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FE: New Moon

Major Updates

Both Naruto fanfics have been updated, as well as Fate Extra New Moon:

Wind Monk Banishment

Advent of the Spiraling Ninja

New Moon

Also, new PPGD:

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End of January Update

Okay, three main updates:

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Little Bo Peep doesn’t seem to be among the living anymore…

Second, I got a free side story for Arcane Advent done:Here

Last, I got the next chapter of Fate Extra~New Moon~ done: Here

New Moon & Bleedman Updated

New chapter of Fate/Extra New Moon: Here

Bleedman refuses to let anyone have a happy ending …then again, this is a flashback so we know how this is gonna play out…such a shame…

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Multiple Updates

The Omake and PDF for Lightning and Wind are now available and can be found below:

Omake Page

PDF Here

My new story, a Fate/Extra fanfiction is underway here, and I’m working on a few more To Aru fan fictions.

Arcane Advent II: New Edition is on Sale now. Check out the site: Here

Bleedman updated Grim Tales.
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Mid-December Update

Hi, I finished the Omake’s for Lightning and Wind, but I wanted to announced my new fan fiction, coming soon for Fate Extra, called: Fate/Extra ~New Moon~. The main Servant will be a female Lancer, taking place in a grail war before this one. It’ll be released alongside the PDF.

Bleedman updates:

Raven is NOT the Mother!?

Get Away from her dog

Hero Worship