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Visitations 5-08 (Donation Bonus)

Many feels were had in this chapter….

Heretical Edge and Summus Proelium

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As much as I wanted to see my father just then, as soon as Asenath’s truck came into sight, I stopped walking. My mouth was dry, and I could all-but hear my heart hammering within the confines of my chest. When I spoke, my voice cracked at first, forcing me to swallow. “I– I have to tell him.”

The vampire looked toward me, remaining silent for a moment until I continued. “I have to tell my Dad. It’s—it’s my mom. My mother. My—my mom is—she’s–I’m not—I can’t–” Closing my eyes, I whimpered as a full-body shudder ran through me. I was sweating, yet I also felt cold. “My mother.”

After a second of that, I felt one of her hands take my arm, while the other resting against my back. Gently, but firmly, the vampire girl eased me over to a nearby bus stop bench and sat me…

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