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Wind Monk Banishment #6

Naruto: Wind Monk Banishment 6

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Notes: I’ve taken down the rant note since it’s been up long enough for people to actually read it and will post it in my profile so that I don’t have to go through it again. Let this be a one-time thing.

Also, I have learned several of you are masochists via PM. You know I was actually kidding when I asked right?

Still I’ll keep my word and post the chapter but I couldn’t think of any battle music…except maybe: I don’t wanna to die by Hollywood Undead

Chapter 6: Battle of Old Uzushio

The battle had begun.

The crescent blades of chakra rained down towards the group who halted their advance to deal with the incoming attacks. The way they were spread only a few would hit, but they would cleave through those who couldn’t defend.

Asuma Sarutobi pulled out his trench knives and chakra flowed though them as blades formed and flowed smoothly as they severed the crescent fangs that targeted Chouji, Ino, Tenten, Sakura, and Sai.

Kakashi and Sasuke’s bloodline gave them an advantage in seeing the flow of the chakra and they dodged while the Hyuugas could block the fired blades with their advanced chakra control that allowed them to coat their extremities in a shroud of dense chakra unlike Rock Lee and Might Gai, who avoided with a rough grace befitting their style.

“Water Style: Exploding Water Shock Wave!” Fuu’s clones bellowed as an enormous amount of water left their mouths and rushed towards the halted group as a climbing set of marathon waves that became a single colossal tsunami while the original Fuu slammed her hand onto the ground for the second part she’d play and a chakra web expanded as far as she could make it within reasonable range. “Hidden Art: Insect Gathering!”

Naruto pulled out a scroll from the bandolier and unraveled it towards the tidal wave that was ready to descend onto the ninja but easily blocked considering they had at least two water-users and a wind-user. The sealing array’s center was marked with the kanji of Ice and he applied chakra. “Unleash!”

Kunai with Ice Bombs rained towards the wave and discharged into blossoming crystalline figures that were swallowed and expanded. Ice formed and rolled with the waves, consuming more of the water into a frozen slurry that began to stagnate until it stood tall between the two factions.

“A wall of ice…?” Ino muttered as she looked at the massive obstacle.

Chakra gathered into Naruto’s blade and formed a dense shroud that consumed the blade. He swung the blade and drew a thick crescent arc in the air that flew towards the wall. “GRAND DESTRUCTION STRIKE!”

“No!” Neji alerted them. “He’s going to drop it on us!”

“Asuma, Sasuke, target the portion directly above us!” Kakashi said as he began his seals. The arc crashed into the middle portion and it exploded in a rain of heavy and large ice chunks that barreled towards the group that had clustered together.

“Fire Style: Great Fireball / Wind Style: Great Breakthrough!” the two fireballs connected and ruptured as the wind fed them; the combined elements flared. The chunks turned from a solid state into a liquid state from the roaring flame that made the remaining portion leak a warm drizzle.

“The second volley!” Naruto launched countless chains with spear tips from his body and angled them in an arc to rain from the sky and skewer the Konoha group using quantity over quality. The chains blocked a portion of the cloudy sky and casted a shadow as they rained down.

“Ino, look out!” Chouji covered Ino’s body with his enlarged arms as the chain ends deeply grazed him with the armor of the Akamichi deflecting them and the weakened but massive numbers of chains keeping him from being run through completely as blood became a fine mist that clung to the Yamanaka’s face from her protector.

Sai and Sasuke took to the air and rose above the wave of chains, Tenten pulled out a metal Bo Staff from her weapons scroll and batted away the incoming spear ends, while Yamato created a wooden half-dome to shelter the rest with the exception of Rock Lee and Might Gai…who were running on top of them and avoiding the death from above?

“Let’s go Lee!” the older man told his apprentice. “The time for the counter attack has come!”

Tenten put away her Bo Staff and tossed an Exploding Sphere to Sakura from a scroll. “I need your arm strength!”

The Haruno chambered her arms and took aim before letting out a battle cry and lobbing it towards the jinchuuriki pair where it shot forward and exploded in a rain of sharp weaponry that the bun-haired young woman was fond of while Naruto dissipated the original chains.

New chains emerged from Naruto’s body and tunneled through the ground to form a barrier around them until the downpour ended. Naruto dissipated the barrier and bit his thumb to wipe the blood over the seal on his arm, while Fuu made hand seals.

SUMMONING!” the jinchuuriki pair summoned their respective aids.

Next to Naruto was a ferret that was his equal in size with an orange head band that had twin tails that danced in the wind on his head. Its ten claws were far more lethal and sharp thanks to its own training; where its kin used weapons, it used its own body to strike down an enemy.

Above Fuu was a Hercules beetle that was thrice her height and seven times as thick with sharpened upper and lower horns that were designed to fight by picking up the enemy and slamming them down onto the ground or crushing them.

You’ve summoned me, Uzumaki?” the ferret looked out at the destruction before him. “Unlike the time you called me and my family to the Land of Iron, I sense the stench of battle both past and present.

“Monk Ferret, your target is the older Bushy Brows!” Naruto pointed to the man. “The man is Konoha’s Taijutsu Expert! You want a fight; he’ll give it to you! Don’t hold back!”

We’ll see!” the ferret dashed on all fours towards the incoming man. Its claws flashed as they lashed towards the taijutsu expert’s throat in order to rip it out and kill the man if he couldn’t keep up. The claws were dodged and the large ferret smirked at the challenge as their fight began.

“He-sama,” Fuu pointed towards the group in general. “These people have invaded our home and our territory!”

UNACCEPTABLE!” the beetle was enraged as most of its species was highly territorial.

“I’ll join you and take out the flyers!” Choumei’s chakra formed a loose coat around Fuu and was sucked into her cylinder to feed the beetles inside as she sprouted wings and took flight with the summoning.

“BE CAREFUL FUU!” Naruto yelled as he readied his chakra shield and sword to face the first of the chuunin while the others came face to face with their beetle summoning.

“Impressive size, especially considering that males are normally smaller than females of that particular species.” Shino noted as he saw the huge beetle land with a mighty crash to confront those who encroached onto its summoner’s territory.

PREPARE YOURSELVES INVADERS—” the beetle warned them before its horn came crashing towards them. “FOR THE HONOR OF THE ISLE OF INSECTS, I SHALL DRIVE YOU OUT!

“Wood Style: Domed Wall!” a half shell of thick wood appeared to block the attack while Yamato went through hand seals for a secondary attack. Wooden spikes emerged from the ground and speared towards the beetle. “Wood Style: Mallet!”

“…That Island actually exists…” Shino said with a slightly higher voice as the huge beetle batted away the wood spikes. “I thought it was a fairy tale.”

“We’re being surrounded!” Neji took a stance. “Insects are beginning to swarm us!”

A multicolored tide of various insect life forms began to swallow the ground as they advanced towards the interlopers. The air was filled with the buzzing of bees and wasps that came at beckoning of the jinchuuriki. Their target was the group at large…but more of them were directed towards Hinata.

Hinata focused chakra outside her body and swept her hand to launch a barrage of Chakra Needles that split through the flying insects before she emitted a stream of chakra from her palms that became razor sharp. Her arms became a blur as they created a dome of strands that cut through anything that approached before she broke off into a sprint to confront the Kyuubi jinchuuriki with her cousin ahead of her.

“Asuma, Yamato, and I will handle the beetle and bugs,” Kakashi told the others. “Gai can handle the large ferret. Ino, treat Chouji! Everyone else will go and confront Naruto and Fuu, but be careful!”

“Let’s go, Sai!” Sasuke clung his summoning’s backside using chakra in his feet while Sai drew a swarm of ink birds that went with him into the skies to confront the incoming airborne jinchuuki who cloned herself.

“AKAMARU, LET’S DO THIS! FANG OVER FANG!” the Inuzuka and his dog spiraled into the sky towards their target that was clashing with Lee.

“I shall support Kiba.” Shino gave a small nod to Neji as he passed before going off to help his teammate. He would have to keep an eye on his cousin.

With Naruto

“LEAF HURRICANE!” a youthful voice cried out as he swung his foot towards the opponent. The blow made contact with a solid chakra shield and was halted as the flash of Naruto’s blade closed in on the speed freak known as Rock Lee. The Green Beast-in-training skidded back as he avoided the blade and Naruto went on the offensive.

Lee was the fastest and first to arrive. The user of only the Strong Fist style was at a disadvantage when confronting an enemy who used a weapon of chakra. A good strike would cleave through the teen like a hot kunai through paper…but that was only if he could connect.

Naruto pulled out a scroll and put chakra into it; kunai rained forward and sought to skewer the bowl-cut warrior. He wasn’t surprised that Lee avoided it all given it was a favorite tactic of his bun-haired teammate. Naruto tossed the scroll and stood at the ready.

Lee opened the first gate and slipped under Naruto’s guard with even more speed that before and delivered Leaf Rising Wind before bandages wrapped Naruto. He grabbed the jinchuuriki while he started to turn and fall. Naruto added extra chakra to the chakra chains that were already wrapped around his body and expanded it to a sphere to forcefully separate them.

“Let’s see you dodge in mid-air!” the sword was swung and crossed Lee’s stomach before they landed upright and the bowl-cut clutched his stomach to avoid having his intestines from spilling out. “Too shallow…”

Lee backed off when twin drills descended from above and ripped apart the space Naruto had once stood in by fragmenting the ground as a cloud of dust and debris obstructed their view. The twin drills pursued Naruto with vigor as he rolled behind a stone slab and fire a Destruction Strike to split them apart before slamming his hands into the ground creating chains underneath that burst out and speared into the nearby larger slabs of stones to use them like the end of flails in an attempt to crush the Inuzuka pair. On impact the drills tore through them at continued towards the jinchuuriki.

