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Let’s Talk About Avas Demon and Why You Should Read It!


Ava’s Demon is another webcomic that I’m into that has artwork like something out of Disney and Pixar. It’s something of a polar-opposite of Blindsprings, but it has it’s charm as a space-faring fic. Fair-warning, I’m not going to hide spoilers so read at your own risk, and don’t eat anything or you’ll regret it.


The story is about a girl known as Ava who, as pictured above, is possessed by the soul of a space-empress named Wrathia that constantly ruins her life with the intent to drive her into suicide. This has ultimately cost her all her friends, got her expelled from her previous schools, and generally left her miserable.


In fact, when she is eventually killed after her planet gets destroyed,  her greatest relief was that she didn’t die by Wrathia’s hands. This leads to a conversation where Wrathia manages to convince her into a pact after explaining that TITAN, the current conqueror of the universe managed to take over her world so she used space-alchemy to reincarnate all her most powerful warriors into new bodies, in the hopes that they would be strong enough to best TITAN. It clearly didn’t go as planned, but the gist is that now Ava has to find the hosts of the other warriors, most of whom are conveniently around her without her knowledge, to overthrown the guy.


It goes without mentioning that this art is goddamn gorgeous, but this webcomic gets seriously dark and disturbing at times. Even the impaling scene from above pales in comparison to some of the later scenes.


Overall, it’s a decent webcomic that’s easy on the eyes, but has some seriously dark overtones. And while it used to update like twice every week, it’s been on hiatus for months with only a single 30-page update last month. That being said, I recommend it highly and you can go read it:


Let’s talk about Blindsprings and why you should read it!

Right, so let’s talk about Blindsprings. I’m going to be upfront and say that this review will have some spoilers up to the present point, which around 250 or so chapters. I’ll cover the premise, the characters, and what I like about it. If you’re still interested after that, go read it. The only thing it will cost you is a time, because it’s free and better than anything Marvel’s put out in the last few years.



Blindsprings tells the story a young girl named Tamaura that lived in the forest alone for three hundred years without aging due to a contract with the spirits that inhabited it. One day, a young boy named Harris finds her and they get along well. However, he leaves to go study magic only to return several years later, as an adult, and frees her from the spirits against her will. Thus she learns that the world around her has changed drastically and ends up being the cornerstone in a conflict between two factions: the Orphics, the spirit-allied former rulers of the city who are now an oppressed minority; and the Academist, “scientific” wizards who have instituted a dystopian police state in their zeal to wipe them out.’

We see early on that the Orphics are seen as second-class citizens and can be seen as treated horribly, not unlike Germany during a certain time that history will not let us forget. Worse, flashes to the past show that the Academist uprising began because Orphics treated those who weren’t like them as second-class citizens, meaning that they became as bad as the very order they were rebelling against. Not to mention things get more complex when the spirits get involved, and we find out they’ve been pulling a lot of strings as the story continues… And I mean that literally.



The story primarily focuses on Tammy, a proper and sweet princess who is three-hundred years behind on the times and fears elevators, but will put her duties above her personal desires, and Harris, a well-meaning Academist who is working to solve the magic crisis his home is currently facing and wants equality for everyone. They bonded as children, but fast-forward a couple of years and we see that they are forced down different roads due to his aspirations to help her involving joining the very descendants of the people who killed her family, and you can see how guilty they both feel since she drove him to it and he could think of nothing else. Then we learn that the spirits had a hand in it too, ultimately manipulating him for their own good.

The story also goes into the lives of the side-characters, such as Imogen and Street. They all have rich development, and even the antagonists like Asher Thorne appear to have both layers of growth, evident in both the past and the present. Another thing Kadi does well is the exploration of same-sex couples or non-binary characters, such as Harris with Evan and Ember with Irelia. If that’s your cup of tea, you’ll like this part of the comic.

Other Things to note
The world-building itself is amazing, with a detailed insight into things like how the Academist came into power and how there was an early attempt at assimilation between Orphics and non-Orphics. The art is gorgeous, with some panels being downright breathtaking. Tell me this doesn’t look amazing.

And it updates three times a week, with very few interruptions. You can read it: Here


Disney owns Marvel

This pretty much sums up the situation…

Go Here For More


July 2013 Grim Tales Update 5

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July 2013 PPGD Update

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July 2013 Grim Tales Update 4

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Ultimate Comics All-New Spider-man #25 Review

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man v2 025-000

This issue is mostly Identity Crisises in a Nutshell

Hello all,

Now, I’ve only recently gotten into American Comics this year due to…well, I don’t remember. I think it was learning that Doc Ock stole Peter’s body in Superior Spider-man.  But the important thing is I decided to give this reviewing thing a shot and I’ll start with the one from the series I’ve fallen in love with in the Ultimate Marvel Universe and based this fanfic off of.

In this quick review of Ultimate Comics All-New Spider-Man, which will simply be Ultimate Spider-Man from here on to save time, we cover Issue #25.

In this issue we have the aftermath of Cloak, Dagger, and Bombshell’s little tussle that ended up wrecking Gwen Stacy’s workplace. Now, this is New York post-ultimatum  so that sort of thing is nothing new, but the issue that presents itself here is that there are conflicting opinions amongst the majority.

