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Orientation 1-06

What’s a pet that you don’t have to clean up after? If you guessed ‘a rock’ then congrats.

Heretical Edge and Summus Proelium

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“And this is what they call the Pathmaker,” Sands announced toward the end of a brief tour of the school grounds some time later. She held a hand up to stop us a few feet away from the entrance of the place, then pivoted around to face us. “Anyone wanna guess what that means?”

Most of what the twins had shown us had been covered earlier by Professor Dare when she had pointed out each of the main buildings. There were also a couple sport fields behind the athletic facilities that I hadn’t noticed, and more gardens than seemed normal for a school to have. But for the most part, everything was seemed to be pretty standard facilities. Except for this particular building.

Up close, the lower case t shape was more pronounced. It was a good eight stories tall, with the horizontal part of the t consisting…

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