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Hexed Comic Series Summary / Review – Part 2 (Spoilers)

Hexed-012-(2015)-(Digital)-(Mephisto-Empire)-001Second Series – 12 Issues (2014 – 2015)

The second series, introduced in 2014 brings us back to the story of Lucifer working for Val again to get a rare painting frame. However, this brings her into conflict with mercenaries and a security guard named Bob ends up having a heart attack from witnessing it. Lucifer ends up sealing him inside of the painting and bringing him to Val, who is working with an intern named Raina. The painting turns out to contain a Madam Cymbaline’s brother who wants revenge and steals Raina’s soul, leading to Lucifer to go to the Harlot for a way to retrieve it.

She has to kill herself to get into the Shade and Yves ends up going after Val for an item and gets gutted by her when she has to protect the newly awakened Raina, after learning Lucifer killed herself. Raina makes a deal with the Harlot to bring her back to life, and Yves and Madam Cymbaline end up crashing Val’s gallery and burning it down. Yves is killed and most of Val’s artifacts are confiscated as a result.

Now without her gallery and most of her artifacts confiscated, Val must work out of a less reputable location and get them all back with Lucifer’s help. She also hired Bob to work for her, so there’s that too. However, Lucifer and Val get into an argument over an artifact that Madam Cymbaline covets known as the Yellow Crown, due to it being able to mind control others. Madam Cymbaline is willing to remove her hex for it and makes it clear that she’ll kill Val if Lucifer doesn’t give it to her, but Val doesn’t care for her own life compared to keeping it out of the former’s hands.

In the end, Lucifer tosses it into a realm where the sands of the desert rob you of your memories and Madam Cymbaline kills Val and her cat. Enraged, Lucifer proceeds to kill a number of Madam Cymbaline’s servants and then summons a devil that other gods died to keep out of the mortal realm, knowing full well that the gods would try to punish her for it. So she goes to the Harlot and takes on the role of the Keeper of Secrets.

After this, Raina works with Bob to try and free Lucifer, who is now the Thief, from her role with the help of the former Harlot—whose real name is Fastrada. She was a witch during the 1600s that fell in love with a man only for him to learn that she was a witch after they had a child. This was orchestrated by her sisters, who wanted to complete a ritual that involved sacrificing her baby. In the end, she banished them to the Shade but had to become the Harlot in order to do so, leaving the secret of what happened to her child forever out of her reach.

Lucifer, now the Thief, has this secret but is only willing to give it to her for the Yellow Crown as Madam Cymbaline comes for her. Because Madam Cymbaline managed to get rid of the devil Lucifer summoned, the gods elevated her into being one in order to get revenge on Lucifer. So, while the two of them do battle, Raina and Fastrada retrieve the Yellow Crown at the expense of Bob being trapped inside of the realm where he forgets who he is.

They return with it just as Lucifer is on the verge of defeat and is forced to give up her role as the Keeper of Secrets to buy time long enough for Fastrada to use the Yellow Crown and pull herself, Madam Cymbaline, and her sisters into a realm where they can never harm anyone else. Lucifer tells her the secret she wants, that her daughter had been adopted and lived a long and healthy life, but she knows it’s a lie. Her daughter caught an illness and died in an orphanage, but she recognizes that Lucifer was the child she was meant to look after and protect in her place.

In the end, Lucifer and Raina reopen Val’s art gallery and retrieve Bob, who goes on to his honeymoon. They find out that Val had a painting commissioned for Lucifer, where she finds a message telling her that she’d be waiting for Lucifer in Heaven along with feather from when she had an angel’s wings in the first series.

That’s about it for Part 2. Next week, we’ll look into a summary of the characters and the overarching plot and development the characters go through.

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