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Superior Spider-Man #26 Review

Superior Spider-Man 026-000I feel cheated…

There isn’t much to cover in Issue #26 of Superior Spider-Man as Otto once again gets out of things way too easily, so let’s wrap this review up in a few paragraphs.

The issue begins with the Green Goblin and Hobgoblin going to war with one another at an abandoned Ozcorp factory, with Hobgoblin having a bunch of villains and offering money and franchises for whoever kills the most of the Green Goblin’s men and the goblin in question himself. How the battle started beyond the declaration of war last issue is still up in the air, but it ends abruptly with the Green Goblin calling for a time-out. I’m serious, he calls a time-out and Hobgoblin agrees because it’s being costly to him in the long run when the Green Goblin reminds him Spider-Man has an army.

Cut to Otto ordering his men to protect a shipment from what looks to be AIM when the Avengers show up to have a word with him. He tells them he’s busy, so they just take down both sides to hasten things and then tell him his probation is over. Didn’t Captain America take him off that during the first Superior Spider-Man team up? Whatever, not important given the things that happen later on.

We then go to Ghost Peter, who finds that damn near all his memories are gone besides the ones he shared with Otto during their initial transfer in Amazing Spider-Man #700 and the ones Otto perused through on his own. That’s bad because it means that he won’t remember a great deal of his life even when all of this is over. Worse, he couldn’t beat Otto when he had all his memories and allies, so what chance did he have now? Realizing that, he falls into despair on his knees and wonders what he should do.

Now back to the goblins. Green Goblin and Hobgoblin decide to go mano-a-mano, winner takes all on who reigns as the Goblin King. Now, why villains decide to have rules in the middle of the war escapes me, but they go head-to-head with pumpkin bombs while calling each other fakes, listing others who donned their opposite’s masks as Legacy Characters. Hobgoblin gets in a shot when insults Harry Osborn, nailing the Green Goblin in the chest with a spiky metal ball of death.

Then we go back to the Avengers and Otto in the Avengers Tower, where he’s reminiscing about ASM #700 where Peter pushed him out of that very window while in Otto’s original dying body in an attempt to reclaim his body. He’s broken out of his thoughts when Iron Man brings up the charges of him wiping their medical database of his scans and he claims its to protect his secret identity and states that’s exactly why Iron Man and Captain America had that god awful crossover, Civil War.

They say his excuse about being affected by Venom isn’t going to fly given the timing and Wolverine says he can have a psychic up there in minutes, but Otto points out that Peter’s been accused of acting strange tons of times and asks what makes it so much different than before. They states it because he’s an Avenger this time, which I personally call BS on given all the shit the Scarlet Witch has gotten away with, and Stark decides to take a look at those files himself. Given he’s not an idiot barring certain moments, that causes Otto some stress.

At the same time Ghost Peter gets a second wind because all the memories left behind are those defining moments for him. The moments where he’s been tested to his limits, memories where he’s defined himself as Spider-Man. So I expect him to show up soon enough for a rematch over their body soon enough.

Cut to the goblins where, despite having what looks to be his chest caved in, the Green Goblin stands and the Hobgoblin recognizes the scar on his chest as where the glider impaled him and calls him Osborn (which I won’t believe until I see his face). Green Goblin lays on the beat down and strangles the Hobgoblin to death at that instant, despite taking two knives to the ribs. Thus he apparently earns his men as Otto quits the Avengers, saying he needs no help, just as the Goblin King takes the men back while his Goblin Knight stays behind.

Ironically, the Green Goblin had a point when he called Hobgoblin a fake. With Phil being a bit more savvy about checking the body, as he killed Kingsley’s brother wearing the suit when he tried this himself before, he notes its really not Kingsley behind that mask this time and decides to destroy the body so no one knows and Green Goblin keeps Kingsley’s men under his control.

In the end, Kingsley had split town to France and hypnotized his manservant to take his place, doing the same to some other poor bastard. He’s decided to lay low for the time being and toasts to Osborn on his victory as a graceful loser as the issue ends.

At this point I can’t help but feel that the Superior Spider-Man was solely written to reboot the Amazing Spider-Man continuity without changing the base details, a legitimate way to destroy Peter’s life and start from scratch for new readers once March or April rolls around. They broke him up with MJ, turned Carlie to a goblin, messed up his relationship with Black Cat, killed his close ties with the Avengers, and generally speaking turned him into a menace like long before.

Anyway, this isn’t too hot of an issue for me, but as a prelude to Goblin Nation its somewhat important and the story did progress, so it gets a 3 out of 5.

Superior Spider-Man #25 Review

Superior Spider-Man 025-000

Wham Issue Ahoy!

Otto’s time as Spider-Man is coming to an end for more reasons than one, and the end can be seen here in Issue #25.

The issue begins with Otto dealing with those poor bastards working for Kingsley when the Avengers show up to stop him, while Kingsley himself is getting into the game since the Goblin Kingpin of Crime has decided to screw him over. The Avengers are putting up a good fight, but Superior calls in his own reinforcements in his Spider-Minions. As they departed, the Goblin Knight (Phil Ulrich) records their reaction so he can pinpoint a weak point.

In the Goblin Underground…Carlie’s gone. That serum fucked her up and turned her into a literal goblin, not some mask, and did something to her mind. You know Peter is going to feel guilty about that when he comes back…more on that later though. Anyway, to prove her loyalty, the Goblin Kingpin (Who claims to be Norman Osborn, but I’ll believe it when I see it) wants her to go out into the fray and paint the town red.

Back to the fight, Captain America is calling in all the avengers except Iron Man since he knows that Venom belongs to Flash Thompson and Iron Man goes to Parker Industries to assist Cardiac and come up with a plan. Logan gets knocked around without his healing factor and, because this is after the Avengers in Space or whatever, the people are quick to draw lines and start smashing the Spider-Bots as the Goblins go hunting. Carly, or whatever she’s going by now, makes short work of one of them while the Phil finishes the poor bastard to send a message to Kingsley.

Otto is still laying on the beat-down until Stark shows up without his armor, having given it to Flash, who tries to reclaim the symbiote. The symbiote, however, decides it wants to be on it’s own and in control. It’s at this point that Otto learns that maybe fucking with Venom wasn’t a good idea and tries to cast it out, but he can’t on his own.

Cue Ghost-Peter to the rescue! Venom is freed from Otto and goes back to Flash, while Otto bullshits his way out of trouble again. Meanwhile Kingsley and the Goblin Kingpin decide to go to war, Captain Watanabe frees Mary Jane from her questioning but warns she’ll keep an eye on her and Peter, and Aunt May wonders if Peter’s on drugs. Otto takes steps to nip this in the bud by meeting with Mary Jane and blaming the symbiote, thinking he’s fooled them all.

But, things unravel as Stark notes the test they did and the results were deleted by Otto, cue them calling him in for questioning as the story ends. There’s not much left to say except we are at the precipice of the end of Superior Spider-Man in about 5-6 Issues, with a relaunch of the Amazing Spider-Man. What this means for Otto, no clue, but Peter is getting his body back and ditching the cool tech. Now, we all knew this was inevitable, but…what’s going to happen to Anna is my question. She doesn’t deserve this sort of thing…

Anyway, this is another must-have issue, so it gets a 5 out of 5.

