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Interlude 15 – Nicholas Petan

If she changes the future, won’t that mean that the future her past self gets transferred to won’t exist? So doesn’t that mean she doesn’t exist in the future as is? Or will it create a branching timeline, which means that the past Flick goes to the new future, or… or…

Ow, my head…

Heretical Edge and Summus Proelium

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Five Years From Now, In An Alternate Dimension

“My Lord?” the soft voice of a young female with teal skin and bright white hair spoke up tentatively.

Nicholas Petan turned away from the window of the ship where he had been studying the green and brown planet that they were approaching. He took in the sight of the Nereid, pausing for a moment to remember her name. At one time, it wouldn’t even have taken him that long. But, as the years and centuries passed, the number of those he was responsible for had grown beyond what he could have imagined when he was still young. Even then, however, it often felt as though he had done too little.

After that brief pause that actually only lasted a couple of seconds, he had it. “Yes, Dexamene?”

“Um, I was just… I was wondering, sir…” Dexamene hesitated. She looked…

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