a spout of lava. “Fire Style: Exploding Flame Crater!

Molten rock made contact with exposed muscles and burned them, as the massive fox howled in pain.

GATE OF SHOCK: OPEN!” A pile of rubble exploded outwards to reveal the bloody form of Might Gai, who opened the Seventh Gate and took to the air. His hands made a seal and he punched the air, which transformed into a tiger’s mouth. It slammed into the burned fox. “ROAR, MY YOUTH! AFTERNOON TIGER!”

The force of the attack sent the partially transformed Bijuu into the barrier, and pressed him against it, until it exploded in a massive concussive explosion and dislodged the ground around the sealing anchors. The barrier was disrupted and faded, as the out of control fox was sent flying through the buildings and rubble lined the ground.

“Stand down Gai!” Tsunade ordered as a Mini-Katsuya landed on his shoulders. “You won’t be able to fight for much longer. Instead, go help unbury everyone caught in that last attack!”

Gai nodded and took off.

“I feel Tsunade-sama’s chakra…” Shizune opened her eyes and looked around, to see a Mini-Katsuya was hanging on her shoulder. “Katsuya-sama.”

Milady, will be pleased you sustained less injuries than the others. Their own defenses were unable to block the full force and several will need our assistance.

Shizune rose to see her patient gone in the aftermath of the attack. “…Where did she go?”

In Naruto’s Mindscape (Music Recommendation until the end of all the battles: Broken Inside – Broken Iris)

You made a horrible mother!” The spear tip of a chain grazed Kushina’s face. Another grazed at her waist, and a light splatter of blood hit the swamp. “Passing along your burden to your child!

“I bore the same curse as Naruto did!” Kushina argued with the dark manifestation. “I know the pain he suffered!”

Damn humans calling me a curse,” Kurama looked on at the struggle. Kushina had to stop her son from breaking the seal that rose from the swamp, while dealing with the darkness that took her son’s form. While she was badass by human standards, it was the third factor that hindered her performance.

You weren’t treated as a monster in human skin as a child! You weren’t isolated and hunted down! You weren’t afraid that your next birthday would be your last!” Kushina’s chains created a barrier around her, but the demonic chains erupted from below and cut into her arms. “How nice it must have been for you to have had some semblance of security!

“That’s…” The minor wounds were nothing. It was the words that hurt her more than anything. “What about your god father?”

The smut peddler never even checked on us until we found him peeping during the Chuunin exams!” Dark Naruto told her as she abandoned the barrier, and shot a chain from her hands to wrap her son heading for the seal. A demonic chain from Dark Naruto intercepted it. “He never told us anything! We only learned of his relation to us through your memories.

To have something with the same face as her son call her out hurt more than anything. “Sarutobi?”

The Old Man couldn’t watch us everyday! Not even his ANBU could let go their hatred completely! He died defending that fucking poor excuse of a village!” Twenty demonic chains, with sharpened sides, arched from his body and fell from the skies, to eat into his mother’s flesh.

“No…” The words hurt. She wanted her son be raised with love, so his hatred didn’t twist him. The words distracted her and her performance suffered. “Tell me that’s a lie…”

You weren’t starved! You weren’t kicked out of a fucking orphanage as a child for just living! You didn’t have to teach yourself the basics of how to survive before even being old enough to go to school” Dark Naruto howl as a tsunami of demonic chains rose from the ground and surged towards her. “YOU KNOW NOTHING OF OUR PAIN!

Tears fell from her face uncontrollably, as she stared at the dark incarnation of her son with the wall of destruction headed towards her. “I…didn’t…”

As the Dark Naruto unconsciously shed tears, the original Naruto reached up for the seal to unleash the remaining portion of the tainted chakra, and a strong hand stopped him. A yellow blur neared Kushina and a Tri-pronged kunai flew beyond Dark Naruto. There was a yellow flash, and the Uzumaki were in the hands of a former Hokage.

“Minato?” Kushina wiped her tears as her husband reappeared, holding her and their son’s empty form in his arms.

“Kushina, how long—”

As much as we love family reunions, we’re kinda in the middle of something here with trying to deal with your former sensei, lazy student, and a bunch of other people now,” Dark Naruto cut in. “To save time: It’s been about 17 years since your death, We’ve had a shitty life up until we were banished by Old Hag Tsunade, Old Man Sarutobi was killed by the Snake Bastard before he could tell us about our heritage, Kyuubi’s working with us and showed us Mother’s memories, Toad Sage was a horrible godparent who spied on you and used you in his smutty books, and after we’re done here we’re going to destroy Konoha and this entire shitty system, so that the world will know our pain and nothing can ever hurt us again!

It took Minato roughly five seconds to digest the information, and then looked at his wife for confirmation, before glaring at Kurama.

Why does everyone blame me?” Kurama rolled his eyes. “Look at this from a reasonable perspective. You sealed me into the Kit after numerous lives were lost and let people know that he existed at the request that they treat him as a hero. Now, between a dead village leader’s wishes, or the grief and sorrow of losing their loved ones…What do you think happened?

It took Minato about three more seconds to put two and two together, before he muttered a silent swear and looked over to the dark embodiment of his son. “I know you have every right to be angry at me, but not your mother. I did it because—”

Balance of Power, Masked Asshole—” Dark Naruto waved it off. “Yeah, we got it, but it doesn’t ease the pain we suffered. That’s why we’re going to destroy this system, and the world that has been created by it, and that masked bastard too. Mother sought to interfere, but once her chakra runs out she’ll fade away, as will you Father. You can either spend your time left here with your wife, and stay out of the way, or we can simply punish you as the source of our pain.

“Naruto, spreading your pain will not ease it.” Minato tried to reason with him. “The villagers were scared and they were looking for a way to take out their anger and misery. I’m not condoning their actions, and I’m not asking you to forgive them, but do you really plan to destroy the world for the sake of simple destruction? Destruction with nothing left behind?”

Kyuubi and his kin are the legacy left behind by the Sage of Six Paths,” Dark Naruto pointed out. “They are his legacy. This world he created filled with the ninja that kill each other pointlessly needs to be destroyed, and as one wielding their power, I have the right!

“Kyuubi—” Minato looked at the fox. “You and the other Bijuu are the legacy of the Sage of Six Paths…Are you content with your power being used to destroy the world he created and leaving nothing behind? Was this what your father wanted? Mindless destruction, that only brings misery and sorrow?”

Kurama stared at the man in silent thought.