Cataclysm: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #3 Review

Cataclysm - Ultimate Comics Spider-Man 003-000The end is nigh?

Okay, the winter break is over and comics have returned to being their usual selves, so I’m back with my review of the end of the current Ultimate Universe. That’s right, they’re relaunching it in the spring. But more on that after the review of Cataclysm: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #3.

So it starts with two pilots attempting to land a plane, ignoring when the military tells them that they need to break off since there isn’t a New Jersey anymore. It goes poorly and they pass by Galactus. This goes about as well as you expect.

It then skips back to Miles being a dunderhead and revealing himself to his father. Jefferson take it poorly, although it is somewhat understandable since he believes Miles killed his Uncle and led to the death of his Mother. Now, Miles could make several arguments in his case, like his Uncle being the reason he gained his powers and used him before trying to kill him, but there isn’t enough time.

You see, that plane got swatted out of the sky and came down right in their neighborhood so Miles had to go be a hero, leaving his father behind to cry over everything. At the scene of the wreck Jessica tells him to put his mask back on and they get to rescuing the survivors. Guess who’s inside that plane?

None other than John J. Jameson, who Miles manages to get him to safety just as the thing goes up in a fireball. They need to evacuate everyone as soon as possible before the whole place goes up, when Cloak and Dagger pop in to help with his teleporting thing. After the first wave of people are gone, the plane blows up a little more and the tail wing comes crashing down to crush hem, but Bombshell swoops in and blows it to ashes.

The team is all together and JJJ tells them all that when this is over, he’s going to change their lives. Hopefully in a good way, considering they’re saving him like he saw Peter doing during Ultimatum. With that taken care of, Miles goes home to find his dad missing and looks upset about it for a second before Captain America tells him they’re coming to get him, ending the Cataclysm version of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man.

So now it ends where Ultimate’s Last Stand #2 did, with Miles heading off to the 616 Universe in hopes of finding the Reed Richards of that universe and getting him to stop Galactus. Now, I want to say Jefferson is a douchebag for spurring his son away, but it’s mostly the circumstances. Miles springs this on him during the end of the world, so you could understand he’s a little stressed.

Therefore, I’m waiting until things pick up after the relaunch to see what’s going on. If they sit down and talk about it, without him kicking the boy out of the house, then I’ll keep my opinion of him high. Otherwise, another shitty parent.

Issue gets a #5 out 5 for heroes being heroes.

Now, on the subject of the relaunch. They’re ending Ultimate Comics Spider-Man this year and no other Ultimate series has a solicitation in March except one called ‘Survive’, which is the aftermath of Cataclysm. However, it became made clear that they are relaunching in April, as they did after Ultimatum, according Comic Book Cast 2.

Better than nothing I suppose, but since I only review the Spider-Man right now it remains to be seen if I’ll cover it. Chances are good if its a team book with the kids and Jessica, but if its the Ultimates then screw that. They’re dysfunctional as hell.

Edit: Apparently they are releasing the new team book under All-New Ultimates…way to be original, Marvel. Oh well, at least Kitty might be in it.


Superior Spider-Man #24 Review

Superior Spider-Man 024-000A face not even Aunt May could love…

Otto has officially gone off the deep-end in Superior Spider-Man #24. Just how far you ask? Read on and find out.

The story picks up with Venom merging with Otto to become the Superior Venom. However, the symbiote immediately regrets it when it notes its old host tastes bad and tries to go back to Flash. Must be the octopus taste. Otto, however, refuses to let it go and puts a smackdown on both Flash and Cardiac when they try to stop him, stating with its power and his mind there was no limit to what they could do. He then busts out of his own lab and decides to prove that he’s in control by going to fight crime as the Superior Venom. I feel for the poor bastards he finds today.

Meanwhile, some chumps are robbing an armored truck, having had their super suits rented to them by the original Hobgoblin, Kingsley. He’s franchising super-villain identities…genius and stupid at the same time for a multitude of reasons. When said goblin show up on the scene, they give him his cut of the money and split. However, it turns out that that wasn’t the Hobgoblin, but the Green Goblin and he’s making a point by doing this to send a message, going so far as to toss the cash later on.

Back at Parker Labs, Flash learns that all those drug he used to control the symbiote and the exposure has changed his physiology. He needs the symbiote to live now and he’s got only hours before his body starts failing and he dies. Cardiac states they need to go get it now, but Flash states the symbiote is perfect for stealth and Otto won’t be seen unless he wants to be.

Turns out he does want to be seen, because he’s enacting a brutal set of beatdowns for the simplest of crimes. He even pulled a guy out of his car for texting-while-driving. Okay, given all those commercials on TV he probably should shake him down a bit, but not that much. He only stops his war on petty crime when Anna Maria calls and he sets out to see her.

At the same time as he arrives at Anna’s place, who is feeling guilty about his falling out with Aunt May, Kingsley is chewing out the idiots who gave his cut of the cash to the Green Goblin and tells them to get their payment in or he’ll shut them down. The Green Goblin arrives back to see that Carlie, still in the Goblin Underground, hasn’t spilled the beans yet so he just decides to hit her with the Goblin Formula. Considering what that stuff does to everyone whose been near it, you can tell she’s not going to get out of this okay.

MJ soon arrives to Aunt May place, where Otto learns that Aunt May sees Spider-Man as a monster because she saw him torture this vampire-thing guy who kidnapped her in the Annual. Now, normally I would agree with her, but this dude had it coming and I supported Otto on it since it sent a message. Either way, MJ sees he’s out of control and takes him to the balcony to figure out what’s wrong when Otto gets a call and goes Superior Venom, threatening her to not cross him and make up an excuse for why he was about to vanish.

When Captain Watanabe hears the scream she goes up to see and MJ says Spider-Man took Peter. Now she knows that MJ is holding onto more knowledge than she’s telling, and with Carlie missing she wants some answers. So she tells her she’s coming down to the station to talk and won’t take ‘No’ for an answer.

The issue ends with Superior Venom about to maim those imbeciles who owe Kingsley, the original Hobgoblin,  and MJ straight up calling the Avengers and siccing them on him. Now, I’m not a fan of the Avengers, especially not after AvX, but I can’t wait for the next issue.

This one gets a 4 out of 5.


Cataclysm: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #2 Review

001They’re missing one.

Well, continuing on as the Devourer of Worlds ravages the Ultimate Universe, we’re picking up right where we left off from Cataclysm: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1.

We begin with a flashback to two years ago, when Ultimatum killed off the majority of characters who should by all means have survived. It was not well received to say the least. Turns out Tandy was at ground zero with her bigoted mother and wanted to help as she watched Spider-Man doing something since he actually had the power to, but her mother stated they had to help themselves first.

Now, she had a point. They couldn’t do anything because they were powerless. Now Tandy feels different since she has the power to make a difference, and she wants to use it by punching Galactus out.  Ty thinks she out of it, but he takes her there and she tries to hit him in the eyes. It did nothing but annoy him.

With Miles with the Ultimates saving people,  he comes across some kids abandoned by a teacher and one of them calls for their father, reminding him of what he was doing two years ago. He and his father and mother were trying to escape and the man made a comment that clearly showed he wouldn’t have liked it if Miles was born a mutant. This right here is the reason he hasn’t told his dad about his powers and why his mother told him to never let him find out.

