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A Learning Experience 17-02

Exactly how many ways are there to become a Heretic. I mean, I know it should be possible, but from the sound of it you can become a Heretic by the sheer virtue of surviving long enough to bathe in the blood of a supernatural creature. Not to mention this has the makings of a prophecy of some kind that I would expect from the MC of the story.

Heretical Edge and Summus Proelium

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In my experience, at history (or any) class in a normal high school there were the usual assortment of students: some paying attention because they didn’t want to flunk out, some who that thought they were too cool to pay attention no matter what that risked, others that were legitimately bored out of their minds and made sure everyone knew it, and then there were a few who were actively, almost obsessively interested in the actual presentation.

Considering my primary extracurricular activity at my oldschool had been the newspaper, whose motto was basically, ‘Yes, we still exist, turn the lights back on!’, I wasn’t super-high on the popularity scale. Which meant that I didn’t have to care about how it looked, so I was used to being one of the latter group, who actually made the clearly unforgivable mistake of asking the teacher questions that encouraged…

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