Enough.” Dark Naruto stated before glancing at Kyuubi. “If you will not help us, then don’t interfere. As for you, Mother, Father, while we had some lingering emotions for you, this whole affair was only because of you and the masked man. You chose the village over us, and the village has made us suffer. You made us suffer. We were willing to overlook it, as long as you did not interfere, but now we will eliminate you.

“Wipe your tears away Kushina,” Minato told his wife. “This is my fault, but now we have to save our son from himself. I can’t do it without you.”

“You…never could do anything on your own…” Kushina sniffled and wiped away her tears. It wouldn’t do for the bloody habanero to cry on the battlefield. “Thank you, Minato.”

In Reality

Sage Art: Sage Flame Rasengan!” The Toad Sage unleashed a hellfire Rasengan, larger than his body at the fox, and flames were unleashed. They spread and consumed the parks, buildings, and roads with a roar.

New Uzushio was burning.

Tsunade roared as she batted the fox’s head towards the side with the broken spire and her inhumane strength. The Tailed-Beast Bomb that was about to be unleashed was knocked off course, and flew towards the hill at the edge of the village. It took out another chunk of the landscape. “Katsuya!”

The numerous smaller slugs leapt and reformed in the air. The large slug dropped from the sky and landed on fox’s body. The fox struggled and glared ahead with furious eyes at the Sannin pair. Positive and Negative chakra gathered into its mouth and compressed once again as its cheeks swelled.

Earth Style: Earth Wall!” Jiraiya slammed his foot on the ground upon completing his hand seals, and a huge pillar of earth rose from the ground and struck the fox from below to drive his head upwards. The towering pillar of light that could be seen from miles away rose in the sky and parted the storm clouds around the island.

Another sonic roar was unleashed and the Slug Boss was blown into several miniature versions again, which were scattered in a rain of slugs. The earth pillar that held its head up was blown into dust by the force of the shockwave. The flattened ground ruptured, and rubble flew through the remaining structures in a downpour of destruction.

The Elder Toads clapped their hands. “We’re ready for our song—”

Milady, Jiraiya-sama, look towards 10 o’ clock!” The Mini-Katsuya on Tsunade’s shoulder alerted the Sannin. They looked on as the green-haired jinchuuriki of the skies wobbled towards the beast from the air, and reached out for him once her wings gave out.

Naruto…” Fuu made contact with the fox…

In Naruto’s Mindscape

The clash of chains continued with a noticeable change of tune, as the battle changed in favor of the parents. Desperate, Dark Naruto unleashed a chain from his palm and jerked his other self from his father’s grasp. He tossed him to the seal. “BREAK THE SEAL! RELEASE THE REST OF THE CHAKRA!

Before Naruto could do so again, slender, caramel arms wrapped around his body from behind and hugged him tightly. “Naruto, that’s enough! Please, stop! I don’t want to lose you…please, just stop…”

Move Fuu!” Dark Naruto roared. “We are doing what we have to! Look at our future! It’s burning because of them! We have to have our full power to kill those monsters of Konoha!

“Naruto,” Fuu looked at the dull blue eyes. “Do you regret meeting me? Do you…not love me? Is that not enough…are your feelings for me that shallow to the point that they can’t reach you?”

“I…” the color dimly returned to his eyes, as hatred conflicted with emotions. Love was necessary to combat the hatred. “I—”

NOOO!” Dark Naruto roared and demonic chains lashed out towards the female jinchuuriki. They speared towards her with intent to kill, as they targeted the vitals from behind and above.

“Minato—” Kushina fell in front on the two and crafted a barrier to protect them. “Now!”

“You’re right, even as the darkest part of my son’s heart—” Minato dashed forward with a Flying Thunder God Kunai in hand “—I share the blame in your fate, but for you to take it out on the world will not be the legacy left behind by his name!”

Why are you two still here! You should’ve used up all the chakra needed to stay in the seal! Unless—” He went silent when he noticed their eyes had become slits, and glared at the fox. “Kyuubi…Why are you sustaining them? We had a deal that benefited us!

“…You are not the Kit I agreed with,” Kurama said coldly. “You have yet to refer to my name, which I have given him. The Kit would never threaten one of his mates through force, barring sparring matches—much like his father and my previous host, he is… ‘Whipped,’ as you humans say.”

“Hey!” Minato denied the claim.

The Kit laments the fate of the Bijuu and their containers, and sought to oversee that we shall not be made slaves again to the extent we could not think for ourselves…you have only sought my power to crush Konoha and the world mindlessly—you are no different than Madara or the masked man.

We. Are. Naruto Uzumaki!” Dark Naruto roared. “I. AM. NARUTO UZUMAKI!

You. Are. Not.” Kurama rebutted. “You are not the whole, merely the darkness he has retained. I don’t mind aiding the Kit when it benefits us both, but you’re just rampaging around—what vision do you have of the future that my Old Man secured by sealing the Juubi and creating us Bijuu? My chakra is already tainted enough by such actions, and I am missing my yin chakra that has yet to reform…” he glared at Minato.

“You attacked first,” Minato countered. “You think I like having my soul sealed inside the Shinigami’s gut doing battle with it for eternity? I can’t exactly reverse it from here.”

The day I told the Kit my name was the same day he realized how twisted the system my Old Man created had become, and realized there were no difference between before he created modern ninjutsu and the war-torn past…Even if only a small village of peace, his views were closer to that of my Old Man’s than those of yours. He sought a place where pain and rage could subside, and others would not know his pain…you seek to spread pain and only leave misery.

Minato flung the Flying Thunder God Kunai and flew through hand seals. One split into ten, and then a hundred, as they landed around the darkness given form. “Shuriken Shadow Clone!”

Dark Naruto had two words to say. “Oh, fuck.

There were countless Minato’s as he teleported around and attacked from all sides, batting the darkness around, before kicking Dark Naruto into the air after tagging him with a seal. A flash of yellow was seen as he appeared above the darkness and Rasengan-ed him into the ground from above, and then jumped to his location for a second blow. “Flying Thunder God: Double Rasengan Dance!

I’ll be back…” Dark Naruto muttered as the second Rasengan slammed into him. The force of the blow unleashed a shockwave that wiped the swampland away, and it became green plains once again.

In Reality

Chains erupted from the Eight Tailed Fox and bound it tightly, to pin it to the ground, as the body writhed while it shrunk, now that it was no longer under the control of Dark Naruto. Naruto was on his knees in Fuu’s arms, while she was upright unconsciously cradling him. His skin was greatly burned off and he was no longer moving.

“Oh Thank God…” Jiraiya sighed.

Ma looked on. “Looks like we won’t have to strain our throats now.”

