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The Next Step 8-06

Do other lifeforms count as aliens if you’re the one trespassing on their planet?

Heretical Edge and Summus Proelium

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Before we went anywhere, I stopped. “Wait. We uhh, should probably make sure we’re not about to be trapped in here the second we touch anything. Not that you’re bad company to have, but I’m pretty sure neither of us wants to play a thousand bottles of beer on the wall until we kill each other.”

She reflexively flinched even at that minor of a comment. Then she frowned, lifting her head to squint at me with a curious look. “You’re… really not afraid of me, are you? I’m related to a vampire, I’m part-vampire myself, and you’re still making jokes about us killing each other from boredom. Jokes.”

Obviously, helping Shiori cope with this was going to take more than just a pep talk or two.

I shrugged back at her. “Like I said, Asenath is my friend. She’s a full vampire. Why would I be…

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