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Basic Training 7-02

Someone who understands they’re concussive, not heat-based! You wouldn’t believe how many times people get that wrong… even Marvel. Anyway… Field Trip!

Heretical Edge and Summus Proelium

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“Do you really think Sands’ll be okay?” I asked a little bit later as Avalon stepped into our room after a post-ocean shower. I had been sitting on my bed, entertaining myself by playing with Herbie, tossing the little guy up and down from one hand to the other while thinking about everything that happened.

The other girl paused, then walked over to her side of the room to get dressed, a process that would have left even the absolute straightest of girls bending a bit because yeesh. “Mason’s pretty into the Strangers are evil, Crossroads Heretics are saints, rah rah, go team paragon stuff. But she’s also really close to her sister. Right now, I’m pretty sure she’s trying to figure out how to reconcile both of those.”

Biting my lip, I straightened a bit on the bed while setting my pet rock down, mindful of…

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