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Norman Osborn’s recruiting drive: Cloak and Dagger

Arousing Grammar

We continue our series, where Norman Osborn — the Nick Fury replacement during the Marvel event Dark Reign — recruits superheroes/supervillains for his new X-Men team.  Y’know, because the old one doesn’t do everything he says when he says it without ever questioning or arguing with him.  So far, he bosses around Emma Frost, Namor, Mimic, and Dark Beast, but today he expands his roster with the delightful duo Cloak and Dagger.  Except that neither of them are mutants.

They used to be mutants.  It’s complicated.  As teen runaways, they were injected with a synthetic drug by a mob scientist that triggered their superpowers (Cloak’s teleportation/”dark dimension” doors and Dagger’s knives made out of light/healing powers).  Writers eventually retconned that the drug simply spawned their latent mutant powers.  Then writers retconned that.  Currently and officially, the two are not mutants, have never been mutants, and never will be mutants — despite one…

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