“Drill through this!” Naruto’s free hand crafted a Rasengan and charged. When the first one approached his chest he halted, slid his foot out to side, and pivoted to slam it into the twister and nail one of the pair and pushed him into the other and then into a section of the ruins.

There was silence for a few seconds until Kiba roared. “YOU BASTARD! YOU HURT AKAMARU!”

“Occupational hazard of a nin-dog,” Naruto shrugged nonchalantly as he turned to go deal with Lee with the Rasengan in his hand and hoped Kiba was still as easy to anger at his partner’s injury…he was right.

“ROTATING FANG!” the Inuzuka rotated along the horizontal axis and became a buzz saw that charged at Naruto with rage induced stupidity by attacking in a straight line—the easiest method to defend against. Naruto slid to the side before he slammed it into his side and launched him through the remains of what was probably a small home before dissipating the Rasengan and unraveling a purple scroll that he threw on the ground.

“DYNAMIC—” Naruto raised his bracer and activated the chakra shield to withstand the blow as Lee’s legs came around after he wrapped his injuries in bandages while Kiba and his partner burst from the rubble they were buried in. He stomped on the center of the sealing scroll that had the kanji for Poison on it and put chakra into it as the three of them were too close to escape.

“No screaming during sneak attacks…” Purple gas filled in the area around them in a plume as the Inuzuka, his companion, and the speed freak all fell to their knees choking on the toxic fumes. “I see why puppet-users rely on this stuff for close range fighters, but I doubt any of the others would have been hot-blooded enough to rush into a fight.”

Naruto raised his blade to kill them before the poison did when a voice called out—

“Hang on!” Tenten had pulled out a War Fan and swept it horizontally with chakra. A gale of wind was directed at Naruto and blew the poison away while it blinded and pushed him off his feet until he anchored himself into the ground with four chains.

He swung the blade towards the voice and let loose a Destruction Strike that severed the War Fan and turned to finish the poisoned trio when a black cloud of swarming insects came at him. The blade went into the cloud only to be eaten since it was made of pure chakra. He bit back a swear as the cloud spilt into numerous tendrils and lashed at him with the full intention of devouring his reserves no matter how long it took.

“Damn,” he noticed the shadow beneath his feet before he rolled away as his former teammate smashed into the ground and decimated the area in what could only be described as a localized earthquake before jumping back to the poisoned ninjas and nin-dog while the chakra eating bugs spiraled around them and formed a rotating dome.

“Hidden Art: Insect Jar,” the voice of the Aburame came from Shino standing next to the dome. “Do you not think that you are going too far? It will take some time for the poison you gave them to be cleaned out by my comrades and Sakura…We were not expecting that from you to be honest.”

“I warned you all!” another Destruction Strike was unleashed and split the Aburame in two…and it melted into a cloud of insects that rushed at Naruto without pause. “You of all people should understand how I feel considering most people avoid your clan like the plague—but at least you have an entire clan to fall back on!”

“Indeed,” a second voice came from behind him to reveal what he was sure was another insect clone. “We understand you very well, but we also approach things rationally and understand we are part of a balance. You must understand that you are crucial to the balance of power amongst the nations.”

“Balance my ass!” Naruto swiped his hand at the clone and released several Gale Shuriken which were subsequently devoured to unleash another group of insects that chased him. “If there was a damn balance, why have so many wars occurred since the First Hokage captured the Bijuu!”

“We can discuss the flaws in the system upon your return,” the insects gathered from all around and began to close in on Naruto as he created a chakra chain barrier anchored to the ground and Shino watched it be slowly devoured by the ravenous insects. “Hidden Art: Insect Sphere—they will drain your chakra until you are docile.”

“Uzumaki Custom: Exploding Dragon Strike!” Naruto unraveled a jutsu sealing scroll with the kanji for Fire while dropping his large barrier inside the sphere of insects and a dragonish being of fire emerged. It howled before erupting inside the cloud as Naruto’s armor expanded while he watched the insects be consumed by the flames and fall to the ground as ashes. “I doubt you can spare anymore of your colony on trying that again.”

The sky became aglow as the Uzumaki’s eyes shot skyward and saw Sasuke had decided to launch three Great Fireballs at him from above.

“Wind Infusion: Destruction Strike!” Naruto slashed at the incoming center fireball and went to clash with the weapon mistress of Konoha nearby as the wind strike ruptured the sphere shape and caused it to explode in a mass of fire that lit up the sky when the other two spheres detonated.

Sasuke rolled his eyes at the expected action before turning his attention back to Fuu.

With the Elite Jounin

Asuma took a deep breath as he inhaled and made the snake seal. “Wind Style: Dust Storm!”

He exhaled a combination of dust and gale winds in a stream towards the incoming insect life. The dust carried on the wind and grated against the small insects to quickly erode them away with the remains adding to the power of the technique. He wiped out swarm after swarm without pause.

“Water Style: Tearing Torrent!” a spiraling mass of water was crafted in Yamato’s hand and unleashed against the horde. It churned them until they were mashed or drowned before he avoided the giant beetle’s horn.

“Partial Expansion!” Chouji’s enlarged arms battered the side of the summoning and caused it to skid a little while the lacerations on his arms began to bleed again.

Kakashi used the opening to throw kunai with explosive notes beneath the beetle to flip it on its side and conserve chakra for dealing with Naruto. “Asuma! Now!”

“Fire Style:—” Asuma breathed a plume of chakra infused gunpowder that bellowed and engulfed the giant beetle while the others backed away and he bit down on the flint in between his teeth. The resulting spark ignited the gun-powder and consumed the summoning in a merciless flame. “—Burning Ash!”

URRRAAAGGH!” the summoning bellowed in agony and struggled to stand.

“He-sama!” three of Fuu’s clones fluttered over the burning summoning. “Water Style: Wild Water Wave!” they sprayed him with a mass of water to put out the flames before they robbed the summoning of its life. “Go back home, we’ll handle the rest!”

My…apologies…” the summoning weakly muttered before returning to its home in a plume of smoke.

Three kunai were launched by Ino and hit the clones of Fuu before she went over to check on Chouji. “Chouji, I told you not to go fight until I finished closing the injuries enough!”

“Shizune-senpai!” Sakura landed next to the medic-nin, who had finished bellowing out a poison cloud to kill the insects swarming the area next to her, while carrying Akamaru and Lee on her shoulders with her super-strength.

In the meantime on Gai’s end…

You’re not bad, human!” The Monk Ferret complimented his opponent as his claws attempted to tear him apart in a ferocious display of the ferret’s version of taijutsu. “I haven’t had a match like this in ages!

“Indeed, this is a most youthful battle!” Gai agreed. “However, I have a mission to complete! When your summoner is back in Konoha we shall let our flames of youth burn even brighter!”

Gai took a stance before accessing one of the Eight Gates…

With Naruto

“Naruto, stop!” Tenten’s chakra flowed into her staff in order to stand up to Naruto’s weapon, the chakra Monk’s Spade. It was swung towards his head for a debilitating strike. “We don’t want to hurt you! Akatsuki’s after you and we want to keep you safe!”

“SAFE?” the spade end of the weapon came down in an arc and cleaved through the Bo Staff. “You call a village the constant tried to kill you safe? I’d rather take my chances with Akatsuki!”

“Why?” Tenten pulled out twin Hook Swords and streamed chakra through them as she went on the offense again. She blocked the incoming crescent end of the weapon before catching it with the hook of the left blade and trapping it. Her right blade prepared to cut into his left shoulder.

“Because at least they can’t have more than a dozen members compared to a village of thousands and with them it isn’t personal but business—they don’t try to pawn off what happened in their pasts on their targets when they were children!” Naruto’s arm came up and the bracer produced the chakra shield. His Monk’s Spade dissipated and reformed into his blade. “Honestly, we’ve taken out two already. We’re doing fine!”

“But—” Tenten was cut off.

“Let me ask you, have you ever been so afraid that every day you’d be killed because of something you had no control over with everyone hating you for a reason you didn’t know!” the blade was swung backwards and Naruto turned to deliver an overhead crescent that would cut through the weapon mistress from the right shoulder to the opposite hip. It met with the chakra reinforced Hook Sword on the right that rose to clash and the blade was broken like fragile china against the floor. The only benefit was that Naruto’s blade was deflected enough that the cut only nicked her shoulder deep enough to draw blood and tear at some of the muscle.

“Have you ever been afraid that an explosive tag had been set right outside your door so if you stepped outside you’d die before you were a ninja?” the blade rose upwards in a outward crescent and knocked back Tenten’s left Hook Sword with enough force that her arm and fingers reverberated in pain.

“Have you ever been trapped inside a building as they set it on fire and watched it burn?” he gripped the sword with both hands and slashed straight down. The girl twisted with her blade slanted down at an angle to redirect Naruto’s. It shattered on impact with Naruto’s blade as she narrowly avoided it until he angled it and forced it back up.

The blade cut through the top half of her blouse diagonally and drew enough blood that it created a crimson trail in the air.

“Have you ever been nearly sacrificed on your damn birthday because some of those nutcases thought it would appease the souls of those who died the day I was born—only to be saved at the last minute by the Old Man!” his foot shot out and hit the weapon user in the stomach causing her to bend over.

“You think I want to kill all of you because you’re doing your jobs on Granny’s orders?” he swung the blade to take off her head as she fell into a roll and landed to the right. “I just wanted to be left alone with Fuu in my new home away from those bastards’ legacy!”

Tenten grasped at the wound on her chest and reached for her large weapon scroll while stepping back. A chain shot out of his hand and trapped her leg while she tried to move. She fell to the ground as Naruto approached with his blade ready to decapitate her.

