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Tis The Season 19-05

Heretical Edge and Summus Proelium

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Please note, there was a brief announcement posted a couple days ago that addresses all the confusion about the whole ‘Scott is dead/no he’s not’ edits back and forth. You can read that announcement if you missed it by clicking here.   

“It won’t be long before your teacher gets back from her errand,” Prosser announced while I was still trying to digest the revelation that my mother’s power had come from the fact that she was technically part of the Crossroads Committee and thus was linked to them. “I can’t be here when she arrives.”

“You can trust Professor Dare,” I replied automatically. “She knows pretty much everything. She knows about Senny being a vampire, Shiori being her sister, all of it. If she was a traitor, we’d be screwed.” Shrugging, I added, “Plus, Gaia said we can trust her and if she’s wrong, double screwed.”


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