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First Hunt 4-03

You can never have a big enough stick, Flick. Never.

Heretical Edge and Summus Proelium

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“So you grew up around all this stuff,” I whispered to Sean as the two of us picked our way around the lake. We were moving slowly and using the treeline as cover, hopefully avoiding the attention of the creatures inside the cabin in the distance. “Can I ask you something about how all this works?” While speaking, I pressed my finger into the slight depression in the staff where the small button was and held it. The black ends switched to a softly glowing blue as they began to charge up with kinetic energy.

The Hispanic boy turned his gaze away from Vulcan, who was busy sniffing ahead of us. His voice was equally quiet as he nodded to me. “Yeah, sure, what do you wanna know, Flickster?”

I waited another few seconds, scanning the shadows ahead of us before whispering again. “Let’s say someone graduates from…

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