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Death and Rebirth: 1.01

A Web-Novel I’m starting, based off the tale of the Nine-Tailed Fox.


The grass seemed like a sea as the silvery rays of moonlight gently bathe the land beneath the canvas of the night sky. The breeze billowed softly over the green and loose blades rode it into the sky, floating freely without any fetters. There was nary a sound beyond the gentle whisper of the wind and all was peaceful when she appeared.

Her presence was so great that the whispers of the wind were silenced. Moonlight itself seemed to bend in her wake, coalescing upon her as a ray of purest light that shone down from the celestial heavens, only to pass through her body like a mirage. The plains themselves ceased their constant sway, with only the blades of grass worthy of being trampled under her paws allowed to do so, and nature itself seemed to bow before her as she gracefully swam through the sea of viridian towards…

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