“I won’t go back or let Fuu be taken; even if I have to kill all of you get the message across!” The blade closed in on Tenten’s neck—

“TENTEN!” a masculine voice briefly said as the blade connected with the back of Neji’s Hyuuga’s arm and his other hand was bracing the forearm. The arm was covered in a shroud of dense chakra to offset the Uzushio chakra blade—but not enough to stop it from drawing blood from a direct stop instead of deflecting it.

“You are in range of my divination—” Neji batted away the sword as Naruto’s Chakra Chain: Armor covered his body in a light translucent shroud. He felt his fingers striking the barrier and was forced back, but the chakra was dispersed on contact.

The chakra didn’t enter his body! Neji realized as Naruto expanded the armor to a sphere that pushed him away to an arm’s length and infused wind chakra into his blade as he reduced the barrier to skin level again and counter attacked. That coating stopped the injection of chakra!

“Your Gentle Fist is just that—” Naruto said as his blade danced in the air while trying to take off the jounin’s head and limbs. The Hyuuga spun into an 8 Trigrams Rotation to avoid being caught by the chains that came from under the ground but were detected by his eyes. “—it’s too soft to get past my guard!”

Neji leaped back and grabbed Tenten to get her to a medic while a blur rushed in and confronted Naruto.

“Prepare yourself, Kyuubi!” Hinata rushed forward.

“Your cousin couldn’t harm me so what makes you think can!” Naruto said a bit arrogantly…before she slipped into his guard with her hand covered in a Chakra Scalpel. It drew a circular arc around her low body as she spun while Naruto pulled back upon feeling a sensation from Hinata severing an artery and the fox patching it up and yelling at him to look down.

There was cut in his armor that drew in more chakra to repair itself. “You were saying Kyuubi?”

“I’M NOT THE KYUUBI!” Naruto prepared to cut down the young woman.

With Fuu

Sai’s brush felt heavy as he scrambled to draw up another flock of birds that would add to the countless numbers littering the skies above the ruins of Old Uzushio to combat the clones of the jinchuuriki and her beetles.

“Fire Style: Phoenix Flower!” the last Uchiha remaining in Konoha spat out eight fireballs that curved and darted towards the green-haired jinchuuriki with the ferret on her shoulder while leaving a distortion in the air from the heat.

“Water Style: Water Trumpet!” Fuu spun and fired the burst of water to extinguish flames as her clones charged to strike down the Uchiha from the front.

“Chidori Senbon!” the lighting needles rained in a wide spread and filled the sky with sight of exploding clones and lightning that connected and crafted a net that separated the clouds from the earth and darted through the majority of the clones and beetles.

“Where’s the original!” he yelled to himself more than anyone else when he noticed that she had vanished during the initial barrage.

“Uchiha!” Sasuke looked up to see a Water Slicing Blade streaming lightning chakra coming for his head and raised his lightning-streaming blade to meet it head on. “Now!” the jinchuuriki clone yelled and two blurs sped towards him from the left and right aiming to take off his legs.

“Damn!” Sasuke cut the hold on his summoning and flipped upwards as it flew off while slamming his foot into the Fuu that restrained his blade and swinging it around in order to cut through the two others. As he fell to earth he saw the original speeding towards him with the lightning armed blade of water.

Sharingan—it was all that allowed him to match her speed as they clashed blades during his decent. Her muscle movements gave away her intentions and as he fell and his blade clashed against hers until she pushed him downwards with a kick and the clones flew towards him.

“Chidori: Sharp Spear!” the spear of lighting shot towards the skyward jinchuuriki’s clones who rolled to the side. His chakra poured into the spear and it branched out like a tree with sadistic limbs that skewered the incoming clones while the original dodged as he turned upright and whistled for his summoning to swoop beneath him as his clung to it with chakra into his feet once again.

Fuu halted her airborne chase with the ferret clinging to her for dear life and enjoying the ride when she saw the Monk Ferret get kicked across the lake and into the fallen tower in the center.

Cousin!” Pace yelled as his kin vanished in a plume of smoke while the Green Beast was on the hunt and heading towards Naruto.

Suddenly Fuu found wooden bindings coming as she twisted and moved before they could bind her. She looked down to see the wood-user’s hand had become the wooden restraints before they curved and coiled to entrap her even as she rose into the sky.

“Pace, we’re going to a relay point! Cover your eyes and get ready to summon Naruto!” she told the ferret as she summoned another clone and dispelled it to share the plan with the other clones who began to channel chakra into their lungs and exhaled the shining scale powder over the battlefield while she flew off.

In the Distance

Orochimaru chuckled at the sight of explosion and destruction being unleashed as the sky and the ground were filled with stench and sound of battle. “How nostalgic…”

“It would appear that they are putting up an excellent fight against Konoha so far…” Kabuto tilted his glasses while fingering a scroll that held his customized corpses. “But that’s only until the Elite Jounin get involved.”

“Well said Kabuto…” Orochimaru looked over to his crystal-user who looked at the scene impassively. “Remember Guren, kill the Nanabi…if you do I’ll reward you by letting you see the boy again with Impure World Resurrection…”

“Yes, Orochimaru-sama…” the young woman responded.

On the Other Side

Itachi looked at the sight of the battle in the distance—in particular his brother taking to the skies and doing combat with the Nanabi jinchuuriki’s clones. The sight of lightning crackling in the air matched the ever darkening skies that signaled the beginning of a thunderstorm.

He glanced over to where his partner was…only to see him gone.

“Of course…” Itachi muttered stoically as he prepared to complete his mission…and maybe greet his brother to see if his hatred was still strong.

Back with Naruto

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t banking on the fact that they wouldn’t try to kill me but she’s not holding back! Naruto put together as he backed away and fired Gale Needles to riddle the Hyuuga with. If one party was trying to kill while the other has to capture alive, the one aiming to kill has the advantage.

“Why do you hate me so much you tried to kill Fuu? At least with Sakura I could understand it was because of her being a fangirl, and the other’s are doing their job, but what about you? Who did you lose to the attack to make you loathed me so much you’d risk losing everything on killing me?”

“What you stole from me wasn’t a person!” Chakra Needles met the Gale Needles and struck them perfectly with precision achieved thanks to the Byakugan. The young woman closed in and he bought down the blade only to watch as it was avoided with a half-step. Her first hand came down over his wrists and the other was sent towards his heart.

“Then what the hell did I ever do to you!” he forced the Hyuuga to jump back as chains erupted from his body to spear through her as she escaped them with a few gashes on her arms before darting forward. “I barely even talked to you and even went so far as to defeat your cousin for you!”

“It was only because of you that I was hurt in the first place!” twin chakra scalpel-shrouded hands danced in a fluid circular motion that began nicking at the armor as the chakra blade flowed swiftly with experience that was earned through hard work and their owners began a contest of styles. The entire environment became their arena as the two went at each other. “You just wanted to look better and used me to do so!”

Naruto somersaulted over the girl and swung the blade to split her skull as she pulled back and he fell into a roll before he stood again. “That makes no sense—I encouraged you; I didn’t expect him to try to kill you!”

“Manipulator! Deceiver!” the Hyuuga crouched and swept at his legs while he jumped and rotated to land parallel to the ground on the remnants of a broken pillar four times as tall as he was while his blade came in a rising arc towards the girl’s neck and was narrowly avoided by her applying chakra to her feet and leaning back deeply with her flexible body. “Pay for your sins!”

“You make it sound like I was a bad ex-boyfriend!” Naruto jumped further up the pillar and sent a Destruction Strike down.

“You’ve mocked me for the last time!” she sliced through the attack and roared as she ascended the pillar to aim a two-finger Gentle Fist thrust towards his head and destroy his higher brain functions with intent to strike the heart afterwards.

The Uzushio blade was swung down and met with her shrouded hand…and the blade was severed. This was difference in chakra control between them. Less than ten years versus over a decade of control and manipulation. The addition of the chakra scalpels merely added to the threat of the sharpened chakra.

“I have no idea what you’re going on about—” Naruto put a bit of chakra into a body storage seal and a second rod appeared that he swung diagonally upwards while crafting the blade. “Nor do I even care at this point!”

A blue arc was drawn in the air as a second blade cut through the Hyuuga’s body in the moment of surprise…only to be replaced with a substitution technique and her sliced jacket. Naruto reversed the grip on his blade and jammed in under his arm to stab behind him where he guessed she would appear at.

The Hyuuga twisted and the blade cut her shirt around the stomach area as she released the chakra-hold she had on the vertical surface. Her chakra-scalpel covered left hand was swiped towards his neck—the jugular vein—as she fell in an attempt to cut through it.

Naruto’s body moved in order to avoid the strike. His arm was bought up in arc and the butt end of the second seal rod was slammed into the hand to deflect it while he reformed the blade on the first rod and swung the blade towards her head. It drew blood as it cut into her forehead and took off a tuft of her hair alone thanks to her dexterity as she landed.

Damn her flexibility…Naruto’s mentally swore. I’ll have to kick it up a notch.

Naruto released his hold on the pillar and slammed the ends of the seal rods together and connected them to make a dual-bladed sword. He twirled it as he fell and cut through the air and towards the Hyuuga who avoided by jumping back. Naruto charged.

The blades waltzed as Naruto spun and swiped at the Hyuuga’s legs to cut them from underneath her but were avoided by a back flip. They came around again to take off her head but were ducked under. The final strike came around as he turned and swiped at her chest and she took a step back.

Naruto’s foot was shrouded in wind chakra as he used the rotation to go into a backside Gale Kick. It connected with the Hyuuga’s abdomen and she spat out a mouthful of blood that stained her black shirt before he followed up with a slash to her head that was narrowly blocked by her palms coated in chakra.

