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Magneto #19 Review

Ha! Bet you thought I was done with my comic reviews! Well, the truth is I am unpleased with the Marvel Reboot and thus decided to skip the unnecessary bits and pieces. I’ll just wait until it settles down first.

But we’re here for a different purpose. That would be my review of Magneto # 19! Let’s get to it!

The comic opens with Magneto trying to stop the Incursion, but the Ultimate Universe is fighting back by deploying robots and the 616-Universe civilians are stupid enough to just watch. Naturally, Lorna goes to save the civilians while he thinks back to how he needed to interrogate his MGH dealer for something stronger, though it was likely to kill him if he used it. Turns out those people stayed behind on purpose to see Magneto, once again showing that he still has fans despite everything.

Some time in the past, Magneto visited some guy who looks like a demon known as Sugar Man. Normally he would kill the guy, but right now his knowledge of mutant genetics and he needs a way to boost his power quick and dirty. Once he gets that, he kills the man. It’s about what we expected from him.

Despite the enhanced MGH, the amplifiers, and siphoning Earth’s magnetic energies into his body, it isn’t enough power. Yet his body can’t handle it anymore, and between his addiction to MGH and the upcoming fight, he knows he’s going to die. So, before that, Briar asks her who she really is as the comic ends.

Okay, review time…

More of a transitional issue, showing the measures he’s taken in order to accomplish his goals and how he knows that his death is imminent. Still don’t see why Lorna is wearing her old outfit, but I guess that can’t be helped in the grand scheme of things. Overall, it’s nothing new but not bad.

It gets a 3 out of 5.

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