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Arcane Advent

End of January Update

Okay, three main updates:

Read the rest of the comics at Snafu-Comics
Little Bo Peep doesn’t seem to be among the living anymore…

Second, I got a free side story for Arcane Advent done:Here

Last, I got the next chapter of Fate Extra~New Moon~ done: Here

Multiple Updates

The Omake and PDF for Lightning and Wind are now available and can be found below:

Omake Page

PDF Here

My new story, a Fate/Extra fanfiction is underway here, and I’m working on a few more To Aru fan fictions.

Arcane Advent II: New Edition is on Sale now. Check out the site: Here

Bleedman updated Grim Tales.
Read the rest of the comics at Snafu-Comics

Thanksgiving Update

Well, it was mostly luck but here’s Chapter Ten of Lightning and Wind: Here

Also, PPGD Update: Here

And also, Volume 2 of Arcane Advent New Edition is coming out next month. I’ve updated the pictures in the gallery on the main site: Here

Lots of updates

Well to start with, Lightning and Wind Chapters 8 & 9 are both done:

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Bleedman has updated his comics:
Him being a Douche
Some Fireworks
The Things Courage Does for Love

And Arcane Advent Volume II New Edition has been scheduled for a December release.

End of October Update + Lightning and Wind Chapter 5

Just flushing out some facts:

* The next chapter of Lightning and Wind is out! You know where to look! ^_^

* Bleedman Updated Grim Tales from down below

* Working on a new story for magazine subscription

* Arcane Advent Vol.2 New Edition should be ready for release in November, but I make no promises

Arcane Advent Site Update and Sale

The Arcane Advent site has been updated once again at:

* Link to facebook Page

* Gallery

* Updates

And the book is on sale at 15% off, along with another 20% off using the code BURIED at until Oct 28th. Don’t miss out on it.

September Update 2

* Arcane Advent has been released, check out the sites:
**Website: Here
**Wikia: Here

* Lightning and Wind, has been updated under fanfiction.
* Bleedman updated PPGD.

September Update

Okay, to keep the updates brief:

* Bleedman updated Grim Tales.
* Arcane Advent Vol I New Edition is on sale in about 3 days, it has a new website finally, a Wikia will be up and running, and a Tvtropes Page if I get the time.

**Website: Here
**Wikia: Here

* I’ve started a new fanfiction based off To Aru Majutsu no Index called Lightning and Wind, featuring Lessar and Mikoto after the events of New Testament Vol.2. The prologue and first chapter are under fanfiction.


So far I’ve gotten two fanfics done and posted them under the fanfiction tab. Both series are from Manhwa, Korean comics, and center around fighting using Ki.

As for Arcane Advent, the first volume is being rewritten and thus the old copies that are floating around will become outdated.

Changes so far:
* New Prologue
* A change in Leid’s personality and abilities(less spells, but more skill and flexibility)
* All battle scenes have been changed around for better cohesion
* Writing format and style changed
* More interaction between Leid and his master in the form of flashbacks

Coming Soon

Okay, after dealing with a bout of Pneumonia, my laptop hard drive frying and had to be replaced, a missed job interview because of the laptop breaking, and having to move in ten days, I’ve had some time to think about where I’m going and what I’m doing.

Short Term:
1.) Finish Valkyrie’s Godchild: The next chapter will be the last and wrap up the story. It was a short story to begin with, although some day I’d like to expand it into a visual novel with revamped storyline.

2.) Fan fiction: For the Lolz and experience

Long Term:
3.) Arcane Advent 1: I’m redoing it (again), this time in a third person format and with revised content.

4.) Arcane Advent 2: Too many dang cliches. It’s got to get redone, with revised content and maybe some artwork.

5.) Arcane Advent 3: When I said it was going to be dark….I was underestimating my own imagination. I’ve just got a lot of inspiration, so I plan on working on it thoroughly.

Really Long Term:
6.) Arcane Advent Saga: A compilation of all three volume’s revision in a hard back cover that chronicles the four years of Leid’s life. After this, he will step down as the main protagonist, so I plan on developing the heck out of him in order to make it more heart breaking when the ending comes.

7.) The Path of the Lone Wolf – An Arcane Advent Kinetic Novel: A visual novel that will chronicle the life of Leid’s master and the reason he was on the run when Leid found him.

8.) Arcane Advent – The Game: A game based off the novels.

This is my plan for the next two or three years, but seeing as I’m scatterbrained and have the attention span of a bug, expect more things out of impulse or less out of laziness. I’m removing all content for the series until I get them sorted out properly and everything is released, preferably next year.

Arcane Advent: Short Story 3 is done

I’ve posted another short story under the Arcane Advent tab. Once again our protagonist gets his tail kicked. The next story for Arcane Advent will be volume 3 and will follow up directly from these last few short stories.

Volume 2 Cover Art

The Dark Bible

The art work was done by Zen-Is on deviantart. The source of conflict in the second volume all stems from the book seen here. It’s true name is shrouded in a dark history that’s filled with blood and sorrow.

Arcane Advent Vol.2 is coming

The second volume in the series Arcane Advent is almost done. I estimate a late February/early March release date.