With Lana, she runs into her boyfriend that she broke up a few issues ago. He dies, crushed in front of her, just for the shock value. Now, that’s just senseless death right there, but it motivates her to move and join with the Ultimates in doing something.

Said something comes from some dumbasses robbing people as the fucking world is ending. Really, what the hell are they going to do with it if Galactus eats them? Bombshell puts an end to that and Jessica compliments her on it as Miles helps the kid finds his dad, who tells him nothing is more important than family, and Ty and Tandy, who just barely avoid getting an eyebeam to the face, take a moment to help out some injured people, but realize there isn’t much they can do to get more out in time.

At the end we have Miles seeing his father looking for him and drops down in front of him to take him to safety. Naturally, he doesn’t take the costume well because of his bias and the fact that Spider-Man is technically part of the reason his wife bit the bullet. Spurred on by the moment, Miles takes his masks off and tells his father to come with him to safety.

019And the bastards end it on a cliffhanger.

I originally thought the issue would end where Ultimate’s Last Stand #2 did, with Miles heading off to the 616 Universe in hopes of finding the Reed Richards of that universe and getting him to stop Galactus, but I suppose that’s the next chapter. Instead, with the world ending, Miles decides to drop the bombshell on his father. If there was ever a damn death flag that was it.

Normally I would give this issue a full perfect score since this issue was heroes being heroes and actually helping out. They’re outmatched by Galactus and the Ultimate Universe is severely ill-prepared so that’s all they can do, but how often do you see good guys like this instead of them punching out some other superpowered thug? But, Sid’s sudden death was just poorly done and there was no build up, which takes marks off.

So the issue gets a 4.5 out of 5.


Superior Spider-Man #23 Review

Superior Spider-Man 023-000Well, this is familiar…

Okay, before I take a long nap to deal with the flu, let’s get through this review of Superior Spider-Man #23, a.k.a “The Net Closes In.”

The story picks up where it left off, with the fake Crime Master running away like a little girl and Otto about deep fry Flash. But Flash surrenders and Otto can’t just execute prisoners, not after that whole fiasco in issue #5. So while the man has surrendered and is arguing that, Otto tells him to show a sign he’s in control of the symbiote, planning on executing him as soon as he did. Honestly, Otto is freaking murder-happy in this issue.

But Flash refuses to go out like that and manages to rouse the symbiote into action to save themselves, leaving Otto to interrogate the police until Anna Maria calls. Turns out that because of his men calling him about Venom, he left in the middle of some private time with her. In that case, the murder-happiness can be explained for once and you can’t blame him.*Wink**Wink*

Back with Carlie in the Goblin Underground, the Goblin Kingpin has finished the journal and noted that, while it is Otto inside Spider-Man’s head, he doesn’t know who it is behind the mask. It troubles him since he feels like he should know this, which he should if  he was the original Green Goblin. Carlie’s sister tells him that she’ll get the answer from her while he goes to run errands in town.

Otto takes Anna to his place the next day to prepare for their brunch with her parents while Flash, in the meantime, is having a better relationship with the symbiote than he did in his own series and leaves his disguise behind so that they can lay low. Right until he hears abut MJ’s place and figures out that he can see Peter Parker for help. Yeah, that can’t end well.

MJ is at her club, the Grand Opening after the fire, and Chief Watanabe shows up to inform her that Carlie went missing. The last message Carlie left to her was to stay away from Peter Parker, which gives Chief Watanabe a subject of interest, even though MJ didn’t tell her that he’s Spider-Man. So, unaware he has a bull’s-eye on his back as both identities, Otto’s luck once again takes an interesting turn when Flash turns up for brunch just as Aunt May’s surgery has finished and she’s pain-free again.

With Mayor JJ, he’s reached his breaking point when it comes to Spider-Man and goes to Alchemax to have them develop new Spider-Slayer suits for the city. No guesses who he’s going to have them turned on, but you can tell he’s desperate since the original Spider-Slayer murdered his wife and was put down a little while ago and now he has to turn to his research for help. They put Tiberus Stone on it, along with his assistant, Miguel O’Hara, a.k.a Spider-Man 2099.

At the brunch, things take a surprisingly dark turn as Aunt May is somewhat upset that Peter didn’t mention that Anna Maria was a “Little Person”, and she let’s it be known that she’s concerned that any children they had would share this trait. Flash thinks it’s time for him to leave, which I can’t blame him for, but Otto manages to coax him into agreeing to have full artificial limbs implanted since, as a veteran, it could be revolutionary for those who have lost so much in war.

One hour later he’s set up and Peter goes to have a consultant brought in, namely the Superior Spider-Man. He outfitted the machine with sonic device that separated the symbiote from Flash. I know you’re thinking that’s a good thing, not being attached to an alien that occasionally drives you into a murderous rampage. Now, here’s the reason why that’s a bad thing.

While the symbiote has a decent working relationship with Flash now, it acts like a jilted lover in the face of Brock and Spider-Man. So separating the pair of them and leaving it isolated and alone will cause it to react…poorly. Thus it tears down the container and latches onto Otto, forming the Superior Venom.

Now, I hadn’t expected Aunt May to react like she did but given her age it seems plausible that she would be concerned. This issue is mostly a tie-in to the last portion of the Darkest Hour arc, which is living up to its name as we see all the many ways things are closing in on Otto. It was relevant, had decent characterization, and I can’t wait for the next issue.

Superior Spider-Man #23 gets a 4 out of 5.


Superior Spider-Man #22 Review

Superior Spider-Man 022-000Introducing Venom!

This issue marks the first time that Venom has shown up since this series was canceled a little bit ago, so I’m really excited about. Let’s hop straight into the thick of things.

The story starts with Flash returning to New York after his run in the Venom comics had him in New Jersey and to the side of Betty Brant. For those who don’t know Flash Thompson is Agent Venom, a secret avenger wearing a Symbiote that allows him the use of his legs since they were amputated because he was a badass at war and saved an ally. The Symbiote is supposed to be docile through the use of drugs, but that was a lie considering that when he was marked as a possible Demon Lord it passed the mark onto his new side-kick, Mania. He’s a Spider-Man fanboy, pre-body-jacking, but had the misfortune of running across Spider-Man after an insane clown tried to kill his girlfriend and a fight ensued since the Symbiote treats seeing Spider-Man (when not doped up) like a jilted lover.

Now, Betty Brant was his girlfriend until her brother, Crime Master, had targeted her and Flash (who she broke up with because he was Venom and kept it a secret) and was killed for it by her. So, naturally, she isn’t pleased to see him but called him up first when someone with the name of her dead brother shows up . Thus, ass-kicking ensues.

On the other side of town, Otto is getting his company off the ground. It’s a busy day, what with his girlfriend, a vigilante he’s tangled with, and former employee of Horizon working for him as well as his biggest investors, Aunt May and her beau, visiting. He reveals he finally got those artificial limbs working so Aunt May could walk without a cane. At least the douche managed to keep his word on that, so it somewhat touches my heart.

Meanwhile, the police chief is investigating Carlie’s kidnapping last issue. She thinks Spider-Man is responsible for this since her place has been ransacked and he’s got those spider-bots everywhere. She’s wrong, but only because she has no reason to suspect that its due to the Goblin King, simply because no one good knows he’s around.