Gwen Stacy feels that Miles needs to take on the mantle of Spider-Man once more. She feels betrayed since she and May Parker opened their hearts to him and passed the mantle of Spider-Man to Miles personally. She knows a bit of what he’s going through since her father, and her technically, both died because of Spider-Man’s enemies.

May feels differently in the fact that he should decide for himself the path he takes. In addition, she has always been vocal about not letting little children (which Miles counts as in her eyes) fight against the types of enemies heroes do. She witnessed her nephew die in front of her eyes facing off against six superpowered enemies with a bullet in his gut. It’s natural that she wouldn’t want the cycle to repeat.

Katie Bishop, Mile’s girlfriend, knows something is off since he’s broody. There’s a bit of humor in the issue in that she thinks Miles and Ganke had a fight about Ganke having a crush on him. The fact that this is the second time it has been brought up and by his girlfriend this tiime only serves to amuse me as so far Ganke has only showed extreme interest in Legos and getting Miles in the black and red spandex…okay, that’s too easy. I’m not going to crack a joke about that.

Ganke points out that he’s saved so many people because he acted, but Miles doesn’t want to be pushed by everyone to get into the role of the webslinger again. The issue Miles has is that he’s lost his mother. It’s understandable as his greatest fear was that being Spider-Man would endanger his loved ones.

He was completely right.

His father was crippled when Venom came to his door based on a lousy reporter making a guess that labeled his father as Spider-Man. His doting uncle became an abusive asshole who tried to push him into crime and threatened to out him to his parents. His mother was shot because Venom went after his father again (and she plugged the symbiote with several rounds to save her son), and the police have a hard-on for trying to shoot at anyone in a costume or with powers post-ultimatum, despite he was a 13-year old runt at the time.

He feels the weight of a mantle that wasn’t originally his and the deaths of his loved ones on his shoulders.

We then skip back to Dagger and Cloak’s transformation and how they escaped. Naturally, they don’t exactly feel comfortable about what they’ve become, the literal physical manifestations of light and darkness. Given that in the earlier volumes Tandy had issues with mutants, its rather karmic but they still didn’t deserve to be turned into human guinea pigs and had their deaths faked.

Eventually the one who drives Miles to act is Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman, and clone of Peter Parker.

She admits she’s got some identity issues that come from cloning, but she’s doing what she can to be her own woman.  She and Miles are the result of people fucking with the natural order in an attempt to recreate Captain America and got it right to an extent. She points out that SHIELD won’t do a damn thing since they’re in deep and it’s for reasons like that Spider-Man is needed, so that what happens to them doesn’t happen to others.

So that innocent people don’t suffer at the hands of Roxxon’s tampering.

Jessica doesn’t force him to do anything, not after she brought up his mother the first time they met after the time skip. She doesn’t try to force him into the mask like the others do, not by slapping him like Gwen or calling him a coward like Ganke. Out of everyone else, she comes off as the most sincere.

The result?

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man v2 025-017He’s Back

Overall this issue was…drama-heavy. I’m an action junkie, I need action, but this tugged at my heartstrings and the angst was understandable. The art was lovely and without a doubt that last page is beautiful.

My Rating is a 4/5.

January Grim Tales & PPGD Dual Update

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Free Fantasy Novelette

Wands & Vials: An Alchemist Sets Out can now be downloaded for free on Smashwords.

Summary: Alchemy has declined in the last few centuries in the world of Trimagus, where mystic creatures, magic using humans, and monster lived in conflict and calm. Kowler Freslight is a young alchemist with a sylphid named Aeria at his service, attending Amadeus Magica academy. In a place where highborn magi, witches, and wizards reign supreme, his best and possibly only friend is cherry-haired witch with no magical roots and an affinity towards fire named Alice Pyralis.

What starts as an ordinary day of being pestered for an illegal love potion ends with the alchemist doing what he has to in order to ensure the safety of his friend. If that meant breaking the rules, facing down magic-resistant trolls, and being expelled, so be it. Some things are worth the cost.

This exciting action-adventure fantasy novelette can be found on Smashwords and purchased for free using the checkout code below. Just remember spread the word and leave a review if you enjoy it:

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Coupon Code: CG43M
Expires: January 1, 2013

A showdown we’ve all been waiting for!

Okay, I’ve been wanting to see this image for some time, but since there didn’t seem to be many images online, I sucked it up and commissioned it from Alter-22 on deviant art.

WMB Naruto 8 & Bleedman

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Birthday Releases

It’s my birthday, so I decided to release somethings:
WMB 5: Here
ASN 7: Here

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Grim Tales Update

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PPGD Update

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End of January Update

Okay, three main updates:

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Little Bo Peep doesn’t seem to be among the living anymore…

Second, I got a free side story for Arcane Advent done:Here

Last, I got the next chapter of Fate Extra~New Moon~ done: Here

Multiple Updates

The Omake and PDF for Lightning and Wind are now available and can be found below:

Omake Page

PDF Here

My new story, a Fate/Extra fanfiction is underway here, and I’m working on a few more To Aru fan fictions.

Arcane Advent II: New Edition is on Sale now. Check out the site: Here

Bleedman updated Grim Tales.
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Volume 2 Cover Art

The Dark Bible

The art work was done by Zen-Is on deviantart. The source of conflict in the second volume all stems from the book seen here. It’s true name is shrouded in a dark history that’s filled with blood and sorrow.