Naruto released one of his hands and used the opening and momentum to strike with a Gale Fist to her face as the Hyuuga shielded with her free arm shrouded in chakra. She went flying into another barely stable stone slab that she broke through in a spray of stone and dust.

He dashed forward and separated the chakra blades as he swooped in to finish her. “It’s over!”

Twin blades descended upon the fallen kunoichi and blood flew in the air in thin mist that spattered against his armor of chakra.

“Damn…you!” a strained voice came out.

Kiba Inuzuka’s blood dripped from the chakra blades as he cradled Hinata’s unconscious body in his arms with a huge gash on the left and right sides of his back. His body trembled as Naruto’s blades knew no hesitation when they came back around while streaming wind chakra to kill the two clan heirs—

“SEVERE LEAF HURRICANE!” Naruto was flying before he knew what happened. Something hard and fast struck him and sent him through several pieces of rubble as he tumbled through the air. Several of his ribs were smashed on impact and he could feel the pain exploding through his body.

He rolled on the ground before struggling to his feet and coughing blood. His armor had been shattered by the blunt force of the blow that he couldn’t see. Even with accelerated healing, the damage would take minutes to heal properly as he stood once again.

Feeling a sense of terror coming from the front, he swung the blades only for the form of Might Gai to appear above the point where they intersected. The man had driven off his summoning and came to complete his mission. Naruto rotated and his blades flashed as they drew crossing arcs that cut through the space of the enemy in front of him to find no resistance.

Naruto’s legs were taken from underneath him before he could react and he rose into the air. “LEAF RISING WIND!” the second strike from below sent him higher. Naruto’s body ached from the blows that spread like fire inside of him and he could no longer defend himself from.

“Your flames of youth are out of control and you have gone too far, so let us end this before someone gets burned!” a voice came from behind Uzumaki and he found the taijutsu monster beneath him using Leaf Dancing Shadow. It was followed by a powerful back fist and Naruto was sent flying into the lake across Old Uzushio and a pillar of water rose up on impact that could be seen all over.

“Gloup—!” Naruto spat up blood as he pulled himself to the surface using the water-walking exercise. The blood was diluted inside the water and vanished as it spread further out.

His fox features were far more defined and his eyes red and slits. He held no illusions that he would survive past this point without accessing Kurama’s chakra for both power and healing. He was covered in a coat of crimson chakra that had yet to form a cloak and tail when he heard the sound of air parting as the Green Beast came for him.

Naruto prepared to fight the monster when an orange flash teleported him away before the Green Beast struck again.

“Where did he—” Gai noticed a flare shining in the air from Kakashi’s location. “Time to regroup.”

The Green Beast took off to join the others.

With Naruto & Fuu

Naruto looked around on edge with his blades at the ready until Fuu called for him.

“Easy Naruto,” Fuu whispered as she looked at her lover’s broken form. His face had been badly swollen from where the back hand hit him, sweat dotted his brow while the rest of him was soaked and blood was trailing from his lips. “I had Pace summon you once I saw that man in green come after you.”

“Fuu, you’re ok—” he fell to his knees and lightly covered the point where the Green Beast first struck. “That guy is a damn monster…the armor and the first blow…honestly, he can’t be human with just taijutsu.”

“Let me see, now!” Fuu grabbed his shirt and lifted it to reveal the bluish-purple mass of skin with bits of sharp white sticking out of it. Fuu’s pupils became compounded glowed menacing green. She let out a low snarl that was demonic than anything before Naruto placed his hand on her cheek.

“It’s…fine!” Naruto put on a strained smile with his crimson eyes and slits as pupils. “Kurama’s working on it and he’s the fastest when it comes to healing; it’ll be healed in a few minutes’ tops. What about you?”

“They haven’t really touched me yet…” she lightly stroked his whisker marks in affection. “The wood-user is going to be trouble though…”

“A relative of Granny’s?” he alluded to the fact that the Senju are the only ones who should be able to do that.

“Maybe…?” Fuu shrugged.

“Well the only good thing is that the info I had on everyone who I was grouped with was accurate for the most part: The Hyuugas still fight close-ranged and lack normal jutsu or any elements, Shino uses bugs that eat chakra but burn easily, Sakura seems to have taken a back seat to attacking but instead healing the fallen, Kiba is still hot-headed and for some reason Hinata seems to hate me and by extension you—avoid her unless you can nail her from the distance with a mid-ranged attack…make damn sure it’s fatal.”

“Shouldn’t we try to take a hostage?”

“No,” Naruto told her coldly. “We’d have to waste the effort to keep them alive for negotiating and as sad as it is my worth as a jinchuuriki is far greater than anyone else in the village. Otherwise, Dad wouldn’t have sealed Kurama inside me and sacrificed himself to the Shinigami.”

I’m surprised Kit,” Kurama chimed in. “You have basically given those you once considered allies a death sentence.

I bear most of them no ill-will, but I have the right to defend myself with Fuu and they won’t stop coming after me until their numbers are too low or Granny calls them off…Naruto claimed. This isn’t personal, I’d rather they lived and didn’t come after me or discovered this place, but I won’t hold back—there’s too much at stake.

“Naruto,” Fuu snapped him out of his mental conversation. “One of the surviving little ones told me they’ve all gathered in one of the wood-user’s domes near the trap.”

“Alright,” Naruto walked forward as Kurama was nearly half-finished healing his injuries. “Let’s bury them and pick off the medics first.”

“Hold on until you’re healed completely…” Fuu created a clone and gave Pace to her. “Pace, I want you to stay with the clone and move to the second spot. The Uchiha probably figured out that only the original would have you and we can’t risk a disadvantage…”

Fuu gave Naruto a quick glance. “We only came to check out the island for two weeks and this happens…”

“I warned you what my luck was like when I was on missions for them,” he shrugged before narrowing his eyes. “You knew what you were getting into. Still, I don’t want to force you any further so—”

“Naruto, if you tell me to leave or activate that array before I’m no longer able to fight, I will never forgive you and you will never touch me again…” she warned him. “Me or Kanna!

Checkmate…” Kurama snorted. “You are as whipped as your father, Kit…In fact, have her grow out her hair and dye it to match your mother’s just for kicks.

With the Konoha Group

“Damage report,” Kakashi ordered.

“Well, Lee has a deep cut across his stomach and was poisoned along with Akamaru, who has a few broken ribs from the Rasengan, when he stupidly decided to try to attack after getting his stomach cut open!” Sakura held back the desire to hit the boy for his actions while treating him…smacking him around could come later.

“Indeed Lee, that was an incredible reckless thing for you to do!” Gai made himself known. “Fighting a challenge is all well and good, but killing yourself like that was simply foolish. You shall atone with—”

“We can get into punishments later,” Kakashi stated factually. “Continue Sakura.”

Sakura sighed. “Kiba has it worse since he pushed himself and has damage to his trapezius and latissimus dorsi muscles, his ribs are broken, and he’s been poisoned the worst because he moved around more to intercept Naruto and didn’t let Shino’s bugs drain the majority of it—He won’t be doing fighting for weeks without the risk of tearing the muscles and recovering from the residual poison even after he goes to the hospital.”

“Is—” Kiba bit back a grunt and looked at Hinata with concern while Shizune worked on him. “Is Hinata okay?”

“I can still fight.” Hinata said firmly. “These injuries are nothing.”

“Had Kiba not reached you in time, they would have been quite fatal,” Shino stated coldly before turning to Shizune. “His clan’s style relies on those particular muscles greatly considering how they fight. I am grateful you are giving him your utmost attention.”

“It’s my fault for not being able to convince Naruto-kun…” Shizune shook her head and wiped away a tear. “Hinata-chan still has a nasty bruise on her face along with the minor lacerations on her body and her arm’s ulna bone was cracked, plus that blow to her abdomen did some damage as well, but she can still fight with the quick attention I gave her after I healed Tenten-chan enough for Ino-chan to follow up.”

It was the Kyuubi’s fault…all of it…Hinata repeated in her head like a mantra among the second voice, but she could still appreciate what he did. “Thank you Kiba-kun…”

“Anything for you Hinata…” Kiba said with a smile…until Akamaru made soft groan that called him whipped. He wisely chose not to translate that.

“Naruto isn’t doing this because he holds anything against us…” Tenten grunted. “I-I think he’s honestly terrified of returning to the village because of his past…or worse, what the village would do with Fuu.”

“Can Chouji and Tenten still fight?” Shikamaru asked while still bound and in the barrier next to them.

“Yeah,” Ino told her teammate and Chouji nodded. “Chouji had some deep lacerations that I’ve mended and Tenten was cut across the shoulder and chest somewhat deeply, but she’ll be fine as long as she doesn’t move around too much and open the wounds again.”

“Did anyone manage to do any actual damage to Naruto and Fuu?”

“I am fairly certain several of his ribs might have been broken and my back fist with the blow to the water would have made a normal person unable to fight for some time…” Gai told them. “I admit I was a bit angry that my students were in such conditions, but I held back, and considering his fox-like features became more defined at the moment before he vanished, he probably has recovered from them by now.”

“Sai and I couldn’t hit the original, she’s too fast or vanishes after she blinds us when things go bad. Not to mention it takes too long to clear out those clones of hers on our own…”

“We’ll have to go at it differently than before…” Shikamaru closed his eyes and visualized himself in his thinking pose since his arms were bound. “Naruto and Fuu as jinchuuriki have a ton of chakra to use and at this point neither has even used a tail to bat around the chuunin. Naruto hits harder than Fuu, but she’s faster and using more diversionary tactics…We’re losing because we’re fighting on their terms and pace, that’s why they used the wave tactics and summonings from before…How long until we’re out of this barrier?”