Back with Otto, after Aunt May leaves, he finds his girlfriend working with glowing marine-life and asks her to meet Peter’s parents. She thinks he’s moving too fast, but she likes that about him and, yes dammit, its sweet as hell. But since they have a free moment they decide to get busy before he’s called away for Spider-Man business…Naturally his luck, much like Peter’s, ends when his men spot Venom fighting and has him come along with bots in tow.

He gives the police there a call telling them to hold off so he can handle this. Mayor JJ agrees to it, but only because Otto has him by the balls. But he thinks of a way out of it involving his robots and thus we have more fodder for a future plot.

Meanwhile, Venom is cleaning up the trash, learning that the original Hobgoblin, Kingsley, has been selling super-villain identities. For the record he’s sold Mysterio and his own Hobgoblin identity as franchises. Flash gets pissed when he learns he’s fighting a wannabe and then Spider-Man shows up.

Now, as far as Otto knows, Venom is a villain, so he naturally unleashes hell using the Symbiote’s weakness: Fire and Sonics. He goes down quick, banking on the fact that Spider-Man knows him as Flash. He’s been out of town, so he doesn’t know that Spider-Man isn’t who he used to be and is about to be fried.

Cue Cliffhanger.

Okay, so great introduction issue for the arc, but for those who haven’t been following Venom since Spider-Island it will leave them confused as to what he’s doing or what he’s been up to. Nice to see some progress and there was a short, but explosive fight. The artwork was impressive as well, so my complaints are minimal in that some facts will only make sense as long as you have read the Venom comics.

Issue gets a 4 out of 5.


Superior Spider-Man #21 Review

Superior Spider-Man 021-000This issue basically shows Otto got lucky that the universe seems to love him at the moment…

Yeah, this issue has a string of coincidences that saves Otto and hands the bad guys even more ammunition, but I liked it.

The story starts Stunner attacking the Daily Bugle for information on how to find Spider-Man so she can break his face in for killing Otto, who she loved. Yes, the irony is delicious given Otto is Spider-Man. Once it is pointed out that the spider-bots are worse than N.S.A and lets him track crimes-in-progress, she gets the idea to commit a crime in progress with the one currently staring her in the face.

Back with Otto, he’s trying to save his skin from the claims of plagiarizing the works of Otto Octavius since he’s wearing Peter’s body as a meat suit. He suits up when he receives word on Stunner and goes to handle this personally since she’s kinda of his problem at the moment. She states she regained her consciousness the moment Spider-Man killed Otto, and attacks. Again, irony.

We then skip to Carlie at the grave of Otto Octavius, where Peter was buried in his body. She mourns for him, thinking that she should have listened to him after everything they went through when they broke up and vowed to rat Otto out. Unfortunately for her the powers that be decided against this since the grave was booby-trapped and Otto’s body exhumed by someone, leaving her captured.

Back to Stunner vs Otto, she explained that after he was killed by Kaine once she gave up her life to bring him back in a ritual, which put her in the coma, only to wake once he died and have nothing left but her pain and hologram. Otto quickly traps her in new webbing since he’s pressed for time, while having something akin to pity and respect for the woman who he does owe a lot to, sending his bots to remotely shut down her VR program while he pays a little visit to Lamaze for screwing him over back at the campus.

He finds Anna Marie defending him, once again showing that she’s too good for Otto. Stunner decides to interrupt that by tossing a bus at him filled with innocent people that heads straight for her once it misses him. It’s not intentional, but she was this close to offing her main competitor for Love Interest until Otto saves them. Unfortunately it leaves his hands filled as Stunner beats him over the head, demanding the last words he utter be Otto’s name.

He can’t fight since Lamaze pushes Anna down under the bus to get away, douche-bag, and Otto was begging Stunner to stop so she didn’t get hurt. He was this close to confessing his identity to save Anna when those spider-bots shut her down. The day is saved and so are the girls, but to ensure that Stunner’s not a problem Otto steals her VR equipment and meets her in an avatar of his old body before it broke down.

He breaks her heart, surprisingly gently, before paying Lamaze a little visit. While we get an outline of what was said, we do know he withdrew his complaint about Peter the next day. In other words, Otto gets away with everything he’s done. But what should have been a happy ending (for him) is spoiled when we learn that Carlie was kidnapped by a goblin that claims to be her sister and they have her evidence she was going to present to the Avengers, meaning things have gotten worse in the long run.

Okay, issue looked good and the story progressed. We have Otto acting as somewhat less of a douche, always a bonus, but the show stealer was Anna Marie and her influence on him. She’s one of the best characters in Superior Spider-Man and makes him want to be a better person. I’m actually afraid for her once the Goblin Nation arc kicks off.But first Venom and Mania are coming next issue, sweet! Issue gets a 4 out of 5.


Cataclysm: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1 Review

Cataclysm - Ultimate Comics Spider-Man 001-000

They’re screwed.

Well, the end is nigh in the Ultimate Universe. At least that’s what some people think anyway and I can’t blame them. As Galactus from the 616 Universe runs rampant on the extremely under-prepared world, I’ll be covering what’s happening in Miles’ corner of the event rather than the Ultimates’ Last Stand or the X-Men. With that said, let’s get into Cataclysm: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1, shall we?

It starts out with Jessica Drew asking if she was fired for the raid on Roxxon with the Ultimates, who just now learns she’s a clone of Peter Parker since it was apparently classified. Whoops. Captain America thinks she just did her job bringing in bad people doing bad things, while the director states that they had defense contracts with them and says this wasn’t her doing, but Nick Fury’s since she inherited it from him. The discussion comes full circle with Jessica wanting to lead an investigation into Roxxon.

We then skip to Miles sleeping in class, angering the teacher who asks him the usual question that he should only know the answer to if he wasn’t sleeping or she would call his father. He actually gets it right and saves himself. We then skip to Lana, who broke parole by using her powers  before she turned eighteen. She states she didn’t want to follow her mother’s footsteps but being a hero felt good, before she runs away from the parole office.

Back to Miles in costume, he ends up breaking up a fight when he gets hit by a beer bottle. Apparently people doubted it was him, claiming the costume was still in bad taste until he webs up the entrance. Webs are the ultimate proof. The police show up and actually hugs him, claiming it was good to have him back. Miles is as confused as we are since the last time he saw them they were shooting at him, but I guess a year off the clock made them fond of the costume.

Tandy and Tyrone are alone in the meantime, with him telling her that their parents gave up on them. She insists he takes her home, where they discover that it was abandoned. Heartbroken, and with no where else to go, we have another case of them discovering that heroics feels good and wondering how they go full time. It’s then that Galactus shows up and the issue ends.

Okay, so great art as usual. That goes without saying, and the plot is moving along nicely.

We’ve learned a bit more about Lana since her absence from the series, namely that she was on a super-power parole and she wasn’t raised to know that being good feels good. Given her mother’s lengthy jail sentence prior to her birth and after it should come as no surprise. And she’s cleaned up her language a lot.

Tandy and Tyrone have come to terms with the fact that their parents abandoned them, at least at the moment, and have decided to make the hero thing a part of their life. Great timing, since the end of the world is upon them. Here’s hoping for the best.

