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Family Reunion 12-04

100 chapters and I’m still lost in a lot of ways, all the signs of a good read.

Heretical Edge and Summus Proelium

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“Seriously, how cool is this?” The blond boy spread his arms while spinning in an enthusiastic circle. “I’m home!” He paused then before raising his voice to echo through the trees. “I said, I’m home!” His voice turned into a giddy laugh that was almost hysterical. “Home. God damn. I’m home. I’m home.”

“How—what–when–what–” Those and similar words fell out of my mouth without any further input from my brain, which was busy running in circles while screaming. I almost reflexively lowered my hand from where it was shielding the important bits from my field of view, only catching myself at the last second. My vocal confusion finally settled itself on a single, properly summarizing word. “Huh?”

Tristan, for his part, was still grinning incorrigibly. He was clearly enjoying my reaction, and let it continue for a few seconds before giving me a quick salute. “So you remember…

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