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The Thor and Jane melodrama

Arousing Grammar

Well, not exactly Thor, but we’ll get to that.  You guys all saw the movie, right?  The handsome, selfish god falls in love with a beautiful, selfless astrophysicist Jane Foster.  A delightful tale and perfect for the movie, but not terribly true in the comics.  Mainly because Thor doesn’t love Jane, but the goddess Sif.  Y’see, the connection between the thunder god and Jane relies on a single man: Dr. Donald Blake.

Here’s the real origin on Thor from Journey to Mystery #84 in 1952, written by Stan Lee and drawn by Jack Kirby.  Thor premiered the issue before, but this is the first appearance of Jane:

Complete with all the secret identity stuff that made comics great back then:

Most of you should have no idea who Don is, and that’s totally normal.  As comics have progressed and stories evolved, Don’s presence has been diminished and subsequently done away…

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