“Iruka and I think we have this sealing barrier arrangement figured out and can short it out, but with only one hand free it’ll take a few more minutes.” Jiraiya said somberly.

“Alright,” Shikamaru opened his eyes slowly. “I have a plan…but we’re going to have to hit them both hard to the extent it would kill a normal person.”

“…Shika—” Chouji started but Shikamaru cut him off.

“I don’t like it either, but we’ve got our orders…” Shikamaru looked at his injured comrades before steeling himself. “The two of them will kill the majority of us at the rate their going. Tsunade-sama told us ahead of time, they wouldn’t hold back and they haven’t. If any of us baring the Elite Jounin try to face them alone we’d be killed one way or another, the chuunin and Neji can’t attack Naruto alone—he knows firsthand how we fight from the past and even if our skills have improved they still have the same base.”

“…What do we do, Shika?” Chouji asked.

Shikamaru outlined his plan for dealing with the jinchuuriki as quickly and thoroughly as he could before the second battle started. “—however, we can’t wrap things up until all three of us are out of this barrier.”

“I’d suggest working faster…” Neji’s eyes were active as he spotted the incoming clones. “Clones are coming from above…I can’t tell if the original one is mixed in with the group, but I’d say that our break time is over.”

Fuu fluttered over the group and pulled out one of the scrolls Naruto gave her ahead of time while her clones went through hand signs and began blasting the area with lightning justu in order to get the reaction they were hoping for.

Yamato closed the other end of the large half-domed shell including those trapped in the barrier and slammed his hands onto the ground to shoot wood spikes from around the dome into the sky. They roughly turned to attempt to mildly puncture the original carrying the scroll as well as the clones. The original rose higher while the clones were dispersed until they realized too late what was coming.

“There’s another attack coming towards the dome and spikes—it’s laced with wind chakra!” Hinata told the group.

The incoming mass of wind chakra was a single large Grand Gale Shuriken that spun like a saw while it cut through the air and severed the top half of the dome and all the wooden spikes that had been used to target Fuu, who unraveled the scroll that had the kanji for Blast and let the explosive tag balls that were stored in it fall towards the entire mass.

“Shit!” Shikamaru swore. “They’re going to bury us!”

Tenten unraveled a scroll and put chakra into it as the wood started to collapse on them. “Summoning:—”

The sound of crashing wood and explosives drowned out her voice as a cloud of dust rose into the air and Fuu fluttered around it to see if the bombardment was successful. The blanket covering the site began to thin out to reveal…a metal shell covering the group inside?

“—Iron Protective Wall!” Tenten finished as Fuu bit her lip and prepared to make more clones while inside the dome everyone was getting ready for the counter attack.

“Where’s Naruto?” Kakashi asked.

“He’s standing by the fallen tower at the center of the lake, on the water—” Neji’s brow furrowed. “There’s another chakra source approaching him…one possibly bigger than Naruto’s!”

“Can you a sword like object infused with chakra?” Jiraiya asked.

“Yes…” Neji answered.

“We don’t have much time then,” Jiraiya worked faster on the seal array. “Most likely it’s the same Akatsuki member who came after Naruto a few years ago, Kisame of Kiri…but that also means that his partner is here.”

“Itachi…” Sasuke muttered. “I can’t believe his luck is still this bad when it comes to missions…even when he’s against us!

“Change of plans then,” Shikamaru sighed. “Gai-sensei…”

With Naruto

“That should’ve taken care of at least of few of them, but just to be safe…” Naruto prepared to pull out one of his remaining scrolls, as only the dust cloud could be seen from his position, when he heard footsteps on the water behind him. Fuu was still in the distance, so it must’ve been another threat. “Who’s there!”

He swung the chakra blades now fully coated in wind chakra at the incoming figure and prepared to draw a white cross in the air. Chains had already begun wrapping his body in an effort to rebuild his armor. The blades would take away the threat of the incoming unknown factor.

On impact, the blades were stopped by a spiky sword…and the damn things were devoured by the sword.

“It’s been too long, brat!” a grin revealed shark-like teeth.

“God damn it, Akatsuki’s joining the party now?” Naruto looked at his now missing blades. “Oh come on! First there was Shino, then the Hyuuga, and now you?”

“You may have over-relied on it,” Kisame chided him as he backed away. “I hope you can still give me a good fight.”

“I’ll invest in a solid sword, maybe get a copy of the original in the storage center made since it’s an antique, but for now…” Naruto’s pupils became slits and turned red as he put chakra into the storage seals on his body and withdrew the seal rods before pulling out the Triple-Bladed Scythe he…borrowed from Hidan. “Let’s get to it…”

They charged.

Kisame started the attack by bringing his legendary sword down to shred the jinchuuriki at diagonal angle that Naruto avoided by side-stepping and lowering his head to avoid. He himself had to take a step back when the scythe’s blades descended towards his head before he twisted and bought the sword around to grate it across the Uzumaki’s face.

The sword met his bracer and the chakra shield. The sword devoured the chakra of the shield but grated against the metal and created sparks as it passed. The blade giggled in some unholy delight as it consumed the chakra.

Naruto leaped back and tossed the scythe at the missing-nin who knocked it away and advanced on the jinchuuriki who tugged on the chakra chain that was attached to the bottom of the scythe and bought it around to slice through his neck, only to have the man duck and run Samehada against his chakra chain armor. It devoured the armor and shredded through his clothing to get to the skin beneath.

Naruto gritted his teeth as the scythe returned to his hand and swiped it at the man’s head expecting it to be dodged while channeling wind chakra into his foot. When the scythe passed overhead he released it with the chain attached and his foot came up and slammed against the Akatsuki member’s jaw and sent him spiraling into the fallen tower to the left of them.

“HAHA!” Kisame laughed as he wiped the blood from his lip while freeing himself from the rubble. He managed to duck as the scythe that had been released before the attack circled around thanks to the extended chain. “NOW THAT’S MORE LIKE IT!”

He can only devour the chakra if the sword has physical contact with it…Naruto guessed as the scythe returned to his right hand and he generated a Grand Rasengan in his left hand while Kurama patched up the shredded skin before charging the shark-man. But his physical strength is enormous…

Kisame swung Samehada horizontally while Naruto halted his charge and swung the scythe with a twist as the living sword passed by his head before attempting to nail the Demon Shark with the Grand Rasengan. Kisame’s knee came up and slammed him in the stomach and made the jinchuuriki lurch while the spiraling sphere dissipated, and then his elbow came down and sent Naruto beneath the surface of the water. He went to follow up but the sound of slicing wind from the scythe had him swing his blade and meet it head on.

The blades of the scythe were shattered as Naruto shot out of the water and slammed a Gale Fist into his face and sent him into a spin. “I liked that scythe—I spent hours in Iron learning to use that thing!”

Kisame got himself together and went at again by swinging Samehada at an angle that the jinchuuriki avoided by shifting his left foot forward at 45 degree angle and rotated on it while ducking.

Naruto’s wind chakra covered fist met the man’s stomach to make him bend over while his wind chakra covered foot came around from behind in a back axe-kick to smash the back of the skull in with his heel…and was caught by Kisame’s hand.

The shark-man tightened his grip and with a quick motion, he lifted the jinchuuriki up and slammed him onto the surface of the water while Samehada descended. It was blocked by the shaft of the broken scythe and sent Naruto underwater from the sheer force again.

Chains from Uzumaki’s body attempted to spear through the shark-man…and he tanked them before he grabbed them and pulled Naruto up in one violent tug before slamming him into the ground that the tower was on before Naruto dissipated the chains.

“Well—” Naruto winced as he felt his body ache. “That didn’t work…”

“So what are you gonna do Hidan’s scythe blade-less?” Kisame chuckled on the water. “You gonna run?”

“To use my original Monk’s Spade I was trained in Bojutsu.” Naruto spun the bladeless weapon around his hands and then body as if they were one. He lost a scythe and bladed weapon but he gained a staff of metal to bludgeon the shark-man with…before he used chakra flow to enhance the strength with wind chakra and exhaled loudly. “Bring it!”

“…I like you kid,” he honestly told him as they both charged and clashed again on top the water.

The makeshift Bo Staff was also a spear by sharpening the chakra tips as he thrust forward to pierce the shark-man’s skull. It grazed his head as it passed before Kisame bit down with shark-like teeth and completely shattered the section while shortening the weapon before slamming Naruto with a kick that had him skimming on the water until he rolled and was on his feet. He notice the missing-nin performing a series of hand seals and reached for a scroll on his bandolier.

“Water Style: Water Shark Bullet!” water became the avatar of a shark and was sent forward towards the jinchuuriki who took out a scroll.

“Uzumaki Custom: Water Seal!” the scroll drank the attack and swallowed the jutsu whole to be used at a later moment.

The shark-man was approaching from above after a leap and had his blade at the ready, “Got y—”

“MAXIMUM ENTRY!” when a green blur intercepted him and they both flew through the tower and onto the other side of Old Uzushio…and possibly the island. The Green Beast had been unleashed to deal with the Demon Shark.

Naruto blinked for a few seconds before shrugging, “…Never look a gift ferret in the mouth! Let the two of them kill each other.”

Naruto tossed the broken scythe away and resummoned his seal rods and prepared to go aid Fuu when he heard the hum of flowing chakra and reformed his blades. They met with a similar element before they were deflected by the chronic smoker and former ninja monk.

“Shall we catch up for a bit Naruto-kun?” Asuma Sarutobi appeared with his trench knives at the ready and using wind chakra as well.

