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Lightning and Wind

Multiple Updates

The Omake and PDF for Lightning and Wind are now available and can be found below:

Omake Page

PDF Here

My new story, a Fate/Extra fanfiction is underway here, and I’m working on a few more To Aru fan fictions.

Arcane Advent II: New Edition is on Sale now. Check out the site: Here

Bleedman updated Grim Tales.
Read the rest of the comics at Snafu-Comics

Mid-December Update

Hi, I finished the Omake’s for Lightning and Wind, but I wanted to announced my new fan fiction, coming soon for Fate Extra, called: Fate/Extra ~New Moon~. The main Servant will be a female Lancer, taking place in a grail war before this one. It’ll be released alongside the PDF.

Bleedman updates:

Raven is NOT the Mother!?

Get Away from her dog

Hero Worship

Lightning and Wind Epilogue

Read the final chapter here: Epilogue

The Omakes will come out with the PDF version.
Comment on what you thought about the fanfic.

End of Novemember Update

The month is ending and Winter’s chilly embrace is upon us.

So here’s more stuff:

Lightning and Wind Chapter 11: It’s Here!

Sugar Bits Update: A Happy Ending for Little Red Riding Hood

Grim Tales Update: Raven going Mama Bear

Thanksgiving Update

Well, it was mostly luck but here’s Chapter Ten of Lightning and Wind: Here

Also, PPGD Update: Here

And also, Volume 2 of Arcane Advent New Edition is coming out next month. I’ve updated the pictures in the gallery on the main site: Here

Lots of updates

Well to start with, Lightning and Wind Chapters 8 & 9 are both done:

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Bleedman has updated his comics:
Him being a Douche
Some Fireworks
The Things Courage Does for Love

And Arcane Advent Volume II New Edition has been scheduled for a December release.

Lightning and Wind Chapter Seven

The 7th chapter of Lightning and Wind is out, and it’s a bit violent: Here

Bleedman Updates:
Grim Tales: Here
PPGD: Here

Now, I’m off to play Fate Extra!!!

Lightning and Wind Chapter 6

Like a bolt from the blue, I present the next chapter: Here

And we have a Tvtropes Page too. It needs love.

End of October Update + Lightning and Wind Chapter 5

Just flushing out some facts:

* The next chapter of Lightning and Wind is out! You know where to look! ^_^

* Bleedman Updated Grim Tales from down below

* Working on a new story for magazine subscription

* Arcane Advent Vol.2 New Edition should be ready for release in November, but I make no promises

Lightning and Wind Chapter 4 is out

Read it Here

Alright, this will probably be the last chapter for this month. Enjoy and comment on any questions, concerns, etc.

So, I’ve been busy…

As a freelance writer and programmer, I’ve been busy working on other people’s works and haven’t had much time to get back at writing my own stories and games. When I do get some free time, whether I write or not depends on if I have an internet connection. As I’m sure I’ve stated before, I have a very short attention span and the internet doesn’t help since I get distracted easily.

Hence the reason for the massive delays.

Anyway, I’m hoping to get another chapter of Lightning and Wind out soon. I do plan on hosting it on eventually. I just want all the chapters done first. Expect the representative from Neccessarius to appear in the next chapter.
Also, I’m planning out a short story after getting an idea from a wonderful Dresden Files fanfiction about Selkies called Fair Vote. I recommend it highly for a good read. It starts off slow with impersonating a cop, and Miami politics, but the story is decent.

My story will have a different theme to it, but hopefully it will get published…unless there’s too many words.