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A Strange Thanksgiving 13-01

Deveron will pretty much win in the long run though. I mean, he’s already older than Flick’s Dad and will probably live much longer. Joselyn too. It’s really just a matter of time than anything.

Heretical Edge and Summus Proelium

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“Okay, how? How do you do that?” I demanded while looking sideways toward my companion as the two of us strolled across the grass of the school grounds. There weren’t that many students around, since it was the morning of Thanksgiving break and a lot of people had already headed out to see their families. Still, the ones who were around still were waving and calling out greetings or even jokes.

“How do I do what?” Tristan asked casually while catching a half-full bag of popcorn that someone tossed him while passing. Calling a thanks to them, he tilted his head back to pour some into his mouth.

Taking the bag from him, I poured some into my mouth as well and chewed before answering. “That.” I gestured back the way we’d come, toward the guy that had passed him the bag. “You’ve been here for like… a…

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August 2016 Sugar Bits Update 2

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