“Katsuya, get them!” Tsunade told the summoning on her shoulder. “Transfer the majority of my chakra to start regenerating his skin cells and repairing any internal damage!”

“Yes, Milady.” The Mini-Katsuya on her shoulder transmitted the order to a larger division, as it prepared to take them into her body.

In Naruto’s Mindscape

“I AM SO SORRY!” Naruto got on his hands and knees, bowing with his head in the grass towards his parents and lover. “I-I DIDN’T—I CAN’T TELL YOU HOW SORRY I AM!”

Kushina walloped him on the head, in keeping with her personality. “Honestly, young man, you had all three of us worried!”

Kurama chuckled darkly as Kushina lectured him about attacking those he cared about, and giving into his hatred. Minato was slightly more forgiving. Fuu just looked at the two parents lecture their son as if they had never died.

“So, now that that’s done…” Kushina hugged her future daughter-in-law with Choumei in the background. “You’re the girl my son nearly tried to destroy the world over? I’m his mother, Kushina Uzumaki.”

Fuu blushed. “I-I’m Fuu from Taki…” she pointed to her tenant. “This is Lucky-Seven, Choumei. Technically, I guess I would be his main wife…”

“Main…?” Kushina gave a quick glare at Naruto. Minato raised an eyebrow.

Dude has two honeys—” Choumei added fuel to the fire. “Fuu-girl is the main lover, the mistress is this hottie known as Kanna!

“Mistress!” Kushina looked at him and her hair split into tails.

Naruto raised his hands in defense. “It doesn’t go any further! I’m not Pervy Sage!”

“Now, now,” Minato held her back. “I’m sure he treats them both well…”

“Yeah!” Naruto nodded. “They’re two of the most important people to me.”

As entertaining as this is,” Kurama broke up the family moment. “You two won’t last another few minutes in the time of the mindscape, and in about three seconds the Kit is going to be bound up by the large slug in reality. I’d rather not have to deal with the darker version of the Kit again so soon, so if you could impart some words of wisdom or something so this doesn’t happen again?

“I think we can do better…” Minato rubbed his chin before whispering something in his wife’s ear. She nodded before heading over to Choumei, while he personally spoke to Kurama.

I see…” Kurama gave a moderate glare. “You hope to give them a head start…

I’m down with it,” Choumei’s single tail reached over until it was above Kushina’s cupped hands, and a drop of chakra fell into it.

“We’ll use the last remaining portions of ourselves to purify this tiny amount of tainted chakra…” Kushina’s body began to fade. “The amount is so small; the power gained will only last for a minute at the longest…”

“It should be able to give you enough of a jump to understand what you’ll be capable of, should you tame your hatred and the Bi—Choumei and Kurama’s,” Minato smiled as he shared the same fate as his wife. “Naruto, I may have been a bad father for placing such a burden on you, but even if you don’t want to return to Konoha, the Will of Fire still burns inside of you.”

“Fuu-chan,” Kushina gave the girl a final smile. “Look after my son and make sure he goes down the right path. As well as that other girl, you two are the ones who’ll need to keep him straight like I did Minato.”

“Hey!” Both the blonds responded.

“Of course,” Fuu bowed to the woman. “Mother, Father. I’m glad I got to meet you.”

“Naruto, you aren’t wrong about the system and world created from it, but humans are instinctive drawn to hate and fight.” Minato warned him. “No matter what path you take, it will be a long and hard one…”

“I know…” Naruto swallowed. “About what the Darker-me said…I can’t lie and say I don’t hate you to some extent for your hand in my life…but I was proud to be your son—not as the Fourth Hokage, but the son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki—and I was happy you put everything on the line for me. All parents and children go through rough spots, but that’s what makes us family.”

The older pair smiled and embraced each other, as they faded away in an uprising of shimmering particles, and left behind two small orbs of pure, untainted chakra that hovered near the Bijuu themselves. They were locked in a hexagonal prism with a seal lock on it, while Naruto silently wept at losing his parents a second time and Fuu held him.

“Thanks Fuu, for everything…” Naruto kissed her until Kurama cleared his throat. “I only wished I asked the formula array for Hiraishin…”

Is that all?” Kurama rolled his eyes. “Between the current battles, I should have memorized the portion I’ve witnessed. It will not be enough to replicate the technique, but you may be able to implement it into the current formula you have.

It’s time for Fuu-girl and you to return to reality,” Choumei wrapped Fuu’s portion of the chakra in its tail. “The next time you return to our mindscapes, you’ll be trialed by the chakra itself. The purpose will be not only to gain access to the smaller portion, but to learn the steps necessary to purify bits of it over time.

You won’t be able to completely tame the hatred that lingers in our chakra until you can tame your own darkness,” Kurama snorted. “However, should you manage to access this portion your overprotective parents left behind; it would be the first step and show you the path to walk…

In Reality

The jinchuuriki pair snapped awake as the larger Katsuya division was on their backs.

Take care of Kanna for me—” Naruto whispered before activating the parallel array on her seal. “Boundless Orange Step: Version 2.”

“Nar—” Fuu vanished in a flash of orange, as Naruto struggled helplessly against the encroaching slug.

“Naruto, stop resisting!” Jiraiya told him. “Even you can’t go on any further without dying from a lack of chakra.”

“Like you care…” Naruto wheezed before the slug swallowed him completely. The light faded as his head was taken into the dark, moist space. “It didn’t stop you from leveling my home! Look at what you’ve done to this village for the sake of your—”

Naruto was cut off as he was completely assimilated inside the slug division. The slug inched its way to Tsunade and nodded. “It is done, Milady.”

“Sorry brat,” Tsunade turned to deal with the injured and lead the team back to Konoha. She looked down to see the cracked and broken symbol of the Uzumaki, and sighed before leaving the destroyed village in her wake. “I really am…”

In Suna

Gaara was in the private section of the hospital with Lady Chiyo, his siblings, and several doctors, who wanted to know what they were doing there with the Wind Daimyo. Naruto’s message told him to get to a hospital and prepare to take care of Fuu, among other things he would personally see to later on. There was an orange flash and Gaara’s sand erupted to form a cushion for the falling figure that appeared.

Fuu wheezed as the world spun and she saw Kanna’s blurred face. Before she passed out, she whispered three words. “Konoha…has Naruto.

“Well?” Gaara looked towards the doctors, who were still recovering for the sudden appearance. “Start. Treating. Her.”

They placed her on the treatment bed got started overlooking her condition.

