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Interlude 6 – Gaia Sinclaire

Ahh… politics. My bane. Anywho, it seemed that Asenath had nailed what they were saying early on about why they train them that way. It makes since, but unless someone can add a means of telling them who’s hostile and who isn’t, that’s not going to change anytime soon.

Heretical Edge and Summus Proelium

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April 3rd, 1920

“Three days, Joselyn,” Gaia Sinclaire spoke crisply as she entered the classroom, her eyes already directed toward the lone student sitting in the middle of the front row. The girl wore a security track uniform, which seemed to be directly at odds with the reason she was there. “Three days in a row that you have found yourself drawn into an open brawl, this time in the middle of the school courtyard.”

“To be fair, Professor, I wasn’t drawn into this one.” Sitting casually in her seat, ankles crossed at the end of her stretched out legs, Joselyn Atherby drummed her fingers along the desk with an air of dismissive lack of concern. “That bimbo didn’t even see it coming until I put his ass on the ground.”

Giving the girl a long look, Gaia let out a breath before moving to sit…

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