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Free Fantasy Novelette

Wands & Vials: An Alchemist Sets Out can now be downloaded for free on Smashwords.

Summary: Alchemy has declined in the last few centuries in the world of Trimagus, where mystic creatures, magic using humans, and monster lived in conflict and calm. Kowler Freslight is a young alchemist with a sylphid named Aeria at his service, attending Amadeus Magica academy. In a place where highborn magi, witches, and wizards reign supreme, his best and possibly only friend is cherry-haired witch with no magical roots and an affinity towards fire named Alice Pyralis.

What starts as an ordinary day of being pestered for an illegal love potion ends with the alchemist doing what he has to in order to ensure the safety of his friend. If that meant breaking the rules, facing down magic-resistant trolls, and being expelled, so be it. Some things are worth the cost.

This exciting action-adventure fantasy novelette can be found on Smashwords and purchased for free using the checkout code below. Just remember spread the word and leave a review if you enjoy it:

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Expires: January 1, 2013

Death of Spider-Man Motion Comic

Believe it or not, I’m not a mainstream American comic fan, so I rarely post things on the subject. But, when I was browsing for information on a short story I was planning, I found out that Peter Parker died in the Ultimate Series (As well as a ton of other heroes. I mean really, Daredevil, Wolverine, Professor X., Cyclops, it’s like they’re cleaning house at this point.) but seeing as I was nowhere near a comic store and too lazy to read, I went and found a Motion Comic with full voice over and animation.


Now, when I say this was well done, I mean to the extent that why haven’t Marvel hired Arrival Point Productions to do this for all their comics. The voices match perfectly, and it is absolutely heartbreaking to watch Peter’s death.
You can download the MP4 here: Link