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Series Review – RWBY Volume 1

Otaku Youth

Written by Bananaowns

Images courtesy of Roosterteeth

What exactly makes an anime? Despite the variety of genres and visual styles, anime remains an all-encompassing classification.  The next three videos will focus on a series that has created an endless debate on what is and is not an anime.  It is obviously heavily inspired by the magical girl genre as well as the powered high school genre.  One point keeps being brought up, it’s not an anime because it was not made in Japan.  To me, it is a similar argument as the difference between whiskey and scotch.  At the broadest level the difference is merely because of geography.  Of course, the differences become greater the deeper you go, but it doesn’t really mean anything in the end.  It might not be an anime on a technicality, but I will treat this show as I treat any other series.  Of course…

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