Mission Overview

S-Class Mission to reclaim the Kyuubi Container was a success. The primary objective of retrieving Naruto Uzumaki was a success, but the secondary objective of retrieving the Nanabi Container, Fuu, was a failure and her current status is unknown.

Several members of the retrieval team undertook severe damage, including Yamato and Kakashi Hatake, sustaining injures and exhaustion that have left them out of commission for the next estimated week as a result of the unexpected arrival of Orochimaru and two of his followers, one of whom was killed, while the S-Class missing-nin Orochimaru was sealed away in what was believed to be a permanent genjutsu by another S-Class missing-nin, Itachi Uchiha, who vanished along with his partner in the aftermath.

All members of the retrieval team have been sent to Inoichi Yamanaka for mental evaluation at the request of Shikamaru Nara and have found Hinata Hyuuga currently unfit for duty due to mental instability at the hands of several parties. Her status will be discussed with Hiashi Hyuuga at a later date.

The developing village found near the site of the battle had been decimated, and the island itself has been declared off limits to any and all personnel from Konoha until further notice. The Fire Daimyo has requested the presence of a high ranking official from Konoha to meet with the Wind Daimyo and a high ranking representative of Suna. Both parties will be expected to arrive within a week of this date.

Current date is three days after retrieval…and Naruto Uzumaki has yet to awaken from a coma believed to be induced by the stress of the battle and unleashing Eight of Nine Tails. All attempts to stir his mind awake with the Yamanaka Clan’s abilities are met with resistance caused by the Kyuubi itself. He is currently inside the Senju Complex under watch, with the details of his arrival kept secret from all unnecessary parties.

Estimated recovery date is…unknown.

Signed, the Fifth Hokage

Tsunade Senju

In the Hokage’s Office

“The Clan Elders are more than a little upset that their children were bought in with enough injuries that a few would be out of action for possibly a month or longer.” Shizune addressed her mistress. “The Council—both civilian and ninja—want some answers.”

Tsunade sighed. “I’ll personally talk to them in my office, I’m not calling a meeting nor am I informing those three council Elders.”

“And the remaining civilian council members?”

“This isn’t a civilian matter.”

“Noted,” Shizune nodded and left.

Tsunade looked over to the windowsill to see Jiraiya there. “Naruto…he’ll forgive us, won’t he…?”

Jiraiya sighed. “It wasn’t the village this time. We personally oversaw his capture. We personally led to the destruction of his home with our jutsu, and dragged him back to his own personal hell. If—No, when he wakes up, he won’t be happy to say the least.”

“It’s not too late…” Tsunade tried to convince herself. “I know he’ll go back to being the blond brat we all know and love. I just have to tell him I’m sorry and that it’s for the best. We can repair the village…”

Tsunade, even Minato had a limit to what he could tolerate…Naruto’s the same, Jiraiya told himself before lying to the one he loved. “Maybe, but either way I can’t do a thing about his seal without a few more days after the meeting. Naruto rigged it so that if I try to alter any of the seals on his body or place any on him, it would forcibly release the Kyuubi—I need a few days to come up with something to stop the cascading effects and fix the seal…In fact, the only reason it hasn’t broken out is—if I had to guess—was because it doesn’t want to yet.”

“Oh great, we have a timed explosive tag, but we don’t know when it will blow…” Tsunade sighed. “Anything new outside the village I should know about?”

“My spy network has picked up that all but one person in the Demon Lantern Castle aka Blood Prison had been killed…it looked like a lot of in-fighting but the one who survived stated it was the work of a genjutsu-user with some kind of mask and a fly-trap…thing? They stole something, but everyone is keeping tight-lipped on it. Before anymore questions could be asked, she left the village as a missing-nin to pursue them…”

“Her name?”

“Ryuuzetsu, I think.” Jiraiya shrugged. “Also, the Kazekage, his siblings, the Wind Daimyo, along with a member of the Eight Wind Spades, were heading to the Land of Whirlpools. I had a shadow clone run interference and try to ascertain if the girl Naruto was with was safe, for his sake when he eventually wakes up…”

They both knew that Naruto would have trusted Gaara considering they first heard the rumors there. Neither party was stupid on that front. “I take it that things went badly?”

“Well, in more formal words, the Kazekage and Wind Daimyo told me to fuck off and expect to be paying off the damage to the island, which she owned, and she’d discuss it with the Fire Daimyo—who will be expecting either me or you—and then the Wind Daimyo pulled a chair out of a bracelet and beaned my clone with it when I bought up Naruto’s name and tried to tell her we had no choice.”

“Ah,” Tsunade nodded in understanding. She more than once used her desk as a makeshift weapon. “A girl after my own heart.”

In The Underground Vault Beneath The Ruined Village

Gaara, his sibling, Kanna, and the monk known as Kino, who dressed in cloak with a thin long sleeved shirt beneath it and pants, along with combat sandals, were gathering everything in sight. Naruto had given them access to it in order to retrieve the priceless artifacts and legacy of his clan before Konoha tried to using their ‘Former’ alliance with the village.

“It was a bit…surprising to see someone as composed as yourself do something so…unexpected,” Gaara admitted.

“She wasn’t always this mature.” Kino shook his head. “She had a thing for hitting people with chairs when she gets really frightened or angry. Hell, she used one on the guys who tried to kidnap her more than once. While Naruto and I were part of her guard we helped her get out of the habit until she stopped.”

Kanna shook her head. “He said I was no different than the pink-haired banshee that Temari-dono maimed.”

“That’s how you know when she’s frustrated or really mad, despite how calm she is…Naruto was actually the one who made that storage seal bangle as part of a gift for her birthday…although we weren’t expecting her to load it with chairs among other things.”

“Out of all the gifts, I loved this one the most.” Kanna sighed as she recalled receiving it from him.

Kankuro’s eyebrow furrowed. “Wait, you’re a hot Daimyo, with people kissing your ass and trying to get into your dress—no offensive—and were lavished with the finest gifts…yet somehow a simple storage seal bangle won you over?”

“It was the thought that counted,” Kanna told her. “I mean, between the minor Daimyos and noblemen, one of the most personal gifts given to me was a simple thing, from someone who noticed my habits by and I came to trust. Unlike their trinkets, it was actually practical and useful.”

Kino nodded sagely. “I guess that may have been the reason I found him in your bed the next morning.”

Temari and Kankuro both paused at the statement and looked at the blushing Daimyo.

“Well, we knew each other for three months, I was nearly kidnapped, and he got stabbed a week beforehand, in case you were forgetting.” Kanna crossed her arms and pouted. “And then you accused me of leading Naruto down a road of sin!”

