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The Asterisk War Sucks [Part 12b]: Chivalry of a Failed Knight Doesn’t Suck!

My Sword Is Unbelievably Dull

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Basic Training 7-03

That explains the rivalry, I guess. You’d think they’d be less abrasive about it after a couple of generations.

Heretical Edge and Summus Proelium

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Soon, we were all making our way into the Pathmaker building. The class consisted of about a third of the first year students, which amounted to six teams, or thirty-six of us. Apparently the remaining sixty-six would get their field trip the next time they had Heretical History. We were the first group.

We were met at the entrance by a couple adults I didn’t recognize, and that Wyatt guy that had been hired as one of the security guards. They were all wearing the same uniform, so I assumed the other two were his co-workers, though they also looked like they were only a year or two out of school, as opposed to Wyatt, whose age I still guessed to be around forty. Then again, it was still impossible to guess how old anyone in this place was, no matter how much my brain kept reflexively trying…

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