Issue gets a 4 out of 5.


Superior Spider-Man 20 Review

Superior Spider-Man 020-000Also known as the issue where Otto fucked up several more times than the last time!

Yeah, this issue is more of Otto screwing himself over and Peter as well once he gets his body back.

The story starts with a flashback to the moment where Peter and Otto had swapped bodies and Peter died. His death woke up a few coma patients, one of whom I believe was Madam Web and predicted the death of all Spiders and the other being a woman who seems to like Otto. It then skips to Otto making his way to dinner with Anna Marie, which his relationship with her so far has been his only redeeming quality lately and makes me fear her impending death all the more because when Spider-Man is happy bad things happen, regardless of who is wearing the suit.

He runs across Black Cat and makes short work of her, earning her ire, before getting back to his dinner date and explaining his plans for the future in his own company. We then go to the next day where Aunt May is putting up a ton of collateral for this, Carlie plans to take her paper trail to the Avengers, and MJ is making plans to see the firefighter who saved her. Then we come up to the meeting where one of them recognizes the work he’s proposing as Otto Octavius’ and plans to ruin him and have him seen as the laughingstock of the scientific community.

Note that this is the same man Otto has been antagonizing all this time in the college. Naturally Otto plans to have him murdered for it. At the same time the woman who loved Otto has decided to avenge his death by killing the Superior Spider-Man. Irony, thy name is Otto.

The issue gets a 2 out of 5 (filler to me more than anything) and this series isn’t going to make it past 30-35 issues after everything that’s happened. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Otto going in as before, but I just don’t see it happening unless the Avengers have been hit with the stupid stick once Carlie presents evidence. What I’m more concerned about is the fallout from it is going to leave broken hearts, broken wallets, and leave Peter Parker a broken man when he returns.


Ultimate Comics All-New Spiderman #28 Review

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man 028-000Roxxon, creating superheroes since Ozcorp went belly under…

It’s been a long time coming, but the 28th issue of Miles’ story is out for us to enjoy.

It begins with Mr. Roxxon being alerted by his security team that they’re about to have a little problem. Said little problem is about five superpowered individuals who have a bone to pick up with him. Just as well, he tells them to get his Brain Trust and asks them on whose authority they are arresting them under, revealing he knows all of their identities and insults Miles by bringing up his mother and the boy has to be restrained by Jessica.

This douche is so damn confident that they can’t touch him he goes onto to say that they should be thanking him for their gifts, cue pissing off Dagger who takes out his guards. Jessica then tells him to cool it before she sics the kids on him, but the asshole goes around claiming she’s fake and he created her in a petri-dish. At this point Miles decides to do a Batman Interrogation and tosses his ass out of the the window and webs him up by his feet.

Roxxon goes on a rant revealing that he was the one who hired Prowler to break into Ozcorp and ended up creating the next Spider-Man. He also reveals that he discovered his identity in three days and knows about Miles’ father’s past. He talks so much shit that when the police get there he thinks he untouchable, but Jessica has her contacts with SHIELD make the NYPD leave. Bombshell is impressed and they’re about to leave with the douche when the Brain Trust shows up.

Doctor Miller has some device that cripples the rest, but Miles webs the device out of her grasp and kicks her in the face. Dagger approves. Then the goblin wannabe hulks out, but Cloak takes care of him. Then they beat on the rest and SHIELD shows up, which is when they split after talking about doing this more. Miles then goes back to Vision Academy and makes up with Ganke and then goes to see his father.

The issue then ends with Jessica having a talk with Monica Chang about the kids. What can I say, I like how this ended and the arc itself ends on a decent note. Once again, perfect score all around!

Edit: Also, I updated my Fanfic for the  series here.


Superior Spider-Man 19 Review

Superior Spider-Man 019-000Also known as the issue where Otto fucked up one too many times!

After reviewing the last chapter of Battle of the Atom today, I was in a bad mood. But this, Superior Spider-Man #19, pulled me right up out of it. Read on and find out how.

The story begins with Carlie and Wraith harassing a money guy who caters to villains to get a paper trail on unveiling Otto as Spider-Man. Before he snuffed it Peter managed to tell her they swapped bodies while in Otto’s and she’s one of the few people competent enough to follow up on a lead like that apparently. The Avengers have no excuse.

Meanwhile, at Alchemax, Superior Spider-Man decked Spider-Man 2099 right when they needed him the most. Ty Stone has sabotaged the time door and is going to blow the place in a literal time bomb.  Otto thinks he can fix it but there’s one thing missing, an equation from Peter Parker that he did on his first day at the job. He spends eight minutes trying to find it, but it is gone and he has no way of retrieving it.

Eventually the smarter people retreat while Miguel tries to do the noble thing and sacrifice himself and Stone so that Alchemax doesn’t come to fruition. Even though it would mean that the future would be completely rewritten. But, Ty manages to coax him into escaping by wagering that his friends and family wouldn’t be safe in the new timeline, and it ultimately ends with him saving them both.

So, with his time stabilized, the boss of Alchemax in the future destroys the machine and strands him in the past. This is stupid because he’s right next to his ancestor and can sterilize him or something, but Miguel has more of a heart than Otto and they know it. Ty Stone is untouchable unless he’s willing to erase his friends and family from the future. The bad guys wins, all according to the history books.

Nine hours later the little douche bag is celebrating when we learn that Miguel O’Hara is his new personal assistant to keep tabs on him and Jameson is willing to keep the feds off of the former owner of Horizon’s back as long as he doesn’t do anything. The moment he’s gone though, he and a few others bring Otto back into the timeline and says they’re even for all the good Peter has done and they never want to see him again.

Otto goes over the missing calls and shows he has wrecked Peter’s life further after costing him his job. He abandoned Aunt May for a dinner and missed Anna Marie, although he has the excuse of being dead for those, but MJ calls it quits completely on dealing with him. Meanwhile the former owner of Horizon heads for greener pastures overseas and leaves behind the other two staff members, one who opted out while the other betrayed his trust to an extent and he was short on it after the betrayal of Ty and Otto. Otto, however, was never one to waste a resource at hand (except deleting Peter’s memories without a damn back up) and offers her a job.

As the issue ends, Carlie and Wraith have found their paper trail on Otto. His actions and changes have drawn attention and have put a bull’s eye on his back now. This is one of the many breaking points Otto has had coming and the Goblin Nation arc bring more after the next filler.

It is important to note this is a sobering experience for him as it cost him his life once again. Instead of retreating because he deleted Parker’s memories like the rest, he tried to prove himself better and paid the price for it, only to be brought back at the mercy of his former boss. Who he thought he was better than. His ego will never let him live that down, that he was inferior to Peter Parker and only brought back by mercy earned by him.

I loved Otto going in, but his ego is too much to stand for so long and needs some sobering and this goes a long way in doing so. On top of that we got Spider-Man 2099 in the present. Perfect issue: 5 out of 5.

Edit: It also seemed like I missed the bottom panels on the double spread, which seems to be a foreshadowing of Ghost Peter returning. It’s an asspull, but whatever.


Ultimate Comics All-New Spiderman #27 Review

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man v2 027-000It’ll be funny if the glass is reinforced…

It’s that time again folks, where I review a comic in depth so you don’t have to, so let’s jump right into it shall we?

