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Batman and Superman switch powers, Pt. 1

He always said he was afraid of having too much power because he was a step away from his enemies in terms of mental stability. This only proves why he should remain the pinnacle of human ability without superpowers…. and a lot of cash.

Arousing Grammar

Our title’s on the nose today.  Batman gets all of Superman’s powers and Superman gets all of Batman’s powers (nothing).  It’s a brilliant idea. Batman’s personality flaws revolving his obsessions and unending justice get blown open wonderfully when he actually has the powers to act out his unending justice obsessions.  We’ll take a look at this mess in Superman/Batman #53-56, written by Michael Green & Mike Johnson and drawn by Rags Morales.

Like all good Superman and Batman arcs, the story begins with their contrasting viewpoints.  Spoiler alert: they think differently.




How could you not love panels of Superman in Gotham City?  His outfit’s a primary color nightmare against the browns and grays of Gotham, and the wild optimism of Superman’s ideals against the city that attempts to prove him wrong.  I love it, almost as much as I love the idea of Firefly getting taken out by Superman in…

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