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Facing Evil 11-01

Koren is unpleasant and their security sucks. That’s at least three times now someone has gotten them on a mission.

Heretical Edge and Summus Proelium

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(Note: Please be aware that there was a special extra donator-fueled interlude focused on Shiori’s jungle hunt posted Saturday. If you happened to miss that, click the previous chapter button to read it first)

Once Koren finished telling me about her horrifying childhood experience with the flower-leaving abductor, I stared at her, mouth open. My first impulse was to grab and hug her after hearing something that damn traumatizing. But, well, we didn’t exactly have that kind of relationship yet. I was pretty sure she wouldn’t react well to it. Which meant that I was left staring, tamping down my impulses.

There was, however, one reaction that I couldn’t quite avoid. “You mean your mother dismissed it? What the hell? Believe in the supernatural or not, you don’t tell your kid that something that made her run out of her own house and sleep in the backyard because…

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