Issue #27 opens with Cloak and Dagger realizing they are way over their heads and are still coming to terms with what they’ve become. Being a teenager is hard enough, but being one who gained superpowers without consent is another story entirely. See the Chronicle Movie for just how bad that can go. Then explosions happen in the distance and they leave to check it out.

About eight minutes prior we go back to Taskmaster manhandling the group using some illegal Hydra technology to paralyze them. When he tries to remove Miles’ mask like any decent villain should, despite the fact that he’s never met the guy and probably won’t be able to pick a single African-American teenage boy in New York out of the thousands there. However, Miles takes the Batman approach and, like a mook touching the cowl, the man gets tasered.

But it isn’t enough to take him out and he tosses Miles off the side of the bridge. This fortunately puts Miles outside the range of the device paralyzing him, so he can save himself and web-swings around to save Jessica before she gets a bullet to the head. She gets rid of the device and reads him his rights, telling him that he’s just tried to kill the equivalent of a super-cop (she’s an agent of SHIELD) while Bombshell runs away. She hammers him hard, but the Taskmaster no-sells the hits and gets ready to slit her throat.

Bombshell watches in the distance as Miles jumps on the man and Venom Blasts him, only for him to no-sell that too and reveal he’s a power-absorber of some kind. He then fries Jessica with Miles’ attack and throws her off the roof for him to catch while he preps a rocket launcher. Bombshell then decides to blast him, causing the explosion that we saw at the beginning, meaning this guy has been wailing on the good guys for like eight minutes.

Unfortunately for her, he absorbs her power and gets ready to nail her with it. Fortunately for her, that when the Spider-Pair webs his hands and makes him blow himself up. He comes out okay, but Cloak and Dagger show up and Cloak settles it by swallowing the man into his body, which tends to have the adverse effect of draining life-force if Dagger isn’t there with whoever else is, and then spits him out.

Jessica then finds his phone that conveniently has the fact that Roxxon took out a killing contract on them. Then she says screw it and decides to take him down vigilante style, rather than an agent of SHIELD or the Ultimates, and asks who’s in as the Police arrive. They all decide to join her.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man v2 027-018Roxxon is going down!

The new team has been assembled and they had their first super-powered fight, which I enjoyed. The art is amazing as always too, and we are reaching the end of the Spider-Man No More Arc. Perfect score all around!


Superior Spider-Man #18 Review

01Despite the cover, there’s not a lot of fighting!

Now, remember how Otto erased Peter’s memories? This would be one instant where it bites him in the ass, because Miguel O’Hara has met Peter Parker before. If he kept those memories he would probably have been more inclined to listen to the time-traveler and not cause a scuffle that he loses and wounds his ego.

The battle begins with claws drawn after Otto tries to knock out O’Hara, but Otto’s can’t scratch his outfit because it’s future tech. Low-future tech at that, which insults Otto into trying to crush him with a car. At this point Tiberius uses a device he literally kept up his sleeve to make Otto’s spider-sense go bonkers and endanger a child, which O’Hara saves since he doesn’t have spider-sense. O’Hara notices with his enhanced senses that Tiberius was responsible and disappears with him as Otto claims he would never endanger a child to the child’s mother, which he normally wouldn’t, and then shifts the blame on her for trying to take over Horizon.

Smooth, Otto. Really smooth.

At this point they notice the pair are gone and Otto tells his men to start searching for O’Hara since  future Spider-Man is far more dangerous with the knowledge of Parker’s identity. It’s then that his girlfriend calls, Anna Marie, and reminds him of his thesis. Since it’s using Horizon’s resources that means they’ll own it and he would be damned before they get his projects, so he decides to smuggle it out immediately.

O’Hara, in the meantime, is facing the hero’s dilemma. His father, the future Stone, is stabilizing, meaning he’s doing what he’s suppose to. But that means that the future evils Alchemax will commit will come to pass. He’s weighing his own existence against just ridding them from the time stream for the good of all, like a hero normally would, since he has the power to change things now.

Unfortunately Tiberius heard the words “Ancestor” slip from O’Hara’s mouth when talking to his father over his line. He puts together that whoever his descendant was he was someone important enough to send a future Spider-Man to save. He tests this theory by throwing himself over a building. He risks the timeline for this and naturally that pisses O’Hara off  and leaves him webbing the guy to a wall and  calling for some help from the future to give him an info dump on current events and the connect between everything.

In the meantime, one of Horizon’s employee’s goes to the past while cloaked and catches Tiberius stealing data, while the Otto’s boss catches him smuggling out his goods and states he’s not the man he brought into Horizon. Otto receives a call about the Hobgoblin (Green Goblin in disguise) and decides to leave to handle him, costing Peter his job. At the same time O’Hara learns that Tiberius sabotaged Horizon to literally explode, on that very day, and rushes back to stop it, with Otto spotting him as he hangs up on MJ calling him.

At the end O’Hara arrives to tell them he needs to change the future and that they’re about to blow up, when Otto cold-cocks him and possibly damages his time traveling device to prevent a paradox. In short, Otto has screwed Peter’s life over royally and endangered the people at Horizon at this very moment because of his ego.

The issue was beautiful as always but, to my sorrow, Otto is turning into an unlikeable character. If he put aside his ego for one second so many problems could have been solved. Then again he is a former super-villain. On the other hand, breaking the Status Quo does make things more interesting, but Karma tends to be a bitch about it and I have the feeling that Anna Marie is going to pay the price.

After all, she’s a love interest and the Green Goblin is running around. The fact that he went after a future hero rather than villain only worsens things. Her days and relationship are numbered.

The issue gets a 4 out of 5.


Superior Spider-Man #17 Review

01Future Badass, Meet Present Badass

This review is for Superior Spider-Man #17, which has been long awaited since it brings forth Miguel O’ Hara, aka Spider-Man 2099.

For those of you who don’t know he’s a scientist who was pressured into messing around with human experimentation and decided enough was enough once it ended badly the first time. He intended to quit but his boss, Tyler Stone,  had him drugged with a drug called Rapture that could only be gained by working for the company. Rather than remain an addict, he used the Human Experimentation process to give himself powers and took on a Day of the Dead costume to battle him.

Even when the 2099 line of series ended, this dude was so popular that he ended up in several crossovers and Spider-Men games recently and, when it was falsely dropped that he was going to be the Superior Spider-Man, people got mad at the lie. Hence why he’s here now.

Anyway, it starts with him recognizing the temporal distortions using his enhanced vision and dealing with bi-planes and dinosaurs. At the source of all evil, Alchemax, he discovers that for once it’s not their fault. That’s fairly rare.

Remember all of those events in Marvel screwing with the time stream in the heroic age? Yeah, like sending Galactus to the Ultimate Universe, it has royally screwed with the time stream and is removing Tyler Stone from existence piece-by-piece. Normally that would be a good thing, but he’s Miguel’s father (not that he knows it) and if he’s removed then no more Spider-Man 2099. So, in the interest of self-preservation, and because he has already gone and would create a paradox if he didn’t, Miguel is forced into the present.

In the mean time, we see the fallout of the events of the Run, Goblin, Run arc.

