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The Asterisk War Sucks [Part 12a]: Chivalry of a Failed Knight Doesn’t Suck?

Personally, I liked Chivalry but thought it could use less fan-service. I’m here for the setting and protagonists, not the displays of flesh.

My Sword Is Unbelievably Dull

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March 2016 PPGD Update 1

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Basic Training 7-01

Personally, I think it was a mistake to tell her friends without vetting them. Avalon, maybe. The rest, not so much.

Heretical Edge and Summus Proelium

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About ten minutes later, I had just finished getting through the background of what happened up until I’d left the school a few days earlier, along with what I’d eventually found out from Seller, including our relationship. Everyone on the team was staring at me like I’d just grown two heads. Sean was the first to find his voice, shaking his head slowly. “You’re serious? You think your mom actually went here?”

“I know she went here,” I replied. “I’ve seen the pictures. I have the yearbook with her in it.”

Sands cut in then. “A yearbook that you let one of the Garden creeps mess with. He could’ve been messing with you. They do that all the time. Remember the assholes back by the lake that tried to kill Avalon?” She waved back toward my roommate. “Those are the kind of people you’re trusting now?”

It was…

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