Naruto held fast and swung his blades again. “The Old Man and Konohamaru will never forgive me killing you, but you’ve left me no choice!”

The sound of clashing chakra was heard as two trench knives that overflowed with experience deflected his strike.

With Fuu

“Let it Rip!” Tenten pulled the ripcord of her Shuriken Launcher and the massive shuriken was unleashed into the air, where it tore through groups of clones as if they were nothing but targets. She unraveled her massive scroll as it flew over the battlefield from a toss and rained white streaks of destruction. “Manipulated Tools: Heavenly Chain of Destruction!”

“Super Beast Imitation Scroll: Flight!” Sai conjured up countless birds once again that dart into the clones without pause before drawing his tanto and cleaving through the ones approaching him low on the ground.

“Burn!” Sasuke let loose a blaze that charred everything in his path including beetles and clones alike with his eyes locked onto the next targets. He shrouded his hands in lightning chakra and Chidori Senbon flew and nailed every single one without a moment’s pause.

Tenten, Sasuke, Sai, you three can destroy the greatest amount of clones at once because of your attacks. Keep up the assault and destroy as many as you can to get her to feel the pressure, were the Nara’s instructions to the trio.

“Damn,” Fuu swore as her clones and beetles were taken out with unexpected speed from the repeated assaults with the aid of the bun-haired girl to the two grounded flyers. The trio attacked from the ground rather than the sky since they only had to focus on attacks from above rather than trying to keep up with her. They could be dealt with eventually but first came the medics in the iron shell being protected by the jounin.

Her clones and insects were blocked by wooden structures and kunai whenever the Hyuuga detected them entering his current range of vision and directed the others. She prepared to unleash a lightning jutsu on the troublesome eye-user when he suddenly spotted her making hand seals beyond his previous range and turned to thrust his palm towards and she was pushed by something and sent into a spiral.

Naruto said they fought at close range…Fuu thought as the others began to focus their attacks on her when she unraveled a scroll and fired a barrage of explosive tagged kunai of her own that only the Hyuuga with his 8 Trigrams Rotation defended against.

Neji, if Naruto is relying on the fact that Hyuuga use close combat, then he’s relayed that information to Fuu. You’ll help keep the medics safe with “Asuma,” “Kakashi,” “Gai,” and “Yamato” since if we lose them we’ve effectively lost the battle—that’s why medics are normally targeted first in any incursion. Look for an opening when as many of the clones have been eliminated and blast the original with your 8 Trigrams Sky Palm to make her doubt the information she has…Neji recalled the Nara’s orders.

The smoke cleared to reveal the bodies of the other jounin…as wood?

Yamato-san, you’re an unknown factor to those two and your wood style can be a pain for both of them. While she probably knows Naruto can deal with the chuunin, if Fuu sees you or any of the other jounin missing, she’ll most likely figure out you’re going after Naruto and use that ferret to take him away again. Use Wood Clones and Wood Style: Transformation to make it appear like you and the other jounin are defending the medics.

“Shit!” Fuu swore as she dodged another barrage of Chidori Senbon. If those weren’t the jounin, that means they’re going after Naruto again, we need to regroup!

Fuu gathered chakra into her mouth once again and exhaled the blinding breath. Creating a final group of shadow clones, she left them in place while she retracted her wings and snuck towards the position that the clone she left with Pace decided on before dissipating.

She figured they’d never pay attention the ground when she normally took to the skies…She was unaware she was being spied by a set of white-eyes that belonged to a chuunin and her accomplices.

Hinata, you stay out of the battle and keep a look out in case she makes a break for it using that blinding technique, it obscures regular vision, but you can see chakra with your eyes closed and won’t be affected by it. Take Chouji and Shino with you and wait until she’s with the ferret until you strike. As soon as we’re free I’ll go to help capture her with Iruka-sensei—we’ll use her as a negotiation point to get Naruto under control in a worst case scenario.

A dark smile etched itself on Hinata’s face as the whispers in her mind became more vocal. If she couldn’t take away Naruto’s life first, she’d take away his everything…

With Sasuke

Sasuke had to rest as they finished the clones off and the original Fuu had vanished.

“We’ve done it!” Iruka claimed as the barrier and chains dissipated and released the group that was entrapped and ready to go once again to the battlefield. They exited the iron shell placed over them.

“Troublesome…” Shikamaru stretched and rolled his arms before looking over to the three chuunin. “So, how’d it go?”

“According to plan,” Sasuke told him. “Neji just spotted Hinata’s group leave to apprehend Fuu. Yamato and Kakashi are in their positions and Asuma should be going against Naruto while Gai deals with the other Akatsuki member.”

“Alright,” Jiraiya handed Shikamaru a seal tag. “I’ll go over to the point where Naruto will be. Use that to suppress her demonic chakra.”

“Okay,” Shikamaru nodded before he and Iruka took off in one direction and Jiraiya took off in the other.

Sasuke was about to go check on the injured when a murder of crows appeared and swallowed him into a dark world that he guessed was genjutsu…until his brother appeared.

“Hello, little brother…” Itachi said in an almost dulled tone. “Your hatred—”

“Don’t give me that hatred crap, ITACHI!” Sasuke roared, genjutsu or not. “I know about what really happened that night! Do you know just how bad you fucked up?”

With Naruto

Naruto swung the chakra blades fully coated in wind chakra at the elite jounin. Down and across before switching to a diagonal cut, the blades were unleashed. His blades crashed against the former Fire Guardian Ninja’s trench knives and were driven off.

The four blades of chakra clashed on the water with Naruto being pushed back by the older man at each attempt.

“Flying Swallow—my personal version of chakra flow,” Asuma said coldly as his blades severed Naruto’s without much resistance. “Wind against Wind—the more precise and refined one will prevail and cut through any guard. Prepare yourself Naruto…”

Naruto bought both of his bracers up and generated chakra shields to protect him as the right chakra blade of Asuma Sarutobi drew a horizontal line in the air across Naruto’s defenses and he paused for brief second…as blood sprayed out.

The chakra shields, the bracers behind them, and the defensive seals on them were cut clean through to the flesh below.

“Chakra Blade: Straight Line…” the older jounin muttered before he delivered a merciless kick to the younger chakra weapon-user that knocked him back.

Naruto’s arms bled as the bracers’ remains fell into the water and were lost to the depths while the lacerations on his arms were patched up. The difference in skill had been made clear. Yet…

“RRRRAAAAAGGGHHHH!” Naruto charged forward with his blades only to have them blocked as he swung. He turned and tried to slip into the man’s guard but the longer blades were intercepted at every turn.

“Give up Naruto!” the older man’s blades severed the jinchuuriki’s once again.

“I won’t go back!” he told him as he reformed the blades and swung them again. “I won’t let you take Fuu to that place!”

“Whatever happened to your dream of being Hokage?”

“I only wanted the hat so I could earn everyone’s respect!” Naruto answered as his right blade failed to take off his grandfather-figure’s son’s head. “I trained like hell, I fought for my village and comrades, and what did I earn from the village—what do I have to show for my efforts? I learned more in 4 years away from there than I did living there!”

“Dad would’ve wanted—” Asuma was interrupted by the blades attempting to sever his limbs.

“The Old Man would’ve wanted me to be happy!” Naruto stepped back to avoid the incoming right chakra blade but Asuma extended it and it cut into his flesh before Naruto bought his foot up to kick the man but missed as he hopped back. “He would’ve wanted the village to accept me and tried his best before the Snake Bastard killed him! But the villagers spat on both his wishes and my father’s!”

“Naruto…are you going to let your hatred of the village blind you?” he stopped moving while getting into a combat stance. “The majority that wronged were executed by Dad. Will you turn your hatred of the past onto the uninvolved?”

“Once the physical abuse stopped they moved on to emotional, financial, social…” Naruto took a stance while his blades were humming with wind chakra. “Once the main ones died, their friends and families continued to drown in their hatred and drag me to the depths…how long could I have remained there and kept enduring all of that before I snapped and lost my sanity like Gaara did?”

The wind howled and thunder roared as Naruto prepared for charge and gave the Old Man’s son his final answer.

“I don’t want revenge on Konoha since it would be spitting on the Old Man’s wish—I keep telling myself that it would serve no purpose now in order to rein in the hatred. The past cannot be changed I know that, so I looked to the future for a new dream with the women I love and who accepted me…a small village of peace for those who could escape otherwise…it doesn’t have to be a village born and bathed in the blood of war like Konoha, Iwa, or the others…and you’re standing in the way of that.”

The sound of chakra blades clashing against each other filled their battlefield on the water as they ceased their chatter and dove into the pace of battle. The blades became lingering trails under the ever darkening skies. Ripples formed beneath them as they stepped lightly and their blades sung the chord of battle when they clash and sparks of chakra flew off.

“You fight well—”a strong blow from the right blade deflected Naruto’s blades into the air and Asuma’s left chakra blade sliced through the right seal rod below where his blades were formed and locked into shape. Asuma’s right came around as Naruto’s flipped the end over to the other seal tip and it was cut through as well. “—but I’ve been at this for far too much longer.”

The difference between them reared its head once again between the two with Asuma at the advantage. Naruto had stamina and healing that kept him fighting but Asuma had experience that surpassed Naruto’s life in general.

Naruto discarded the right seal rod—it was useless at this point. Chains erupted from his body but the vitals strikes were dodged and deflected even as they came around with only a few cuts and lacerations on his expendable limbs to show for it until the man closed the gap once again. He forced Naruto onto the defensive as the remaining blade shifted and became the Monk’s Spade once again and Naruto took up a stance he adopted from the Wind Temple before his departure.