“Monks are supposed to be virtuous. I could overlook it if you were wedded to him, but instead the situation as it stands has him following the path of the perverted, and left the temple’s service only to be frolicking with you and another woman. The woman from Nadeshiko at least offered herself as his bride. You should be grateful I did not tell your father of what transpired.”

Only Naruto could give a woman who has everything a plain gift and come away with a victory…Gaara thought. When we get back in contact with him maybe I can ask him for advice on what to get Matsuri…

“Still…” Temari changed the topic. “It is a shame about the village and all that hard work.”

Gaara nodded. “Naruto probably won’t be able to hide here anymore when he escapes.”

“Don’t you mean ‘if’ he escapes?” Kankuro asked.

“No.” Gaara answered.

Kanna sighed. “We’ll rebuild the village above, and use it as an annex of Suna for food as well as plant cultivation…possibly even as a secondary location in case the village needs to be vacated. The contractors can be paid with funds from my account for anything Naruto didn’t cover and I’ll have Konoha reimburse me. For now let’s just seal everything in this facility before Konoha gets any wise ideas until the upcoming meeting.”

In the Hospital – Konoha

“GIVE ME ONE GOOD REASON I SHOULDN’T CANCEL OUR CONTRACT!” Ningame roared at his summoner in a hospital bed, strapped down by orders of Tsunade so he didn’t do something stupid, like try to train after opening the Seventh Gate.

While the retrieval group as a whole had recovered to an extent, some of them had more severe injuries that required them to stay in the hospital. Among them were Gai, Lee, and Kiba. On the other side of the wall, and speaking in a lower tone, were Kiba and Shino.

“Kiba…” Shino called him. “I do not think Hinata would make an appropriate kunoichi anymore.”

“Is this because she attacked you?” Kiba scrunched up his nose. “She said she was sorry, and she didn’t do anything permanent.”

“Hinata was apologetic for attacking me…” Shino acknowledged. “But she endangered the mission…for needless retribution of all things. She almost got herself killed because of the false beliefs her clan instilled in her head.

“Her actions led to the near full return of the Kyuubi, and the near death of all of our comrades, because she intended to kill them no matter what. We hold some of the blame for not doing what we could to help her…But after what has happened, I cannot say that she is well anymore.”

“Really…?” Kiba rubbed the back of his head. “Yeah, we dropped the ball, huh? What’s gonna happen to her?”

“She will most likely be disposed as the heiress…and possibly used as a political piece. Tsunade-sama probably won’t kill her, but their clan will suffer both reputation-wise and financially given her actions were directly responsible for the damage undertaken during the mission, along with both of the Sannin, who have already begun utilizing their own funds. At worse, her clan may have her executed in silence.”

Kiba snarled at him. “Me, her cousin, and her sister would never stand for that!”

“Then she may be forced into an arranged marriage to solidify their clan’s ties with the village.” Shino pointed out rationally. “Given that her figure is appealing to most men, I can imagine a few of the wealthier merchants who would…partake in such a matrimony. They would probably seal away her chakra and Byakugan to be safe.”

“Fuck that!” Kiba scoffed. “Hinata isn’t some trophy wife that some prick can just fuck whenever he wants. If someone put her down to that status, I’d kill them and—”

“Become a criminal?” Shino asked. “Politics isn’t exactly your forte, but I should have expected that reaction from you in a hypothetical situation. Nevertheless, if that’s how you feel then you should make the first move already.”

“Huh?” Kiba asked.

“Kiba, in the years we have known each other, you have always treated Hinata with more respect than any other woman, even the Hokage. I wear these shades, but I am not blind to matters of the heart… You and Naruto have that much in common…” Shino admitted. “You focus on Hinata as much as Naruto did Sakura but ignored her before he was banished.”

“Don’t compare me to Dead Last!” Kiba shook his head. “Even if he isn’t the fox, he’s a fucking traitor who tried to kill us when we only wanted to bring him back—”

“To a village that routinely tormented him as a defenseless child and burned down the village that was to be the new home of his clan?” Shino stared at him. “Kiba, we were following orders, but even you can see that we’ve wronged him on a personal level.”

“He hurt Akamaru and tried to kill Hinata!”

“We invaded his territory and he gave us a warning, before which Hinata used lethal force in an attempt to kill his mate. The two were close both emotionally and…physically, given how they reacted to the situation. Otherwise my words would not have reached her and my bluff would have been called…she would have likely killed Hinata before I could’ve stopped her somehow…

“I dare say I am a little jealous that Naruto found himself someone such as Fuu-san…and they found the Isle of Insects. I hope I can eventually tell my father that it does exist.” Shino sighed. “But the idea of introducing elemental chakra into my clan’s comrades has spurred me into researching it.”

Shino headed towards the door before giving Kiba some parting words. “Hinata was never brave enough to tell Naruto how she felt, and her affection for him was lost along with any chance of being reciprocated. If you wait too long to tell her how you feel…it may be too late.”

In the Senju Estate

Sasuke sat in a large bedroom, next to a bed housing the unconscious jinchuuriki. When the door unlocked and opened, he looked up to see Tenten walk in. The scent wafting from the box she carried was appetizing.

“I bought you Tomato Ramen,” Tenten handed Sasuke the take out and smiled wryly. “Ayame is worried since you hadn’t been back from the mission and says to see her soon. She also told me to give you a kiss on the cheek, but we’ll let that slide unless you feel like rekindling the whole Sharingan vs Byakugan debate with Neji.”

Sasuke chuckled. “Even I’m not sure I could take jealous, angry Neji.”

“I think I’d like to see that,” Tenten sat in the chair on the other side of Naruto’s bed. “Still, there are a lot of ANBU around.”

“It’s because Tsunade isn’t taking any chances with someone leaking information or trying to off Naruto after all that,” Sasuke told her. “There are ANBU stationed outside, and they rotate in shifts, but the inside is off limits to all but Yamato, Kakashi, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Shizune, Neji, Shikamaru, you and I, and whoever else is personally escorted in by them, unless something is going down. So far that’s only been Ino’s dad flipping out because the fox kicked him out of their mindscape and threatened to devour him.”

“Given how most of the evaluations showed that Naruto isn’t everyone’s personal favorite right now, can’t blame her for trying to be safe. I’m allowed in because Tsunade-sama noticed from the reports I tried to reason with him, and got one of the more reasonable outbursts from him…” Tenten tapped her chin. “I believe she wants us to try and convince Naruto the village isn’t as bad as it is.”

