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Spider-Man Homecoming Quick Review and Notes

Well, it’s that once in a blue moon occasion where I go out and see a movie. Last time it was Doctor Strange, now its Spider-Man. I won’t beat around the bush when I say its good. Like, really good. It feels like a teenage Spider-Man movie should, so I’m writing this quick review to basically get it all off my chest and so I can copy and paste it on other forums without typing it up constantly.

Basically, the movie is very grounded. The plot is centered around a single thread, namely the Vulture using alien tech for his purposes that aren’t exactly legit. Peter, being Spider-Man and trying to get on Stark’s good-side, interferes.  This is the main conflict.

Throughout the movie, we find that being Spider-Man has been slowly eating away at Peter’s life outside of the mask and that it quickly becomes his world. He’s quitting clubs that he liked, not hanging out with his sole friend, and basically ruining his life.  He wants to be an Avenger that much, but he’s so green at it that he has to get advice from a criminal how to get better at it. It’s his coming of age story, and its good.

But, here are some points that stuck with me (slight spoilers):

  • Happy Hogan, Peter’s contact with Stark, spends most of the movie being a serious jerk. I mean, he clearly doesn’t like having Peter around, so he ignores him and he does some stupid stuff that I honestly would have had him fired over. So yeah, screw him.
  • Ned is basically Ganke. He really is. Even when it comes to learning Peter/Miles is Spider-Man.
  • That suit takes a beating and still doesn’t get scratched. What did Stark make it out of?
  • The fact that Tony considered the Vulture below his pay-grade was really stupid. Now I get that he probably said that to keep Peter off the case, as the boat scene shows, but I can see why the Vulture thinks the way he does when it comes to him.
  • The first Shocker was asking for what happened to him. He couldn’t telegraph that any harder if he tried.
  • Why would Peter hit alien tech with a hammer in shop class? That was begging for trouble. And that teacher was just incompetent for not noticing. All of them are when I think about it.
  • That school has a ton of security issues, and I say that as someone who went to a public school with better security. Adults  literally walk on the grounds without any trouble or being questioned, and they have no security cameras either apparently given what Peter does.
  • Why wasn’t there a camera in the Damage Control facility? You can’t keep that tech locked away without someone monitoring it. It was asking to be stolen.
  • Tony didn’t have to rub Peter’s failures in, but he had a point about the  boat. Still a dick though. I see why Vulture hates him.
  • Peter lived out every boyfriend’s worst nightmare, as Miles could attest to in the Ultimate Universe. At least he didn’t take the offer for a drink.
  • He ruined Liz’s life.