“A Monk’s Spade…” Asuma ducked under the crescent end as it passed by and twirled before the spade came flying forward and was knocked upwards by his knives. “What temple did you study under?”

Naruto said nothing as he leaped back and shot the crescent end out using a chakra chain only to have it batted away.

“Well, Chiriku would’ve said something if it were the Fire Temple, but your banishment included all of the Land of Fire,” the older man tossed the knives at Naruto who twisted to avoid them. “Plus with all the commotion in the Land of Wind, it must’ve been the Wind Temple.”

Naruto stopped responding so he could focus on the fight and unraveled the Water Seal scroll and prepared to unleash the contents when a blur tore past and cut the scroll in half. Asuma’s knives had been controlled by using Wind Style: Jade Hurricane and returned to his hands as Naruto discarded the scroll.

“I was with the Fire Temple and learned their techniques—including how to use a special type of chakra…I was told that all temples had a similar skill but I’ve noticed you haven’t used yours.” Asuma closed in and slashed across his armor to cut through the scroll bandolier. It was claimed by the lake as Naruto was pushed back—though he kept the important scrolls in a body seal anyway and those were expensive but easily replaced. “Not to mention you haven’t reigned in your emotions…you didn’t complete your training in the temple, did you?”

Naruto thrust the spade end of the weapon out towards the man’s chest to slip it between his ribcage in an attempt to claim his heart. It was deflected as Asuma foot shot back at an angle and he pivoted on it while bringing his first trench knife down to parry. The blade of the second one extended and split the seal rod.

The veins on Naruto’s head became visible as he threw the broken seal rod pieces at the man and formed a new blade like the one he showed Gaara using his right hand as the body and the bone of the blade. He turned on his foot and tried to slash from the side, but the left trench knife caught the blade and Asuma pushed forward and bought the other knife around which forced Naruto to dodge.

Naruto duck and spun while sweeping the blade at the older man’s chest. His blade nicked at the man’s flak jacket as he stepped back as swung his right knife down and cut near the left shoulder blade on Naruto’s back and blood spattered in the water before the wound was closed.

The two warriors separated to take an assessment of their opposite as their breaths stilled. Naruto’s injuries closed easily but with the seal rods gone maintain the blades without it became much harder. Asuma grew more winded as well but he could still go for another few minutes.

“It’s time we ended this!” the older man took a stance with his left hand in the form of a half-ram and his palm extending parallel to the ground. The spirit of a deity surrounded him in a protective embrace.

“Raigo:—” the thousand-hand Konnan became demonic and unleashed its wrath upon the jinchuuriki. The force of the fist struck hard at the expanded armor barrier and cracked it under the sheer pressure and number of his strikes. “Thousand Hand Strike!”

Naruto’s barrier weathered the intense blows and increasingly drained his chakra as he repaired it before the subsequent blows could shatter it. He was unaware that his former mentor had been hidden and forming hand seals the moment his movement was limited by the barrier tied to his body and the blows.

Asuma-sensei, wear him out while getting rid of his weapons and force him into a position where he can’t move over the water, then have Kakashi-sensei launch him towards the ambush position where the trap will be waiting. After that, hit him as hard as you can…were the Nara’s orders.

“Water Style: Water Dragon Bullet!” the water beneath Naruto became a gaping mouth that tried to swallow the jinchuuriki as he rode up into the air. He was thrown violently upwards in a spout and could see the incoming threat of the water dragon that rose above him and came crashing down from above to drive him into the nearest solid piece of land and throwing up a cloud of dust, dirt, water, and stone while the jinchuuriki was buried beneath rubble.

“GAH—AH!” Naruto pushed the stone slab off of him and stood once again. His body cried for mercy from the relentless assault by pain, cold, and wetness but stood on principle. The armor was gone now and he didn’t have the chakra to put it back in place…even he had a limit without more time to recover from Kisame’s damn sword earlier and constantly reforming the blades.

“I was hoping to save the fox cloak to deal with Pervy Sage—” he coughed up blood as he summoned the collapsible spike he also liberated from Hidan “—but beggars can’t be choosers…I have to at least get to Fuu… ”

Hands burst from beneath Naruto. “Earth Style:—”

“NOT THIS TIME!” Naruto stabbed the spike into what he was sure the body of his former mentor and lighting surged through his body and he howled in anguish. What he struck was a Lightning Style: Shadow Clone. The lightning ripped his skin and burned it along with his clothes until he fell on his knees.

Wood sprouted from beneath him and he became entrapped inside a rising tree that suddenly sprouted and trapped him limbs. He couldn’t swing the spike with his hand from the pressure that threatened to crush his bones as it held in place while he rose into the sky instead of sinking to the ground.

“Wood Style: Tree Bind Eternal Burial,” the man known as Yamato spoke before glancing at Kakashi. “Senpai.”

“Forgive me, Naruto…but it’s over…” he droned before finishing the hand seals of a fearsome jutsu. “Fire Style: The Prominence!”

Fire sparked at the base of the tree before it shot up the trunk and roared as heat and pressure built to become a blaze. Once they reached the apex of their climb, the ground erupted in a pillar of fire that shot to the heavens and swallowed the tree and Uzumaki all at once.

Naruto’s mouth hung wide as his scorched body fell to the earth from the heaven’s as the roar of thunder from the skies bemoaned the jinchuuriki’s fate. He hit the ground with a thud and stared into the darkened clouds as his breathing grew heavy and his flesh ached while blood dribbled from him lips.

The monsters of Konoha—that’s what the Elite Jounin who had come for him were. He could no longer hope to stay off the inevitable any longer.

The simple wish he wanted fulfilled for the sake of his lovers and himself—a wish that he would have expanded onto others who needed a home free of some of the burdens of the ninja world as well…it would go unfulfilled.

These men stood in the way of that. They would take him back to his place of suffering and rob him of his freedom and home. They would take Fuu to that place…

I WON’T LET YOU TAKE HER THERE!” the demonic coat flared and became a cloak and a single tail emerged as he stood. Killing intent rolled off him in waves of malice towards his captors as a second tail immediately formed. He fell on all fours as the third tail was created from desperation boiling over his cloak.

Broken bones fused and mended; torn and burned flesh was recreated through regeneration; his life was shortened so that he could fight for their dream and his own simple wish.

!” Naruto unleashed a sonic roar to the heavens and a shock wave was unleashed that threw back the earth, water, rubble, and even forced the elite jounin to back away before they were caught in the wave of destruction that left the area around him barren and inside a crater as the past hatred of the Kyuubi and Uzumaki became his shield and sword born of tainted chakra.

NINE TAILED FOX—” fire gathered in his mouth as chakra blazed and the jounin prepared themselves for the inferno with Yamato preparing to use Tearing Torrent and Kakashi using a Water Wall. “FIRE STRE—!

Splat—Naruto felt searing pain enter his body and looked down to see his chest had been run through by a double-edged Jian from below as a red mist dotted the air above him.

“Kukuku…” a voice that Naruto would never forget reached his ears as the blade was withdrawn and one of the men he loathed—next to the freak in the mask—with all his being appeared from out of the ground behind him. “Such a pity Naruto-kun…you fought well but alas…”

Snake…Bastard…” Naruto weakly spat out as he fell onto the ground while Kurama started to heal the wound. “Could…this day…get any…worse?

“I’d say this was nothing personal…but after the whole stopping Sasuke-kun and Tsunade’s return, I’d be lying,” Orochimaru joked, before he swung the blade towards the jinchuuriki’s neck while the jounin dashed to intercept it but were over taken by a blur of white and red.

With Fuu – About Two Minutes Beforehand

“Okay, Pace!” Fuu arrived at the secondary point. “Get Naruto—”

“Gentle Step: Twin Lions!” she was cut off as Hinata barged in with fists covered in an aura of chakra that formed lion heads. On impact the lion’s ruptured and blasted Fuu through the remains of the wall before Hinata followed her out.

Boss Lady!” Pace exclaimed as he was trapped in a cage of insects buzzing about.

“Any use of chakra or sudden movements and they close in…I would suggest not trying anything as the best course of action.” Shino told the ferret.

“Water St—” Fuu was interrupted from blasting the Hyuuga with a Water Trumpet as a massive fist slammed into her from the side and sent her flying back into a pillar. Before she could recover a large round boulder that was Chouji Akamichi slammed into her and plowed her through another series of ruins and rubble until she went tumbling onto the ground.

“Ngh…” Fuu weakly picked herself up as blood flowed freely from the scrapes and cuts in her skin while her left arm hung limply and broken. She spotted the female Hyuuga coming from the side and crafted her Water Slicing Blade to take off her head with her good arm when they both froze in place. She felt bound by some force only to see something connecting to Hinata’s shadow.

“Shadow Possession—Successful!” Shikamaru’s shadow branched out and connected with Fuu and Hinata. “Iruka-sensei, the barrier!”

Iruka flung five kunai with a Barrier Tag on them around Fuu and a final one in the center with a Chakra Suppression Seal given to Shikamaru by Jiraiya and clapped his hands. The chakra connected through chakra strings and formed a pentagon that hummed through the barrier.

“Shikamaru-kun! Let me go!” Hinata ordered while staring at the jinchuuriki from outside the barrier.

“Sorry, but Hinata you’ve been a concern and we’ll have to address Tsunade-sama about a session with Ino’s father…” Shikamaru sighed as shadows circled Fuu’s body and two shadow hands began to creep towards her neck. “As troublesome as this is, I’ve got my orders…”

There was a demonic howl as a wave of tainted chakra washed over the area following a pillar of fire in the sky.

“It’s over now,” Shikamaru warned her. “Jiraiya-sama will have arrived to seal off the demonic chakra and we’ll take Naruto back. I’ll have to ensure you’re unconscious, but I’ll try to avoid leaving a mark.”

