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Winter Wonderland 18-07

Super-strength, super-reflexes, enhanced stamina, sand-control, walk through wood, feel items in her presence, shark control, anything else I’m missing with Flick?

Heretical Edge and Summus Proelium

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For once, Pace seemed to be stunned into silence. She hadn’t moved by the time Shiori reached the spot where I was still kneeling and put out a hand to pull me up to my feet. “Are you okay?” the Asian girl asked quickly, her tone and wide-eyed expression making it clear that she couldn’t decide whether to be worried or seriously impressed. Belatedly, she added in a cute little whisper, “That was reallybadass.

“I’m okay,” I promised while accepting the hand up. Despite my flippant remark while shoving my knife into the wolf, I was actually shaking. My mouth and throat felt dry, and I kept seeing the dead wolf at my feet from the corner of my eyes. Not wolf, I reminded myself. Werewolf. Dead werewolf.

Pace had apparently recovered by that point. Not only mentally, but she’d also physically recovered the weapon that…

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February 2017 Grim Tales Update 1

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