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B3: The Two-Faced Player Killer [Infinite Dendrogram]

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“But youdiduse Barbaroy’s name to rob people, didn’t you? The fee for that will be your life. In fact, I am a player killer, so I do not need such excuses. Someone opposes me? I merelykill them all.

As mentioned plenty of times, there are a number of characters inInfinite Dendrogramwho have my interest due to either their playstyle, personalities, or abilities. Here we have a character that embodies all three of these aspects wrapped up in one young woman who intends to bear the weight of the world on her shoulders and topple the titan of a Superior known as Figaro:Barbaroy Bad Burn (B.B.B or B3).

B3 becomes a major supporting character in the Windstar Festival arc during Volume Six and Volume Seven and later joins Ray’s Guild, Death Period. She is an experienced Master who, despite lacking aSuperior Job

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