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AMV Recommendations 3

These are AMV’s that I recommend watching. If you like any of them, give them a like or leave a comment on Youtube and recommend them to your friends. Seriously.


[Overlord] Ains Ooal Gown ASMV – All Hail To The Overlord

A tribute to Ains Ooal Gown from Overlord


[Zatch Bell] All We Are – Zatch vs Bari

Going a bit old school, but Zatch Bell was the show back in the day.

[Shaman King] Angel of Darkness – Hao Tribute

To the main antagonist of Shaman King.

[Shaman King] Be Somebody

An excellent nostalgic AMV to Shaman King.

[Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry] Let it Burn – Raikiri vs Shizuka

A masterpiece of a fight in Rakudai.

[RWBY] Everyone wants to rule Remnant

Still mad about the season finale.

[One Punch Man] Bad Dreams

There’s only so much awesome you can pack into a man who can kill with a punch.

[Negima Neo] Give Negi a Shot to Remember

Negima Neo was weird, even by the original’s standards, but it was fun.

[Nanatsu no Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins)] Close My Eyes

I marathoned the manga after watching this. That should tell you how good it is.

[Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin AMV (Nanana’s Buried Treasure)] Adventure

I loved this anime after discovering it by chance. It’s a little pervy, but the story is decent.

[Team Kazuma vs Dullahan AMV (KonoSuba)]

Thanks to Digibro for recommending the anime, I loved it and found this AMV.