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July 2016 Sugar Bits Update 1

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Series Review – RWBY Volume 2

Otaku Youth

Written by Bananaowns

Images courtesy of Roosterteeth

The first season of RWBY had a lot of rough edges, but managed to gather a large following.  So it was only inevitable that the series would get a second season and a chance to improve some of the issues.  I am glad to say that RWBY Volume 2 managed to improve the series in almost every way.  There are still a few problems, but nothing on the same level of the issues the plagued the first volume.  I’m Bananaowns and this is an Otaku Youth Anime review.


Volume 2 possesses more of an overarching story.  Unlike the first volume, each episode directly ties in to the larger plot.  This was necessary in order to expand the scope of the story.  This was a very big improvement on the relatively weak plot of the first season.  The pacing for this season is…

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Mini-Interlude 3 – Shiori

They’re about to hunt the equivalent of an Alter matryoshka and her attention is… elsewhere. For shame, Shiori. For shame.

Heretical Edge and Summus Proelium

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“Boys and girls!” the voice of Professor Katarin bellowed over the sound of Shiori’s Hunter track-mates excitedly chattering back and forth as they stood at the edge of the jungle entrance on the far end of the school grounds. “I will ask for your attention once. If you do not give it to me immediately, you will spend the next four Saturdays in my classroom writing an essay on exactly why ignoring the man that is about to take you into the jungle is a very, very bad idea! Now, do I have your attention?”

There was a chorus of answers. Unlike in most groups, everyone spoke up clearly, because Professor Katarin wasn’t most teachers. He was somehow able to zero in on exactly who mumbled or didn’t answer at all, and single them out for a severe dressing down. The group as a whole had been broken…

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