Former Horizon employee Tiberius Stone (note the last name) has blown the whistle on all of their dirty little secrets in order to get revenge, leading to the company being folded into another company that has employed him. He’s relishing the fact that he now has power over them and threatens Peter that he now even owns Spider-Man’s Web Fluid Formula. You don’t threaten the Superior Spider-Man and because his spider-sense was reacting around him, it’s all the justification he needs to beat the man to a pulp.

The Daily Bugle is getting the information from a source, but after the last screw-up they aren’t taking chances with it, since what happened in the last issue. In the Goblin Underground, Phil Urich is reprimanded harshly by the Goblin Kingpin of Crime since his actions could have led to the Goblin Protocol being discovered, but then the goblin gets an idea and lets up on it. At Horizon Labs, the gang apparently has a time machine lying around and decides to go back to the past to get dirt on Tiberius when the machine activates itself and out pops the future Spider-Man.

Otto catches up with Phil, who is still cocky since everything he’s doing at the moment is above the board. Otto, not really caring, decides to end him when Miguel appears and web-lines him since the douche is his Grandfather, meaning if Otto wastes him then no more Miguel O’ Hara.

So, now we have a reason for the two Spider-Men to duke it out. One’s ego and the other’s self-preservation. Considering Otto has so far fought with just about everyone Peter has teamed up with, I really didn’t expect much else but I’m dying to see it through to the end. Miguel has different abilities than most other Spider-Men as he doesn’t  have Spider-Sense but enhanced reflexes, sight, natural webs, and can move so fast he leaves a decoy behind.

It’ll be an interesting match-up to say the least.

The art is beautiful as always and I really cant find anything wrong with the issue barring no Spider-Man beating down the other…yet. For this review I give it 5 out of 5 and worth picking up.


Ultimate Comics All-New Spider-man #26 Review

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man v2 026-000First day back in the mask and already captured.

Okay, this review follows the latest issue of Miles journey as Spider-Man and he’s back in the black outfit.

The issue starts with a flashback of Lana’s mother, which is Lori and somehow they mixed up the names, being taken from prison in exchange for being a lab rat for Roxxon.  Lana herself has escaped from the two who captured her somehow and looks for her boyfriend (Poey, according to the phone) to take her in, but my guess is that she hasn’t been guarding her secret identity well since he knows about her power and essentially cuts her off. Time to update the facebook status.

Miles and Jessica come to offer her some help, but considering that Spider-Man and Spider-Woman put her and her mother in a jail cell, you can imagine her first instinct was to flee. Miles tries to web her, but he’s out of practice and gets teased by Jessica and later Lana. Back in the past we have the Roxxon Scientist insulting Lori’s intelligence at being a High-School dropout as they give her a superhuman drug, before we skip to Cloak and Dagger, who have no one they can turn to and believe that their parents sold them out. They have some kind of list that has the names of people Roxxon has screwed over and decide to make sure they can’t do it ever again.

At Roxxon, one guy is flipping out because he fears this can be traced back to him, while the scientists tell him that they did what he wanted and made super-humans that they really should retrieve. To that end, they hire a guy called the Taskmaster. We then flashback to when Lori found out about her powers and the fact that she was pregnant. How exactly that happened when she was in either prison or a lab leaves a lot of questions unanswered, unless Lana is a baby born from her power somehow…anyway, she promptly escapes like Cloak and Dagger did, proving that they needed better security back then and now.

In the present Lana is being questioned about being a mutant but denies it, saying she got her powers from her mother. Technically speaking, Lana is a mutant as she was born with altered DNA that allows her to use her powers. Even if her mother had been the one altered by an experiment, she’s a mutant. Anyway, their Spider-Sense goes off and rather than move they stand there and get taken out by a shock puck or something and Taskmaster got all three of them.

I like the issue and the art was gorgeous as always, but I feel that the ending was pathetic as we’ve seen all of them take far more damage than a little taser disk should have put out and react far more quickly when under fire. The flashbacks were okay, but Roxxon is shaping up to be behind everything. The next thing you know it’ll be them who created the mutants and not the U.S. Government.

Now, if you’ve followed the latest news on the series, you’ll know that Miles is scheduled for a trip to the 616 universe soon and that they may end the Ultimate Universe. I doubt it, since there is money to be made, but here’s hoping Marvel doesn’t do anything stupid.

This issue gets a 3.5 out of 5.


Superior Spider-Man #16 Review

Superior Spider-Man 016-000

Well, in a way this is exactly what happened…

The latest issue of Superior Spider-Man is the conclusion of the “Run, Goblin, Run” arc.

With his identity exposed, Phil Urich is screwed and he knows it. Naturally, like most people in a familiar situation, he snaps when Spider-Man arrives and takes his girlfriend, Nora Winters, hostage. At the same time this is going on, the writers used television shows to give insight into not only Phil Urich’s past attempts at being a heroic Green Goblin, but the public’s opinion on the current situation and stating whether or not publicly unmasking him like that was the right thing to do. Also, we have the police captain doing the vigilante thing and interrogating one of his men to trace the money back to an offshore account.

Anyway, back with Phil, the girl he takes hostage proves to be more than dead weight by knocking him away. Finally, a damsel who can get herself out of distress. Phil then uses a sonic attack, only to stop when he got his uncle caught up in the attack and Otto detonated those nanotracers under his skin. Fridge horror kicks in when you realize that if those things had gotten deeper or were slightly bigger, he would have essentially blown the man to pieces.

Phil realizes he’s beaten and surrenders, leaving Otto contemplating killing him (in public and in front of his uncle) when Captain America calls and reminds him he’s on probation, which I thought was settled in Superior Spider-Man Team-Up but apparently not. At this point you would think Captain America would have Tony or Pym go over those brain scans or realize that he doesn’t really care about being on probation. But he spares him and leaves Phil to the police and the Goblin sees the opportunity to do some recruiting and has one of his agents rescue him.

Now, because Phil had been turning in stories with Nora Winters, she has to be let go and his uncle has to take some time off since it is too public, which is a consequence of Otto’s taking over the airwaves. To rub salt into the wound, Otto goes on air about him escaping and calls him a minor threat after ruining his life and leaving him with nothing to lose and he vows to bring the Green Goblin his head as his new Goblin Knight.

Congratulations Otto, you have just created your own supervillain after having gained a new love-interest…I’m sad that I’ve gotten attached to her.

Now, the art here was fantastic and there’s nothing like watching Otto dig his own grave. On top of that we see that the plot is moving forward and the net is closing on our Superior Spider-Man. Not to mention that Spider-Man 2099’s Miguel O’Hara is coming next issue, which is something I am looking forward to. Overall, this issue gets a 5 out of 5.

B.O.P out!


Superior Spider-man Team Up 2 & Scarlet Spider 20

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up 002-000 Scarlet Spider 020-000

















Twice the Spider-Man, hold the responsibility.

This review encompasses two different comics I enjoy crossing over: Superior Spider-Man & Scarlet Spider.

For those of you who don’t know, the Scarlet Spider series follows Peter Parker’s surviving clone, Kaine. He, like Otto, was a villain who murdered and killed for profit and other reasons. When Peter stopped his original cell degradation, he stole a stealth suit from him and disappeared so that he wouldn’t be arrested by the Avengers until he ended up in Houston and robbed some human traffickers of their money.