“Let me GO! the caramel-skinned green haired jinchuuriki snarled as her pupils became compounded along with a green cloak graced her with a tail…only for the tag in the center to glow and absorb the greenish chakra and leak it through the barrier. “Wh-What’s…”

Hinata’s eyes furrowed at the woman in front of her until she spotted something flying towards the group. “Shikamaru-kun, behind you!”

The Nara released his prisoners as Chouji grabbed him and dove before a rain of crystal shuriken tore overhead. Fuu kicked the kunai in the center away and ducked as the barrier was broken by said shuriken while Hinata backed away.

The two young women prepared to clash before figuring out what just attacked them—when a jagged crystalline flower emerged between them and blossomed into a greater and large flower of translucent red death that almost pierced them both if they hadn’t rolled away.

“Nanabi jinchuuriki,” Kabuto arrived with a silent woman in tow. “It’s nothing personal, but it would seem your death is desired by Orochimaru-sama…”

“…I love Naruto, but when it rains IT POURS WITH HIS LUCK!” the jinchuuriki donned her tail and wings to prepare to kill the invaders as her injuries healed.

“Ain’t that the truth…” Shikamaru sighed.

With Naruto

The Toad Sage had finally appeared and was pissed off as he delivered a kick to the ribcage of his former teammate and sent him backwards.

I came to seal off Naruto’s demonic chakra before it could get this far but it’s the only thing keeping him alive…Jiraiya thought as he glanced at the jinchuuriki and then glared at his former teammate. “First Akatsuki shows up and now you…”

“Ah, Jiraiya…” the Snake Sannin chuckled. “I haven’t seen you since after I tried to get Tsunade to heal the damage sensei did before I killed the feeble old man—”

A chakra blade attempted to decapitate the Snake Sannin but was blocked by his Kusanagi blade. The blade said to cut through anything did just that with the chakra and lashed out toward the attacker who deflected the blade at the cost of his trench knives having a deep cut through the metal.

“Well well, if it isn’t sensei’s son…if it’s any comfort, I believe the feeble and pathetic old man died satisfied that his actions bought the village a few more yea—” the Snake Sannin was cut off yet again as a bubbling arm of crimson chakra grabbed him and slammed him into the ground some distance away with the blade vanishing.

DON’T. EVER. INSULT THE OLD MAN IN FRONT OF ME!” Naruto roared and the malevolent chakra became a larger fist that pounded him in further and forced Jiraiya and the others away while he buried the snake underneath the rubble repeatedly. “I’LL KILL YOU!

Inside Naruto’s Mindscape

Well now, it looks as though I might be needed after all…” a dark voice chuckled while Kurama looked on impassively.


Tsunade sat with a radio in her office and a ticket in her hand for the lottery that would be announced in a few minutes. She was confident that Jiraiya and the others could bring back Naruto on their own…but just in case…

“THE WINNING NUMBERS ARE—” the radio announcer called out the numbers. It matched the ticket.

Every. Single. Number.

She rubbed her forehead and looked over to the men at the entrance to her office. “Get ready to use it.”

More Notes:

So the first part of the battle has been completed with the arrival of Akatsuki and Orochimaru. Now as I’ve said once before, I do not like to write God-mode Naruto stories. I have given several justifications for WHY he simply can’t be pulling some crap off.

Naruto and Fuu had the advantage at first because Naruto knew most of their styles as Genin but they’ve improved. It was only when that big brain of Shikamaru’s took in all the information and spat out a strategy that they launched a truly offensive counter attack. Remember both sides are using information they’ve gathered on the other to get an advantage.

Naruto is skilled, but let me be clear, he’s like 17-18 and 4-5 years of training away from Konoha. Hinata as a Hyuuga has over a decade of better chakra control, Asuma is over 30 and has been working with his Flying Swallow style a lot longer than Naruto has even been alive, and don’t get me started on Might Gai, that man is a monster who’s never lost in canon. There’s a reason he wasn’t there during the pain invasion.

Non – Canon Jutsu:

Grand Destruction Strike – A super-sized Destruction Strike.

Grand Gale Shuriken – An enlarged Gale Shuriken that acts like a saw.

Uzumaki Custom: Exploding Dragon Strike – Through a Jutsu Scroll Naruto unleashes a flaming dragon that explodes on impact.

Fire Style: The Prominence – A fire jutsu that incinerates the target in a pillar of fire with the power of the midnight sun. (Medabots reference)

Canon Jutsu:

8 Trigrams Rotation – The user unleashes chakra from all tenketsu and spins in place to create a sphere of revolving chakra.

8 Trigrams Sky Palm – The user accurately targets the enemy’s vital points and releases a high speed palm strike to using a vacuum shell attack.

Chakra Blade: Straight Line – Asuma runs up to the opponent at high speeds and delivers one horizontal cut with the Flying Swallow.

Expansion: A secret technique of the Akamichi clan that increases the user’s body size by converting calories into chakra. (Ram-Special Seal)

Fang Over Fang – The user and their nin-dog spin and dash at the target performing beast-like attacks when contact is made with the target.

Fire Style: Burning Ash – The user spits out a cloud of chakra infused gunpowder which can be used as smoke screen or ignited. (Snake-Rat-Snake-Tiger)

Flying Swallow – An addition-line ninjutsu that augments the killing power of a blade by flowing chakra into it, the materialized blade is shaped like a blade and by adjusting the amount of chakra into the blade you can alter the length.

Gentle Step: Twin Lion Fists – The user forms two large lion-shaped shrouds of chakra around their hands and attacks opponent.

Hidden Art: Insect Jar – Has the Aburame clan’s insects act as a shield by having them fly in a dome at high speeds. (Boar-Monkey-Dragon-Ram-Dog)

Hidden Art: Insect Sphere – At the user’s orders the Aburame clan’s insects converge and covers the enemies body and devour their chakra—even if the enemy escapes they’ll follow.

Insect Clone: A technique of the Aburame clan where thousands of their insects are gathered and can take the place or appearance of anyone else and break down into their normal state on impact.

Leaf Dancing Shadow: A technique where one follows the opponent closely matching his body movements like a leaf dancing in the air is followed by a shadow.

Leaf Hurricane: A series of high and low kicks, the high kick is mostly a feint.

Leaf Rising Wind: Using the entire body as a spring, the user kicks just above the head and sends the enemy into the air.

Lightning Style: Shadow Clone – A shadow clone made of lightning and can shock the enemy when destroyed.

Manipulated Tools: Heavenly Chain of Destruction – Tenten tosses her large scroll into the air and unleashes the weapons inside as they rain down.

Maximum Entry – Might Gai attacks opponent with a powerful version of Dynamic Entry. (Naruto Ultimate Ninja 4)

Partial Expansion: A practical application of the Expansion technique, the user swells a single part of their body to increase the power of the physical attack.

Raigo: Thousand Hand Strike – The ultimate technique of the Fire Temple taught to the ninja monks and requires a special chakra (Gift of the Hermit Group). The technique is activated with a specific stance with their left hand in the form of a half-ram and then extending their palm parallel to the ground. The spirit of the Thousand Armed Kannon is summoned to defend the user or attack the enemy. While normally calm and angelic looking, when the user gets angry it looks demonic.

Rotating Fang – User spins like a buzz-saw towards the target

Severe Leaf Hurricane – A taijutsu combination of speed and power, the essence of this technique is concentrated in a spinning back kick with such speed not a single person can follow before being smashed by the overwhelming strength.

Shadow Possession: Allows user to extend shadow on any surface as long as there’s sufficient area and once in contact with the enemies shadow they are forced to imitate the user’s movements.

Summoning: Iron Protection Wall – Tenten summons a large iron dome similar to the shell of an armadillo from one of her scrolls that can protect her and her teammate from attacks.

Water Style: Exploding Water Shock Wave – The user spits out a great volume of water from their mouth to swallow up and crush enemy with the advancing surge. The amount created is proportional to the chakra used.

Water Style: Tearing Torrent – Water spirals in the user’s hand and is fired towards the enemy at high speeds. (Boar-Dog-Ram)

Water Style: Water Shark Bullet – The user shapes water into the form of a large shark and sends it towards the opponent at high speeds by thrusting their hands forward. (Tiger-Ox-Dragon-Hare-Dog-Bird-Rat-Clone seal-Dragon-Ram)

Wind Style: Devastation – A simple technique that creates a sudden gust of wind but the scale varies on the user. (Tiger-Ox-Dog-Rabbit-Snake)

Wind Style: Dust Cloud – User creates a stream of high-velocity wind containing dust particles and capable of decimating anything caught in it in only a matter of moments. The completed technique is directed though vertically overlapped hands that are placed in font of the user’s mouth after forming the seal. (Bird)

Wind Style: Jade Hurricane – By using Wind Chakra the user can infuse their bladed weapon with it from a distance and manipulate them. (Snake)

Wood Clone: A clone technique using wood style it is more durable than a shadow clone and the user can absorb information by touching the wood clone and can use jutsu. (Tiger-Dog-Snake)

Wood Style: Mallet – Yamato creates several pieces of wood from the ground that shoot out and pierce the opponent.

Wood Style: Transformation – Just like an ordinary transformation but acts like a costume that can be left behind. (Bird-Dog-Snake)

Wood Style: Tree Bind Eternal Burial – User summons a tree around their opponent to bind them and is relatively powerful. The user can enclose the opponent to implode their body. (Snake-Rat-Dragon-Dog-Tiger)

Wood Style: Domed Wall – Makes wooden pillars appear to the left and right and join together in a dome-shape with the user at the center point for various purposes. (Rat-Dog-Tiger)

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