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Samurai Jack (2017) – Episode 1 Review

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Jack is back and armor-clad.

When I was younger, I was an avid Cartoon Network fan because of the quality programming they showed. Toonami was my intro into anime and shows like Teen Titans (not the tire fire that is Teen Titans GO) were my bread and butter. And one of my favorites was a show called Samurai Jack.

It ended several years ago on a cliffhanger, but Cartoon Network has finally pulled their heads out of the sand and decided to bring it back for a final season to tie up loose ends. And we get right into the meat of it as the first episode of the final season picks up with a tense scene of a mother, daughter, and child being surrounded by Aku’s robots.

They’re pretty screwed given the numbers and they lack any means of fighting, so they say their goodbyes to one another…

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