Since then he’s fought primordial beings, a guy who can make flames snakes, and Carnage, been killed by werewolves and resurrected by the Other, given an evil side that considers just about everything other than him prey, and fought alongside Wolverine to kill a bunch of assassins by assassinating them. He was basically the predecessor to the Superior Spider-man, with his tagline being “All of the Power, None of the Responsibility” and so far he’s ridden with guilt that he shouldn’t be alive as a clone and a murderer.

In the first part of the arc, Kaine comes to find out why Peter is acting like…well, him. Seeing as he’s Peter’s clone, the spider-sense doesn’t work on Kaine and Kaine doesn’t have his spider-sense anymore. Otto, remembering the fact that he got beat down and killed by Kaine, decides to repay the favor and they fight.

Kaine is stronger that Peter and soon overpowers him, but then comes the clones. Lots of fighting and Kaine saving Otto later, Jackal comes in with his clones and they pair get captured.

Jackal was the one who made the clones and sees Kaine as a disappointment, while Kaine wants to kill him. He breaks free of the chains made specifically to hold him, kicks some ass, and frees Otto. Otto then causes an explosion to prevent his DNA from being used to create more clones, which he was a hatred for, and leaves Kaine to die. Kaine escapes, lectures him, and tells him to start acting like a hero.

To this arc I say, despite being a firm supporter of Otto, FUCK YOU, OTTO! CLONES ARE PEOPLE TOO!

Otto is a fucking hypocrite to call him out on pretending to be a hero when he’s been doing the same thing. They both have a supervillain body count and dark past that is nothing to scoff about. Considering Otto actually stole Peter Parker’s life and derailed it, this makes him arguably worse.  And for him to hate clones, isn’t he cloning the Sinister Six to form his new team?

Unlike Otto, Kaine actually makes an effort to redeem himself without going for glory after rescuing a girl called Aracely, who was at the human trafficking robbery, left to die among corpses from people who were smuggled into the country inside a storage container. Also she may have a Mayan God stuck inside of her, seeing as a cartel wants her dead to unleash it.

When it comes down to it I like Kaine more because you don’t hear about wanting to leave his own legacy behind, just a guy trying to atone for his past and live up to Peter’s legacy. Kaine has suffered for being the good guy compared to Otto so far, he’s died because of it twice and gotten himself a monster inside of him because of it the second time. Otto disappointed me here.

And, Marvel help me, if I find out he’s the one who kicked started Kaine’s degradation again, I’m rooting for Peter to come back. Personal feelings aside, these issues get 5 out of 5.


Superior Spider-Man #15 Review

Superior Spider-Man 015-000

Otto once relished the life of Peter Parker compared to his previous life. Now he can’t wait to get rid of it. Shame on you Otto.

This issue of Superior Spiderman follows up with his destruction of Shadowland. Otto is feeling cocky, a combination of his ego and multiple successes. So when the Hobgoblin is actually managing to sneak past his security drones because of the Goblin Protocol courtesy of the Green Goblin, he takes it personally. When he takes it personally, someone is going to be hunted down like a dog, hence Hobgoblin is screwed.

On the other end it shows that in his obsession to catch the guy, he’s been ignoring Peter Parker’s life and loved ones. The fact that MJ has, yet again, noticed he wasn’t acting like himself while Carlie has decided on acting by following the money can only mean that he’s eventually going to get outed some time soon. It takes a call from his new love interest to get his tail to come out of his cave and, wouldn’t you know it, that’s when the Hobgoblin is spotted.

Otto doesn’t just track him down, he completely shuts down the man’s life by outing his secret identity on television after hacking every single television he could find. I’m pretty sure that’s illegal, but he’s a semi-reformed villain with his own base and henchmen. And the mayor is in his pocket, so he’ll get away with it.

Now, I’m rooting for Otto, but he did steal his nemesis’ life and the least he could do is try and maintain it somewhat. He’s trying to be a SUPERIOR Spiderman, but in his blind obsession in leaving behind a legacy, he will ruin everything. Considering that there’s a green goblin running around, I doubt it’ll be long before we have another Gwen Stacy incident.

Not to mention outing someone’s secret identity on television is a bit of a dick move, even on villains considering this one was basically an evil Peter Parker.

The issue gets a 4 out of 5.



Superior Spider-Man #14 Review

Okay, this is a bit late, but here we go.

Now, for those of you who read this but don’t know what Superior Spider-Man is about, it follows the life of Otto Octavius a.k.a Doctor Octopus after he accomplished his greatest victory yet by swapping bodies with Peter Parker after his old one was beaten too many times and left Peter for dead. As in Peter Parker is dead.

Yes, many fans have flipped their shit over it and called in death threats, but considering the comic is the highest selling one at Marvel right now we know its not going to change anytime soon.

Before Peter died he transferred the memories into Otto and instilled in him a sense of guilt. Add in the fact that he wants to leave a legacy behind, he’s determined to be the SUPERIOR Spider-Man. The differences are obvious, but somehow everyone is an idiot and doesn’t notice the brain swap and just think he’s being an asshole.  Even after Otto has executed two villains on-screen in Peter’s body, everyone is just now figuring out he’s not the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man that they are familiar with.

Now, while I knew about Spider-Man before this year I never read any of the comics, but this one caught my interest and led to reading Ultimate Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider, getting me into it and leaving me partial to Otto and this issue takes place after blackmailing Mayor James Jameson to gain The Raft (a prison for villains that they always seem to escape from) and turn it into Spider-Island II.

Unlike most other heroes, he’s approaching the hero business like he would a crime, namely planning it out. He’s got a bunch of Spider-Bots running around to catch crimes on camera, Arachnaught droids, and freaking MINIONS. He’s got a small army on him and tonight he’s decided he’s going to completely screw over the Kingpin.

Superior Spider-Man 014-006

Kingpin knows he means business, especially after hearing the man forcing Jameson to condone the attack and going into details that he’s going to kill the Hobgoblin and Wisk, and cuts his losses and flee while leaving behind a body double. In the end the battle is won, Jameson is screwed further, and we catch sight of the Green Goblin, who is making Otto look like an idiot by taking in all the remaining men from every crime family Otto has taking down to become the new Kingpin.

Now, Otto’s proactive and I respect that, but his arrogance at believing he’s Superior to most other heroes has left him a little blind to the fact that his Spider-Bots have been hacked and he’s alienating a lot of the hero community lately, which was one of Peter’s strongest ties. Karma dictates that this will bite him in the ass, but until it does I’m enjoying everything so far and give this comic a full 5 out of 5 for beautiful artwork, fight scenes, and foreshadowing the looming threat.

Death of Spider-Man Motion Comic

Believe it or not, I’m not a mainstream American comic fan, so I rarely post things on the subject. But, when I was browsing for information on a short story I was planning, I found out that Peter Parker died in the Ultimate Series (As well as a ton of other heroes. I mean really, Daredevil, Wolverine, Professor X., Cyclops, it’s like they’re cleaning house at this point.) but seeing as I was nowhere near a comic store and too lazy to read, I went and found a Motion Comic with full voice over and animation.


Now, when I say this was well done, I mean to the extent that why haven’t Marvel hired Arrival Point Productions to do this for all their comics. The voices match perfectly, and it is absolutely heartbreaking to watch Peter’s death.
You can download the MP4 here: Link