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Tis The Season 19-04

Heretical Edge and Summus Proelium

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Very important note: If you read the original version of previous chapter (with the revelation of Scott still being alive), and have not read the revised version, please go back and read from the moment Flick is given the video. There has been a very substantial change (Scott is dead). The explanation for this change is given in my edited first comment in that chapter. This notice will be taken down after about a week. 

Considering the way I’d heard various people (especially Avalon) at Crossroads talk about him, most Heretics would have had a selection of reactions to the appearance of Gabriel Prosser that varied from stunned silence to Wayne and Garth style supplication, only with less comedic overtones. He was Hercules, Luke Skywalker, and Superman all rolled up into one. He was their hero, their champion.

I kind of doubted any of their reactions would…

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