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First Hunt 4-02

I like learning about more uncommon mythological figures. That’s one of the perks of reading Original Writing.

Heretical Edge and Summus Proelium

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“Let’s contain the giggles and gossip for just a few seconds here so I can talk, all right?”

The moment that Deveron said those words, all while continuing to flash that cocky and uncaring smirk, I immediately caught Avalon by the arm before she could throw herself at him. The muscles in her bicep flexed against my grip, and she turned her death glare from the boy to me until I released her. Still, it was enough of a delay that she wasn’t about to lose control completely and choke the prick.

And it gave Sean time to speak up, drawling a casual, “Well fine lil sweetness, if you insist. But only if you promise that we can do our hair up all nice and get some mani-pedis if we do a good job.”

Beside him, the metal dog made a soft little ruff noise of agreement, and…

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