“Good luck with that.” Sasuke told her plainly. “Those damn Hyuuga elders managed to fuck with Hinata’s head to the point that she tried the hardest out of all of us to kill someone she had a huge ass crush on for years. How the hell he didn’t notice I’ll never know—she stalked him for God’s sake, and now she’s like the Itachi of the Hyuuga. I’m surprised she hasn’t killed off a few of them for ‘The benefit of the clan’ at this point.”

“Yeah…” Tenten looked down. “It’s really sad when you think about it. I personally want Naruto to come back since I feel for him, and took an interest in seals, but to condemn him to a place with a past like that…”

Sasuke chowed down on his ramen before addressing her. “We can’t change the past, only atone for it. He’ll be forced to stay in the village, but I’ll let him have one of the houses in my clan’s district, and if anyone gives him a problem, I’ll take care of them.”

“Comments like that keep people believing they placed you under a genjutsu to serve Naruto…or you’re in love with him.”

“…If I hadn’t run off this whole damn mess could have been avoided. I was the unknowing harbinger after all…Once I thought about that, it was hard not to be on his side. On the plus side, it allowed me to get to know Ayame. She’s my kind of woman, and I’ve been on her father’s good side lately—plus, cooking is pretty interesting in the end…”

Tenten chuckled. “Ah, the Uchiha prince has a soft spot for an ordinary civilian chef?”

“As long as it doesn’t leave this room,” Sasuke smirked. “I’d rather not have fangirls trying to burn down their stand.”

Tenten looked at the sleeping blond. “He probably won’t let that whole destroying his village thing go will he?”

“Buildings can be rebuilt, but the symbolism will remain. In a way, we destroyed Uzushio a second time…” Sasuke decided to change the topic. “How are the others?”

“Recovering,” she told him. “My own injuries are a nuisance, but at least I’m not stuck in a hospital like the three hotheads. Neji was sorry he didn’t protect me better in his own opinion, and even bought me my favorite flowers from Ino’s shop…he’s surprisingly gentle when we’re off duty.”

“He seemed a bit distant last time we talked,” Sasuke pointed out. “And he stared at Naruto a lot.”

“I think what Naruto said to him about the seal lingered in his mind,” Tenten answered. “Naruto could hand him the keys to freedom for the branch family. He’s treated better because of how close he is with Hiashi and Hinata, but the other branch members aren’t so fortunate. There’s no way that the main branch will give up their control so easily and legal attempts are out, so that leaves him to take more drastic measures…”

“If I were loyal to the village I would consider those words somewhat treasonous,” Sasuke warned her before shrugging. “But like I said a while ago, my loyalty is to the Sannin alone. Just make sure that it stays between us.”

“Thanks…but I have to ask, would you put them above your village if something happened?”

“The village as a majority only sees me as their last living set of eyes barring my brother. They haven’t earned my respect and only attempted to coddle me. The majority has kissed my ass and it does nothing for me.”

“At least you have some worth with a clan name; you’re invaluable to the village.”

“They don’t want the Uchiha name, only the Sharingan, that’s why they give me whatever I want. The Uchiha haven’t been accepted in the village fully as anything but breeding stock and weapons…sometimes I think these eyes were more of a curse than a gift to the world.

“Since we’re being honest, it wouldn’t matter if I died at this point,” Sasuke told her. “They’ve already collected several semen samples from me, and have them under lock and key. Only Tsunade, Jiraiya, I, and Shizune know where, and they’re only accessible with Tsunade’s permission or mine until I’m killed.”

Tenten looked stunned. “Why tell me then?”

“Why tell me that your boyfriend is having possibly treasonous thoughts?” Sasuke shot back.

“Because you can be trusted…you’ve proven that.”

“Same with you,” Sasuke shrugged and changed the topic back to relationships. “So, that distant thing…Does that include the bedroom too?”

Tenten blushed. “Sasuke!”

“We all know you two have been going out for years now,” Sasuke waved her off. “Next to you two, only Shikamaru and Temari are a solid pairing. Chouji and Ino are a possibility providing she quits being a fangirl. Maybe Lee and Sakura too, but she really isn’t in my good books lately.”

“Well, I’m not sure about Shikamaru’s relationship anymore,” Tenten took out a bottle of water and sipped on it, to soothe her dry throat. “Ino weaseled out of Chouji that Temari said for him not to contact her for awhile. There were no obvious words but we all know it was because of the mission we were on. Shikamaru acknowledged that it was a risk when dating someone from another village and would simply wait for it to blow over, but he seems a bit more quiet than usual.”

“They’ll be fine in time.” Sasuke nodded sagely. “He’s too impassive though, he should show a little more backbone in front of her brother once things smooth out. Submissive men are nice to some women, but they have to be hard at other times.”

Tenten raised an eyebrow. “Advice from Ayame?”

Inside Naruto’s Mindscape

“Ayame-chan and Sasuke…” Naruto muttered from inside his mindscape field. Just because his body was in a comatose state didn’t mean he and the fox couldn’t hear. “How the hell did that happen?”

We are going to destroy those samples, right?” Kurama asked the blond. “No more of those damnable eyes should come into existence!

“I think I draw the line at killing off unborn children willfully,” Naruto told him. “He’ll be useful in the end if I can get him on my side, but I think I’d feel guilty about using him like a cheap kunai. It’s that type of thinking that goes against my mindset.”

What about the whole Hyuuga crush thing?

“I couldn’t give a damn.” Naruto said plainly. “Hinata may have been a sweet blushing girl who stalked me with a crush and I didn’t notice it, but that also means she watched me with those ‘All-Seeing Eyes’ go through hell and did next to nothing to help. The Old Man couldn’t be everywhere and watch over me, but she could have at least alerted him. More importantly, out of everyone else from Konoha she tried to kill Fuu numerous times.

“Her clan may have fucked with her head, but she was the one who crossed the line, and quite frankly who both she and I were in the past no longer matter. I’m starting to think Neji might have had the right ideas about the main branch when we first fought.”

You humans and your clans and politics.

“We’ve learned so far whose watching us, who I’m not going to maim when I get out of here, and that I might have some plans in the future involving Neji. I did say I’d change the Hyuuga for him when we first fought…” Naruto sat in a lotus position. “But it depends on how loyal he’ll be to Konoha. He’s a jounin, so he’d make a good spy for my new plans…”

You will still need somewhere to gather the rest of my kin,” Kurama told him. “The village you were planning will not suffice anymore as a haven either. I know you are somewhat soft-hearted, but for the love of my Old Man, don’t forgive the old pervert and hag for that with just a few words and ramen.”

