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Interlude 14B – Abigail Fellows

These memory manipulation spells are messed up, that feeling of knowing something is off but interference by an outside presence is screwing with you. Not even able to remember someone you loved…

Heretical Edge and Summus Proelium

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For as long as she could remember, Abigail Fellows had been outraged by the concept of those in positions of authority abusing their power. Even before her name had been Fellows, back when she was Abigail Carter, she had thrown herself in as an advocate on the side of people she believed were being taken advantage of. As a student, she’d involved herself in various marches and protests before eventually finding that the best way to fix the system was from inside it. That’s when she decided to become a lawyer. For the rest of her school career, she focused on getting the best education she could.

If pressed, she wouldn’t have been able to say what actually drove this feeling. All the woman knew was that she had this great sense of an incredibly injustice abuse of power that had to be corrected. It was that sense…

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