“The sight of all your hopes and dreams for the future burning because of your godparent and distant relative is a major bitch slap. The monks always taught forgiveness and patience…but then again I wasn’t a good monk, was I?” Naruto commented while in a semi-meditative state.

He was never very good at the meditative portion of his training until after his first year at the temple, and that usually dropped him into his own mindscape, where the fox would bug him until they got along better.

His shortcomings were obvious and he was supposed to address them back in Iron, but he was captured prematurely. His blades weren’t sharp enough, his feet weren’t fast enough, his senses were too dull, and his body had yet to undergo the modifications he planned.

Future plans for spying, and civil wars among the clans aside,” Kurama lowered the sealed ball of untainted chakra in front of Naruto. “In order to break this seal and access this power, you need to be able to face your darkness on your own. Time in the mindscape can be altered so that you can take as long as you like, but remember, if you take too long your body won’t move properly when you need it…

“Right,” Naruto nodded. “We recover our wounds, I access the chakra, get out of Konoha, check up on Fuu and Pervy Master, and meet up with the Ferret Boss to have that drink and catch up on old times with Toad Boss.”

Take this seriously Kit,” Kurama warned. “To defeat your darkness you must stay your heart and accept it for what it is. Your parents will not protect you this time. Nor will your mates, or I. The only advice I will give you is to think back on the positive and negative events in your life, and see them for what they are from an unbiased opinion. Do not lie to yourself to feel better or hide anything—accept the positive and negative.

Naruto nodded. “I understand.”

Is that so?” A voice came from the ground in front of Naruto. It darkened as black ooze bubbled up and took the form of his darkness once again. Dark Naruto sat in the same lotus position. “Can you really face yourself?

With Fuu

Fuu stood face-to-face in her mindscape with her own darkness. “How is it fair that Naruto has shown his darkness to us but we’ve hid ours from him?

“I haven’t hidden from him anything!”

Oh? Does Naruto know how Suien taught us how to use our jutsu by practicing on targets he was supposed to execute? How we ignored their pleas for mercy? Or how about that time we manipulated those insects to infest all of that bakery’s food overnight since they didn’t sell to us, and claim to Shibuki that we didn’t. The baker’s business suffered because he called our leader a liar. Watching him defend us to make up for his father’s mistake of dooming us to a life where we could never be happy was so amusing.

“That’s a lie!” Fuu argued. “I’ve never taken advantage of Shibuki like that!”

No, it’s the truth. I am that part of you that resents your fate as a kunoichi without a choice, the First Hokage that began our fate as jinchuuriki, Shibuki’s father and Shibuki himself for allowing us to suffer…I am your true self.

Admit it, we would like nothing but to see Naruto under our feet and worshiping the ground we walk on. Naruto is so tender when he handles us…he can’t even see that he’s been woven into our web. Isn’t that why we play the sweet little jinchuuriki that Naruto has to save?

“No…” Fuu took a step back. “That’s not true…”

Naruto gets so attached to those who show him kindness and affection, isn’t that why we slept with him the first chance we got? To make him feel attached to us in a way that he could never escape our grasp? After all, who else would love a demon container like us?

“Shut up!” Fuu clenched her ears to stop the words, but they entered her head regardless.

We want Naruto all to ourselves, and yet we have to deal with the woman who came first.” Dark Fuu’s eyes narrowed. “That bitch is a problem. Her hooks are too deep into Naruto…We could solve that easily by introducing her to our carnivorous friends that we’ve neglected for too long.

Fuu fell to her knees as darkness engulfed her mindscape. “She’s not my enemy!”

She became our enemy the moment we met her in person! We thought we could compare to her before we had seen her. That was why we were so eager to meet her: To establish that she was second to us and nothing.

But the curves on her body, how mature she was despite being near our ages, the things she did in bed, how much she knew about Naruto…” Dark Fuu gritted her teeth. “She has us beat everywhere but the battlefield, and then she had the nerve to claim that she would support us!

“I…that’s…” Fuu struggled for words.

We have to resort to taking as much of his attention as possible and smear her name in mud! Even when he confronted his dark side we only cared if he loved us, to make sure we were his everything. We allowed the Nanabi to claim that other woman with the title of Mistress, when we were the ones who threw ourselves at him like a slut.

If Naruto knew the real us, he would never look at us the same way again…

Choumei watched on as Fuu was being verbally bitch-slapped by her own darkness.

The line between love and romance is lust. Love may tame the darkness, but that’s only a portion of it. Love is the most powerful positive emotion, a potent medicine to cure the infection of hatred that taints my chakra…but even the best medicine can make poison. In this case it’s jealousy.

You have to truly believe it and trust in others as well. You aren’t alone. Don’t lose yourself Fuu-girl…

In A Cave Somewhere

“Well, that was more difficult than I anticipated.” Pain admitted. “Hitting the demon was…trying without all six paths.”

Tobi shrugged. “The original sage even had difficulty dealing with the demon before the rise of modern ninjutsu, until he mastered his fear and killing intent.”

“Is there a reason in particular we needed this boy?” He pointed towards the pale boy that came out of the box.

“Satori…by taking control of the medium, we have control over the box which made Kusagakure a feared military power in the past. We simply toss whomever we desire into it, a few days of maddening insanity and corruption, and we have a loyal warrior to start building an army.”

Pain looked at him. “You mean berserk men that only know how to attack after being driven beyond all hope or salvation but death?”

Tobi shrugged.

“I feel that to be a line too far and unproductive towards peace…”

“Says the man who runs a terrorist group of criminals and currently manipulating corpses as spare bodies?” Tobi countered. “By the way, I noticed you haven’t modified any of those jinchuuriki bodies yet for your outer paths…What do you plan to do with them in that case?”

“That does not concern you.”

Tobi shrugged again. “Very well…Now that Muku-kun is under control, I will go and retrieve the Nine Tails from Konoha while Zetsu gets the Seven Tails. After that I’ll work on returning a bit of his mental facilities and layering some genjutsu on him so he can at least function on his own…”

“The sealing statue was damaged…it will take time to repair itself, now we’ll have to hold off on the sealing so—”

“I’m going.” The masked man said before his body disappeared.

“If he unleashes the Kyuubi and Konoha somehow destroys its body we may be stuck waiting longer…” Nagato trailed off in Ame with Konan next to him. They would have to deal with Tobi soon enough. Their visions of peace were too different.

Konan nodded. “Shall we have someone follow him?”

“…Yes. Send Itachi.”

“Would that be wise?”

“Itachi is not long for this world with his illness. He seeks to die by his brother’s hands and I am sending him to his death, I already knew that. However, he knows my way would lead to peace and believes in our goals, and he has yet to fail us. He may die, but his sacrifice will serve a purpose—it will turn his brother against that man if he cannot kill him…”

Konan had to agree somberly. “He and Kisame got along so well…I imagine his death will hit him somewhat hard in the end.”

“Itachi was one of the few I told my plans to since he knows pain, and understands that my way is the quickest to peace, even if not the most moral…The God of Shinobi and Savior of the World were titles held by the Original Sage of Six Paths…but by the time this is over, I will be known as the Devil of the Shinobi world.”

“Na—” Konan caught herself. “Pain…”

“The world will know Pain, fear Pain, and loathed Pain…and through their hatred of Pain, peace will reign, if only for a short while.” Nagato sighed and closed his eyes. “I wonder if Yahiko would have agreed with the path we’ve taken sometimes…If only I fully understood the power I possessed before his soul was sent to the Pure World.”

Konan reached out to touch him, but recoiled her hand. She had caused him enough pain. If only she had been stronger and hadn’t been caught… “That reminds me, while Itachi is there, should we give him another target? I believe he would agree that Danzo needs to be eliminated.”

Nagato nodded. The path to peace was always paved over corpses. “Let it be done.”

With Hinata

“Nee-sama…” Hanabi entered her sister’s room and looked at the scroll in her hands. She only caught a glimpse of the instructions. “What are you studying?”

“Since I most likely will be removed from the ninja corps for my actions, I thought it would be prudent to find another path in life. With the Byakugan I can assist in the medical field and become a renown medic, instead of a kunoichi.”

“So, you’re doing this for the clan?”

“Yes Hanabi-chan,” Hinata smiled gently at her sister. She was glad Hanabi didn’t try to read further into it. After all, it would be hard to explain why she was reading a scroll on the technique that she was learning. The Kyuubi had to die and couldn’t defend itself, so now was the time. “All for the clan…”

More Notes:

I needed to change my future storyline a bit because I needed to include some new ideas I had…Like, all the jinchuuriki vs Satori from the Blood Prison movie.

Originally I planned on having New Uzushio remain safe…but can’t make a new omelet without breaking a few eggs. I also originally planned on Kanna being pregnant, but it would have been a repeat of Naruto’s birth and typically speaking the mother doesn’t live through those in this type of fic, unless it is near the end. Namikaze curse I’m afraid.

…Although the current ending I have in mind is really depressing…At least a majority of the cast gets killed or stops being ninja…I should keep working on that…Yeah…

Dark Naruto had to micromanage controlling the transformation without Kurama’s help while fighting Kushina and Minato and keeping Naruto’s will suppressed. That being said, I doubt many of you will care, so screw it.

Dark Fuu and Dark Naruto are a manifestation of their inner darkness, but those feelings are magnified in the process and are a big ball of insecurities. They tell the truth but leave out facts that lessen the blows. If you’ve played Persona 3 & 4 you know what I mean. By the time their chakra mode trials end, they’ll be the same people but a bit darker maybe.

From here on we’ll go into a bit of Naruto’s and Fuu’s pasts, and some happenings around the world, before returning to the present. This way I knock out some of their past, get character development, and at the same time advance the plot with other character like Roshi, Utakata, Hotaru, Kanna, etc.

Fuu’s past is darker than you think. Remember, she was trained by Suien and I’ve thrown in some hints she had a dark side as well before now. Naruto may have lashed out with pranks, and Gaara may have killed, but Fuu isn’t as twisted as Gaara was nor as innocent as Naruto was.

Then shit goes down in Konoha, more training for the pair with a sprinkle of chakra mode over a time skip to the second part of the fic where the jinchuuriki take the stage along with Akatsuki—destroyed villages, traitors, morally dubious actions and more. Huzzah!

I’ll take a break from this series soon since I said this was a secondary story, yet I haven’t been paying attention to my other ones. I have a Shizuka x Naruto planned out one-shot Icha Icha, like I did Ayame x Naruto in Icha Icha Complications.

P.S. And to bring up an old question before I get PMs about it again, I will not do lemons in this story…I make references only. You’re reading this story for shades of gray, awesome battles, complex relationships, and because I make the wait for the next chapter worthwhile—not things that Kakashi would enjoy.

P.P.S: Although a one-shot side story may happen someday. Maybe a journal of their exploits…

P.P.P.S: Thank You to the reader who gave me an idea on how to use Entomological Warfare. Fuu and Chiyo are going to get along just fine once training starts…


Flying Thunder God: Double Rasengan Dance – Based off Flying Thunder God: Sequential Steps, Minato teleports around after setting up the field with his markers and knocks the enemy around before sending the skywards and marking them with a seal before slamming them with a Rasengan into the ground, followed by a teleport to another Rasengan.

Sage Art: Sage Flame Rasengan – A Combination of Sage Art: Great Ball Rasengan and Fire Style: Great Flame Rasengan, the attack unleash a maelstrom of heat that drives the enemy back before setting the area ablaze.


Afternoon Tiger (Daytime Tiger) – After opening the seventh of the Eight Gates, the user places a palm facing forward in front of their face with one hand and then taps it with his other hand, formed into a fist, which creates a massive amount of air pressure. Next, the user forms a unique hand seal resembling a tiger, which launches the air pressure at the opponent in the shape of a tiger, by leaving a gigantic tiger-shaped impression into the initially built-up air pressure with the hand seal. The air pressure will condense as its moving and be focused into a single point. The technique then explodes on command, releasing the built up air pressure in an instant. A massive concussive explosion is created which can be felt a significant distance away.

Fire Style: Exploding Flame Crater – Jiraiya stomps the ground and creates a crack that goes under the enemy. He sends fire into the crack and boils the earth below and finishes by clapping his hands and creating an eruption where the enemy is. (Ultimate Ninja 5)

Fire Style: Great Flame Rasengan – Jiraiya’s variation of the Rasengan, he spits fire on a normal one to turn it black and surround it in a ring of flames. He hits opponent causing a blazing maelstrom of fire and reducing the victim to ashes.

Lightning Transmission – Kakashi creates a shadow clone and they both run a Raikiri on hands opposite each other to form a chain of lightning to connect them and can slice through even chakra arms easy.

Night Phoenix – Guy is covered in flames that resemble a phoenix and sets the opponent ablaze on collision. (Naruto Ultimate Ninja 4)

Nine Tailed Fox Twister – With a sweep of his claws in a cloak of chakra, Naruto or Kurama can create a tornado which could do massive damage.

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